Huggies Enjoy the Rides Rewards

Here are a few Huggies Enjoy The Ride Codes to try. Remember, even if they are not new to you, they may be new to someone else.




Thanks, Deal Wise Mommy – If you aren’t participating in Enjoy The Rides, you should check it out. It is NOT just for people who have babies!To see all the points that I have posted, that may be new to you, visit here.

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  • Jennifer Marohn

    they are all expired



    • Lucy

      except you have to use 100 plus codes before you can get anything even slightly valuable. Their points system is horrible and huggies diapers are better because there is more of a variety and it works ALOT better for baby.

  • momof2

    After a year i visited Huggies site and it was really hard for me to understand all the changes they made. Now i am trying to understand how to write codes . I tried doing it but every time it says oops wrong code :(

  • tayshia

    1st code and 3rd r expired thnx though.

  • Danielle

    2nd one worked for me on 5/1/11

  • Melissa Ives

    2nd one just worked for me.

  • Connie

    2nd still works :) 5 points!!!

  • Tori

    2nd one still works!

  • how do u enter the huggies codes from websites the code is all thogether so where do u know how to seperate it in the 3 boxes

    • Tamara


      There is only one box to enter codes — I think it’s an effort Huggies is making to avoid making it “too easy” to use free codes. :) Just delete the old code from the box after you get credited so that the new code can be entered.

  • Heather

    There are new polls, videos, and articles up on for up to 4 points!!

  • Krissy

    Instead of waiting to save codes for the catalog, you can play the instant win games. I’ve won a lot of giftcards and a free pack of diapers. I used giftcards I won on Huggies to do most of my Chrstmas shopping this year.

  • Kristie

    The second code worked for me while the others were expired. Thanks!

  • Caitlyn

    Thanks for the codes. As others have said, the first code has expired, but the second and third codes worked for me…earned 10 more points!

    I’ve also had trouble with expired codes, but my codes came directly from Huggies as replacement codes from a previous issue (I wasn’t aware they would expire 12/31/10). I’ve been back in contact with customer service, so hopefully we can get things taken care of soon. They have always been so helpful, and I don’t think this time will be any different!


  • Laura

    I’m glad to see this post. I’m new to this (baby is 4 months old) and I’ve pulled and submitted Enjoy the Ride codes but I am not sure I see the point. There’s almost nothing in the rewards catalog. What am I missing? Is there something good to get from submitting the points? It’s such a pain with the captcha verification thing every time, I’d like to make sure it’s worth it. Thanks!

    • Shannon


      the catalog changes from time to time, so I like to build up my points.. maybe some of the other ladies can give you examples of things they have received..

      • Krystal

        @Shannon, Where do you guys get the catalog? I never heard of it..

        • marbella

          the catalog is posted in the enjoy the ride website under spend points

      • marbella

        I have received crayola toddler paints and also giraffe clock. to get the bigger things you have to save up the points… Goodluck

    • bobbie

      i save up my points to get the free bag of diapers, however i cashed in my pts for about 3 bags then they didnt offer the coupon for a while but its back now and i cashed out again for a free bag of diapers after saving up for a few months again. I would rather get the diapers since i need them, then you also get a free code inside the pack you buy as well.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I would ask for replacements on those codes.

    BTW, the first code on the list is now expired.

    I pulled all my codes out in December when you got double points for “buying” at target ;) Used 300 for a free pack, still have 300. I may build them back up for another good prize. I already got the tadoodals drop and see and the stacking things … not sure what they were called.

  • Jill

    How do you submit them? Do you have to break the codes up to fit into the submit boxes? New to this!!

    • Diane

      Type the numbers/letters without spaces or hyphens. They will “fit.”

  • Barbara

    1 was new for me, and while you are there don’t forget to check out any new videos or polls.

  • Rachel C

    Thanks! Always love the extra points :)

  • Lauren M

    thanks 2 out of 3 were new for me! i wish their rewards catalog was more consistent! i am amazed that they now have a $100 gap card for 2500 points but that is really all they have. And since I only have 610 i am sure the gift cards will be long gone before i get enough points. i’d be happy with free wipes or diapers!

    • Jillian

      @Lauren M, I agree! I just finally got enough for a free pack of diapers and now they are gone off the rewards catalog! Also, I just opened a pack of diapers and entered the code, and it says that it had to be enetered before 12/31/10! So, I didnt get any points! I am so upset because I have a closet full of diapers with rewards codes on them and I am sure they will no longer be good because the codes expired. UGH!

      • Katie K

        @Jillian, I would email them and maybe they will give you replacement codes. I didn’t realize codes expire.

      • Stacy


        hey mammas!!

        I had some codes that also expired on December 31st, 2010 and I just bought them this week at Costco!! I called Huggies and they were really sweet about it. I gave them the product details from the packages and they are going to email replacement codes to me. Yeah!! Do contact them too!!



    • Speaking of free wipes and diapers, why won’t you play the instant win games? You will probably win something, even though a lot of people complain that they don’t win anything. I think it’s just luck. When I first started, I used so many points but didn’t win anything. I thought I would never win, but guess what? I won and I was shocked. I’m continuously playing the instant win games whenever I get codes. I’ve won five crocs, two pink ones and three blue ones, three bags of pull ups, two bags of wipes, eight universal music downloads and one bag of diapers.

    • jennifer

      they ask for an offer code what is it or where can i find it?