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I haven’t always been a fan of coffee. In fact, I hated coffee the first 33 years of my life. Last year, I finally broke down and tried coffee. The process wasn’t fun, but I did learn something. I cannot drink cheap coffee. Period. I went from not drinking any coffee to drinking several cups a day. However, my coffee habit started to get real expensive.. $2.00 a coffee adds up really fast.

When Keurig asked if I would like to review the Keurig B70 Gourmet Single-Cup Home Brewing System, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I was stuck on drinking Starbucks and I wasn’t sure any other coffee was going to do it! So Keurig sent me a brewer and off I went. I have been using it for six weeks and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! In addition, I found that I like Green Mountain and Gloria Jeans coffee just as much or even more.

If you are unfamiliar with the Keurig, the concept is fairly simple. A single cup of coffee brewed rapidly, with no mess, no fuss. You simply select the cup size, pop in a Kcup and hit brew.

The best thing about the Keurig is the conveince. Hands down the most convenient way to make a cup of coffee. Another plus is if you are the only coffee drinker in your house, making a whole pot is a waste. We had friends over for a football game and we all wanted different drinks – coffee, decaf coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It was easy to do with the Keurig. I have used the Keurig for hot water for the cup of soups too.

The downside to a Keurig is they K-cups can be a little expensive. However, I have found numerous deals to on the Kcups. Most recently Amazon was offering them for $.35 a cup- sure beats the $2.00 price. Also, there is a special filter, the K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Basket you can use to use your own coffee. It works fine, just really takes away the convenience factor of the process.

If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like about the Keurig it would be that it is not a little taller for my travel mugs, but I do have a big mug.

I look at the Keurig as one of my simple pleasures. I save a ton of money so that spending a little extra on coffee doesn’t break the bank. For me, thats why I am careful and save, to enjoy and be able to afford simple pleasures.

I loved this Keurig so much, that I am providing a Keurig B30 Mini Brewersfor a giveaway. This giveaway is not sponsored by Keurig …this is at my own expense.

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  • not sure how tall your travel mugs are but did you know the bottom base removes so that it can fit a travel mug in there? I didn’t realize it at first on mine but am glad I found out since pouring coffee from one cup to another was a pain, lol

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      NOOO I didn’t know :) Thanks for the tip!

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    Have a great day! Jes


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    Shannon, like you I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker (I’m the same age as you too!) and have had to learn how to enjoy it. However, 3 lovely girls (all under age 5) later… I like my cup of chai tea latte.

    Thanks for sharing this post and the giveaway. I would love to win it (which I know is out of your control so to speak), and also make the brewer available for my house guests who stay over often (think, happy grandfather!).

    Thanks again for all you do… and welcome home.

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