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REMINDER: Only a few more days to enter!

For The Mommas is getting a makeover.

It’s not going to be an all out What Not to Wear Nick  Arrojo makeover, but more of a subtle, something looks different about you makeover.

A few months back I attended Blog Her. I told you about my experience HERE. I decided that I really loved the deals, but there are so many other things that are of value to my family that I want to share.  Deals for me aren’t just about the grocery store. Things that save me time and energy are a deal too. Everything that helps makes my life easier — that may make your life easier.

I also realized that this website isn’t just for Moms! It is very hard to change the name of this blog now, but I definitely want everyone to know that this isn’t all about motherhood.  So instead of being the hottest deals for Mom, I want to bring you everyday values for your family.

So after several months of behind the scene planning, it seems as though it is going to become a reality!

I was told by several people I really need to have three blogs. How would that be time efficient!  The new site will consist of three sections:

Deals – This is where all the hot deals, retail,online, etc will be. For those of you who just want the deals you got it!

Food – This section will be all about cooking, recipes and dining out.  Just a totally foodie experience to satisfy the my inner Racheal Ray mixed with Martha Stewart.

Life –  This will feature my favorite stuff, great values in my life,  including great products, product reviews.  This is where I will stick most of my writing and articles – and maybe some pictures of my cute kiddo (yes, I am partial.)

So I want to celebrate my subtle makeover with a big, flashy giveaway!

For the Mommas will be giving away:

(3) $10.00 Bath & Body Works Giftcards

(1) $50.00 Old Navy Giftcard

(1) $100.00 Home Depot Giftcard

(1) $25.00 Barnes & Noble Giftcard

(1) $25.00 Gap Giftcard

(5) $10.00 Old Navy Giftcard

(1) $50.00 Gap Giftcard

(1) Special Giftcard for Twitter/Facebook followers (if you aren’t following you can HERE for Facebook and HERE for Twitter.

So you have many chances to win!

So, I know you just want to know how to enter right?

#1. First Entry -Required – You must be a confirmed email subscriber to For the Mommas. (please use the same email that you have a confirmed subscription to enter giveaway)

If you aren’t currently a confirmed subscriber, you can-Subscribe to my email digest now. Once you have subscribed, make sure you confirm your subscription by checking your email for the confirmation.  Leave  a comment on this post to ENTER!

#2. Second Entry - Blog about this giveaway – Blog about this giveaway and leave link in in your second entry to your post. Leave a SECOND comment on this post to ENTER.

If you follow on Facebook or Twitter look out for my instructions to win there!

Giveaway ends on October 10th at 12:01 am EDT.

Winners will be emailed and have 48 hours to respond – if no response, an alternate will be chosen!

Thanks for participating! Good Luck!


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