EXPIRED: Free ACE Elastic Bandage Giveaway

Starting tomorrow, July 11, 2012, you a will be eligible for a free ACE Elastic Bandage

Ryan Sutter, winner of the first-season of The Bachelorette, has teamed up with ACE Brand to ask people nationwide to share their stories and photographs that demonstrate what makes them or someone they know a champion. So what makes you a champion?  When you answer this simple question on the ACE Brand Facebook page, you will be automatically qualified for the FREE GIVEAWAY and other exciting prizes.

The first 10,000 participants of the ACE Brand Champion Challenge will receive a free ACE Elastic Bandage in a limited-edition black or green color that has been produced for this sweepstakes.

You will also be entered to win a  $2,500 gift card to help fund their next adventure. There will also be a series of runner- up prizes.

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  • Nadalie

    I got mine

  • Mike

    i got mine

  • Jaimee

    Never got one, will not load

  • does anyone know when this is going live?

    • Shannon

      went live at 9:30

  • Amy

    I think you should be in shock LOL

  • LOL Amy, I shouldn’t be surprised should I.

  • Amy

    Shannon I think the site crashed

  • Vic

    No it won’t take me to the link…..

  • Londa

    it didnt work for me either. boo hoo

  • Rebecca

    I tried entering, but keep getting a loading error when I try to submit :-/

  • Danielle

    do you just need to post on their wall? the Champion page isn’t loading…

  • no luck…would not open…too busy

  • Shelly

    HAHA!! I did the same thing uploaded a photo of a fish we caught in FL!! It was the only one that was small enough!

  • Amy

    nothing like uploading a picture of a jellyfish :) lol

  • Lisa

    Are we supposed to wait till they announce it on their page?

    • Shannon

      Yep. I will let you know when it is live.

  • Donna

    free tomorrow the 11th

  • Cherie L Schuman – the offer will be going live tomorrow – see my post for details of their new promo.

  • Cherie L Schuman – no this is not the same offer – I just got the email today – with the images of the special offer from Ace Bandage PR Rep.

  • FOUND THIS FROM THE SITE~ “Our free bandage sample offer has expired. Be sure to sign up for the ACE™ Brand enewsletter at acebrand.com so you can be aware of future offers. Thanks.”

  • Amy

    Is this question on their page some where or will it be posted tomorrow?

    • Shannon

      It will be posted tomorrow.