Dunkin’ Donuts: Blueberry Waffle Sandwich & $65 Gift Card Giveaway!

This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations to the winner, Rosanna!

Dunkin’ Donuts has announced the return of the Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, delivering the great taste and comfort of a delicious homemade breakfast even when you’re at work or on-the-go.  The Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich features egg, maple sausage and American cheese served between two golden and toasty waffles with a sweet hint of blueberry, available through June at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.99.

I was at Dunkin Donuts this weekend and had the mocha caramel iced coffee. I saw these being prepped and they look good!

Dunkin’ Donuts wants to know what you’re waffling about by bringing back “Waffle WeDDnesdays” on Twitter (www.twitter.com/dunkindonuts). Each Wednesday in May, Dunkin’ Donuts will ask followers to share what has them waffling, and anyone who tags their response “#WaffleWeDDs” and tweets it to @DunkinDonuts has a chance to win a $50 Dunkin’ Donuts Card. Dunkin’ Donuts will select one “Waffle WeDDnesday” Winner each week during the month.


One lucky reader will win!

  • $65.00 Dunkin’ Donuts card: Parents can use the gift card to try out the new Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
  • Blue retro cup t-shirt: Dunkin is taking it back to Old School! Our new line of Retro style t-shirts are made of 100% preshrunk cotton. You don’t have to give up comfort for style in this baby blue Retro tee!
  • Blue Dunkin’ Donuts Cup Cooler: Stay COOL this summer with the Dunkin’ Donuts Cup Cooler. Whether at the beach, in the office, or the car, our cup cooler will keep your favorite beverage cold and refreshing!
  • Two packages of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (original and decaf): Our unique mix of 100% Arabica beans delivers the smooth, delicious flavor that’s made Dunkin’ Donuts famous.

This giveaway is now closed. You may enter the latest giveaways here.


  1. Brendalyn

    I love the chocolate frosted cream filled donuts!

  2. Jen

    I love donuts from dunkin donuts. I’ve been their customer since I was little.

  3. joel.sternenberg

    yes l like it

  4. Chrysa

    I’m following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (I’m @LuckyJinxy).

  5. Chrysa

    I love the vanilla creme donuts!

  6. Kim

    Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best glazed donuts – yum!!

  7. Susan D

    When your group wants coffee and donuts, I like how, when you suggest DD, it is not hard to come to a quick, debate-light agreement

  8. Sand

    I love that Dunkin Donuts has a great selection at their stores!

  9. brian e.

    Following Dunkin’ Donuts via Twitter: @brianpiero

  10. Mildred

    I like how you can now get Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in whole beans so you can grind and brew the coffee at home, too

  11. brian e.

    Thanks for the giveaway…we love Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Donuts with coffee on Saturday mornings !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. MelissaO

    There’s a Dunkin Donuts just about every half mile where I live, and I love all their old standards plus the fact that they introduce new treats every few months!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  13. Robert Phillips

    I have always loved their cake donuts, they’re all delicious but the cake donuts with any flavor glaze and/or sprinkles are my favorites.

  14. Charity S

    Like FTM on Facebook.

    charity s

  15. Charity S

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter.


  16. Charity S

    I love that Dunkin Donuts is open really early in the morning because I’m up at 5:30.

  17. Gianna

    I love their raised glazed donuts and munchkins.

  18. R Hicks

    liked you fb
    rich hicks
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  19. R Hicks

    follow them twitter
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  20. R Hicks

    I love the variety of donuts and how tasty they are!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  21. Donna L

    I love the everything bagel.

  22. I like their bagels.

  23. caryl

    Like you on FB carol yerby lewis
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  24. caryl

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  25. caryl

    I love their donuts and coffee for a treat-my hubby and I love to do this every once and awhile.
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  26. Rachel H

    Oh no! Please remove any comment made on 5/30 from me. I love DD so much I entered duplicate times. The 3 entries from “Rachel H.” on 5/19 are the ones I initially entered. Thanks so much, and sorry to enter again.

  27. Alyssa

    They have the best donuts

  28. Rachel H

    I follow DD on twitter. @momma_money

  29. Rachel H

    Oh…there are many things that are awesome a the DD but I just LOVE the cheddar cheese bagel twists. And when it gets cool out the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are amazing too! Really hope to win and get my bagel & coffee fix on. Thanks for such a great contest!

  30. I follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter @RazzMyBerry.

  31. I’ve actually never had any of their products but I really love doughnuts!

  32. April

    I love their coffee and their donuts, have yet to try any sandwiches (I get seduced by donuts every time). I brought two dozen of them to work last friday and didn’t get to have one until a bit later and one of my coworkers was standing by the boxes when I opened them up to see what was left. She said “Oh no, did we eat your favorite one? After you brought them in??” I told her, truthfully, that they are all my favorite and if there had just been one left it would still be my favorite. Donuts are something I just can’t refuse (unless they are icky grocery store donuts).

  33. Heather W

    We swear by their coffee
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  34. kathy pease

    like you on facebook kathy l pease

  35. kathy pease

    follow dd on twitter klp1965

  36. kathy pease

    i love the coffe and the blueberry muffins :)

  37. Jennifer J

    i love the coffee & the boston cream donuts!

  38. Julie M

    Twitter follower – Juleemm

    juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

  39. Julie M

    I love their eclairs. I love the munchkins. I love the coffee.

    juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

  40. Aaron B from IL

    I have Liked FTM on Facebook

  41. Aaron B from IL

    I love Dunkin Donuts because their bagels are better than anything else I can get in my town. That is really pretty pathetic considering the fact that the DD bagels are nothing special, but just the best in town. Even Panera Bread bagels are better, but alas there have only been rumours for a couple years about a Panera coming to the area and no actual building.

  42. SHAYNA




  43. SHAYNA

    I like that you can get breakfast food at Dunkin Donuts anytime, 24 hours a day :)


  44. Debra F

    I Like FTM on Facebook.
    Debra Ford

  45. Debra F

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  46. Debra F

    I love almost all their donuts and muffins, but my true love is their coffee (and occassionally a coffee coolata)

  47. Annemarie

    I follow FTM on Facebook. (Annemarie Zito)

  48. Annemarie

    I follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter. (annemariez3)

  49. Annemarie

    I love their donuts and hot chocolate!

  50. Angela Winesburg

    Liked on FB (AngelaWinesburg)

  51. Angela Winesburg

    Following via Twitter (@Hotsnotty2), Thanks!

  52. Angela Winesburg

    I love their bagels with cream cheese, thanks!

  53. Kimberly L

    Like FTM on Facebook :Kimberly Lontrato

  54. Kimberly L

    Following DD on Twitter: @Brn2lisn

  55. Kimberly L

    What I love is you get a perfect cup of coffee overtime plus the Donuts are always fresh

  56. Vicki D.

    I had some Dunkin Donuts coffee at a work function, and I loved it!

  57. James Coyne

    i like you on facebook

  58. James Coyne

    i follow dunkin doughnuts on twitter


  59. James Coyne

    I love all the different varietes of doughnuts

  60. val

    i love the vanilla bean coolatta

  61. Susan Smith

    Like you on FB Susan Smith

  62. Susan Smith

    follow Dunkin Donuts via twitter susan1215

  63. Susan Smith

    I love Dunkin Donut’s Munchkin Donut holes

  64. Dorothy

    Dunkin’ Donuts make the best whole bean coffee and I love coffee

  65. AEKZ2

    Like you on FB (Annette E)

  66. AEKZ2

    I love the Boston cream donuts.

  67. Jaque R

    I am now following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter. :-) (sottovocerocks)

  68. Jaque R

    I like FTM on Facebook. :-) (Jaque Richards)

  69. Jaque R.

    I have been eating Dunkin’ Donuts since I was a child….my favorite item has alway been the Boston Cream….but as an adult, love their coffee! :-) Thank you.

  70. tara

    I have to a a dunkin coffee everday!!!

  71. christina

    I also follow you on face book!

  72. christina

    I love their iced coffees especially on hot summer days.

  73. Kat Emerick

    The Apple Cinnamon filled donuts!!!!!!Yummy!!!


  74. amy d

    i like FTM on fb

  75. amy d

    the creme filled donuts are amazing

  76. Courtney

    I like you on facebook.

  77. Courtney

    Since I am like constantly on a diet, I love their egg white breakfast sandwiches.

  78. Colleen S

    Dunkin coffee is the best. when I’m traveling that’s one of the first things figure out is “Where’s my Dunkin?”

  79. Julie L

    like u on fb Julie S Laws

  80. Julie L

    Love their Munchkins thanks

  81. sarah

    I love their plain bagels, toasted with butter.

  82. barbara wright

    I like you on facebook – barbara wright

  83. barbara wright

    I Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter – bsw529

  84. barbara wright

    I love the coffee they sell in their stores – I don’t like their grocery store coffee beans as much.

  85. Amy Delong

    fb fan

  86. Robin

    Their coffee is my favorite reason for stopping by

  87. reallycool31

    I love DD breakfast sandwiches and their hot chocolate !


  88. Amy Delong

    the iced coffee with whipped cream

  89. Jay F.

    I love that there is always a cup of good coffee available and they have locations that are on the way somewhere.

  90. fred

    Dunkin’ Donuts Rocks!!!

  91. Amanda

    Boston cream donuts are my favorite, along with a caramel latte.

  92. Emma Peel

    I do love their m
    any varieties of donuts,mmm so yummy!

  93. Lysha Chamberlain

    My two favorite items are their hazelnut coffee and mocha latte.

  94. mistysunrise

    follow you on facebook as misty sunrise

    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  95. mistysunrise

    follow dunkin donuts on twitter from @Mistysunrise

    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  96. mistysunrise

    I love their donuts of course!

    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  97. Erin Cook

    like you on facebook Erin Cook

  98. Erin Cook

    follow dunkin donuts on twitter @cooks1978

  99. Erin Cook

    I love their coffee especially their caramel latte

  100. ferriz

    twitter follow them @xferriza2


  101. ferriz

    fb fan: xferriza2 (Danielle b)


  102. ferriz

    gotta go with the coffee!


  103. Stephanie Hrouda

    I love donuts

  104. meme

    I love thier blueberry doughnuts and chocolate eclairs

  105. meme

    I also like Jarfu the Giraffe

  106. meme

    I love thier blueberry doughnuts and chocolate eclair

  107. Colleen H.

    My absolute favorite thing from DD is the iced caramel latte!!!!!!!!! I could drink them every single day they are so delicious!!! Of course, as well as the doughnuts!!! :)

  108. like ftm on facebook as Darcy Bishop

  109. Darcy B

    I love the munchkins and the iced coffee!!!

  110. Sherry Longenecker Berrier

    I have Liked FTM on FB for quite awhile.
    And I have loved DD for as long as I can remember.
    The coffee is by far The best & the donuts,bagels,waffles, etc are the gravy.
    Now I’ve made myself thirsty & hungry ;-)

  111. Karen M

    Following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  112. Karen M

    Dunkin Donuts coffee is my favorite. Nothing compares. Thanks.

  113. LaBreeze

    Dunkin Donuts is a nostalgia outing for me – brings back childhood memories of sitting in there with my dad dunking donuts in a cup of hot coffee, pretending to be a grownup because I had COFFEE! Didn’t drink the coffee, just dunked in it! :-D

  114. LeAnn V

    Already following you on FB (leann brandner voyer)

  115. LeAnn V

    Following DD on Twitter @dancersmom69.

  116. LeAnn V

    I love their coffee. I especially live the blueberry coffee.

  117. Cindy T.

    My favs from Dunkin’ Donuts are the doughnuts and munchkins. Thank you for the chance to win!
    deedeebamagirl at yahoo dot com

  118. Diane Baum

    I LOVE their peanut donuts!

  119. I’m following For the Mommas on Facebook (@emmy coffee)

  120. I Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (@emmycoffee)

  121. I love that not only is ours open 24/7 but the people there are always so nice!

  122. denise

    love dd coffee and iced coffees go atleast 5 times a week to
    get some coffee and try a new item

  123. April Bever

    I love starting my day off with DD coffee and even better with a donut.

  124. Erica

    I love their coffee and a white creme filled donut.

  125. Lynn A

    Love the decaf coffee. Dunkin Donuts decaf is the best. Dunkin Donuts is our familys favorite place to get breakfast all day long. Love it.

  126. Sarah

    Following DD on Twitter @sarohioan

  127. Sarah

    I really like their Iced Coffee.

  128. PAM TYLER

    I love their apple fritters!!!!!!!!! They are awesome!!!!!!!!

  129. Nicole

    I love their iced coffees and munchkins.

  130. tomato

    We love their coffee!

  131. Lisa

    Dunkin Donuts is a special treat in my household so when we do go the kids are super excited. I love the fact that no matter what time of day it is the varity to choose from is hugh and always fresh tasting. My fave is chocolate glazed or chocolate chocolate frosted….well anything chocolate LOL!

  132. Lisa

    Dunkin Donuts is a special treat in my household so when we go the kids are always super excited. I love the fact no matter what time of day it is their donuts are always fresh tasting. My fave is the chocolate glazed or chocolate frosted well anything chocolate LOL!

  133. Melanie Ackerman

    Every time I am out I pick up a Medium light and sweet and every once in awhile a chocolate chip muffin. Gotta have my Dunkin!!!

  134. Melanie Ackerman

    Every time I am out I pick up a Medium light and sweet and every once in awhile a chocolate chip muffin. Gotta have my Dunkin!!!

  135. kristin

    I <3 DD coffee!!!

  136. Rosanna


  137. Missy

    We love Dunkin Donuts in our home :) Love the coffee and the doughnuts. I haven’t tried any of the breakfast sandwiches but I am going to have to after reading all the buzz about them. We have a Dunkin Donuts next to our church and everytime it’s our turn to provide the treats, we always get yummy donuts from Dunkin Donuts. NEVER does it disappoint! MMMMM~your gift means lots of yummy donuts :) One can wish!
    Like on FB!

  138. Stephanie Adkins

    I love their ice coffees.

  139. Stephanie Adkins

    I really love their ice coffee.

  140. lisad

    I never miss a day…faithful Facebook follower. Thanks for all you do!!!

  141. lisad

    I think Dunkin Donuts has the BEST coffee! I first fell in love with Blueberry donuts there….

  142. Pat

    I like Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

  143. Vonna

    I love the glazed chocolate cake donuts with their coffee.

  144. christine o'brien

    Wouldn’t make it without ouy my large coffee everyday on the way to work:)

  145. Angela

    I LOVE Dunkin Donuts because my local Dunkin Donuts allowed me to have my 2 Boys Dual Birthday Party there for FREE & made me the cutest Donut Cakes for the Boys & only charged me the price of the donuts. We had a Donut Decorating Party so all the kids got to decorate their own donut & they all loved it. So, I’ve become very loyal to DD. I already “like” For the Mommas on FB, I “like” DD on FB too & I follow you both on twitter. I am Olanchoboundgri on twitter.

  146. Jacki

    I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee – others try to have the best coffee around, but don’t even come close!

  147. Tracy

    I love their french vanilla coffee

  148. Aubrey

    I love the hazelnut iced lattes!

  149. Melinda

    I love DD’s hot chocolate! It’s the best!

  150. Meredith

    We prefer DD over any other coffee! It has the best flavor! Only coffee we buy :)

  151. Elizabeth

    I love DD coffee after church on a Sunday morning!
    ALSO – I already follow DD on Twitter (@mrsbakewrites)

  152. spirit_kim

    I love the donut holes and the fresh coffee wafting in the air when you walk in.

  153. Stacey K.

    Following/”liked” on FB too!

  154. Stacey K.

    You can’t beat the DD coffee with vanilla flavor!

  155. Crystal K.

    I like FTM on Facebook.

  156. Crystal K.

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter.

  157. Crystal K.

    Munchkins are the best!

  158. Pauline Greer

    I love my dunkin donuts and would love to win.

  159. Jigna

    I love their coffee. perks me up in the mornings

  160. Katy

    I love their iced coffee and must admit I love a their boston cream donut.

  161. Diamond

    I love DD coffee… mmmmm

  162. lauren chan

    I liked you on fb!
    -lauren chan

  163. lauren chan

    I love their iced coffees!
    -lauren chan

  164. Bambing

    Liked FTM on Facebook.

  165. Bambing

    Munchkins for the win, :)

  166. Ed Nemmers

    I love their donuts with sprinkles!

  167. christa

    an extra large regular is the life that flows thru my veins……i canNOT survive without it!!!

  168. Christina

    I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and their wide selection of scrumptious donuts!

  169. Rochelle H.

    I love their glazed donuts. I follow you on FB.

  170. jeannine m

    follow dunkin on twitter @mellanhead

  171. jeannine m

    Like FTM on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  172. jeannine m

    I love their Mocha latte’s and egg&cheese wrap. They are very tsaty in the morning

  173. Shannon C.

    Just liked you on Facebook!

  174. Cathy

    I subscribe to the FTM newsletter, too.

  175. Cathy

    Love the donuts!

  176. Shannon C.

    I live in the South within a mile or two of both Krispy Kreme and Duncan Donuts. (yum! yum!) If I absolutely, positively, had to choose between the two, I’d have to give it to Duncan Donuts for their awesome variety! Sorry KrspKrm. Ha!Ha!

  177. Leanne

    I follow DD on twitter…

  178. Paula Hafner

    I follow Dunkin Doughnuts on Twitter- ksh123

  179. Paula Hafner

    I love their Hazelnut Coffee and jelly doughnuts!

  180. Leanne

    I love the iced caramel lattes…yum!!

  181. Sylvie W

    I like the variety and freshness of their donuts. I do not eat them by ones but by twos and threes. YES, its true. They are THAT good.

  182. Nancy Meyer

    I love their coffee! (Sorry if this posted twice, I don’t see my posting).

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  183. Nancy Meyer

    I love their coffee! It’s soo good!

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  184. Rebekah

    I love DD iced coffee! I drink it year-round.

  185. Arissa May

    Their iced coffees are great. I love that they can add flavor without adding sweetner, noone else does that! My two year old asks for Munchkins all the time. We love our Dunkin!

  186. Rayna

    DD is fast, fresh and has rechargeable cards which are so convenient. It’s delicious any time of day!

  187. Rayna

    I subscribe to FTM newsletter via email.

  188. Rayna

    I follow FTM on Facebook.

  189. Rayna

    I follow DD on Twitter.

  190. Peggy Ann

    DD coffee is THE best!!!

  191. Amanda

    I love the pick-me-up it gives me just when I need it most! Like a faithful old friend! :)

  192. Rachel C.

    I love their Hazelnut coffee coolata’s, Sour cream and onion bagels, and peanut butter bowties. I wish we had one closer than an hour away!

  193. Tiffany Kinney

    I like FTM on Facebook.

  194. Tiffany Kinney

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  195. Derk Thomas

    I like the coffee.

  196. Sally

    DD has the best donuts- hands down!!! I also love all their fancy flavored coffees- yummmmmm!!!!

    Also, I follow FTM on FB :)

  197. Christy Long

    I follow FTM on Facebook!

  198. Christy Long

    They have great iced coffee!! I LOVE it!

  199. Joene

    I follow FTM on facebook.

  200. Joene

    I love the muchkins & the coffee.

  201. Linda B

    I but dd coffee every other day along with 4 donuts..
    There Toasty sandwich is the bomb

    I love there lattes also

  202. Jennifer Hokanson

    Follow DD on Twitter @jenhok

  203. craines

    I love their mocha swirl lattes!!

  204. Jennifer Hokanson

    Like FTM on FB!

  205. Jennifer Hokanson

    Love EVERYTHING about DD! :)

  206. Thomas

    The donuts, I ate there for the first time Friday. It was great!

  207. Rikki J.

    My favorite thing at Dunkin Donuts are the glazed Munchkins!!

  208. Rikki J.

    I love the Glazed Munchkins at DD!!

  209. Terri L

    I follow FTM on FB

  210. Terri L

    I like the standard chocolate long john with sprinkles!

  211. Michelle

    I LOVE DD’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee… I am addicted!!!!

  212. Anna

    The chocolate glazed donuts and coffee. yum!!!!!

  213. beveanne mckinley

    i follow ftm on facebook

  214. Kristine

    I love the old advertisements “time to make the doughnuts”

  215. beveanne mckinley

    i love the smells im diabetic but my husband loves everything about the place id buy perfume if they made it and i know hed follow me anywhere follow dunkin donuts on facebook

  216. beveanne mckinley

    they are completely worth the 90 mile trip to vegas even with the current gas prices. just walking into the places your jaw hits the floor from the scent of heaven

  217. Missy

    I follow FTM on fb!

  218. Missy

    I love Dunkin Donuts!! A coffee with a Pittsburgh Creme!! The absolute best!

  219. rebecca

    I like you on facebook Rebecca Rps

  220. rebecca

    I follow Dunkins on Twitter shiloh4u

  221. rebecca

    I love the coffee, it’s sooo good.

  222. Diane K

    I like FTM on facebook.

  223. Michelle

    I love the glazed donuts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. Diane K

    I’m following Dunkin Donuts on twitter-woodsgirl75

  225. My favorite at Dunkin Donuts is their hot chocolate.

  226. Clint Costanza

    Donuts for sure!

  227. Ashley H

    I love their coffee!

  228. branden

    I love the coffee

  229. Lynne

    I love Dunkin Donuts because it reminds me of our first year of maariage when my sweet husband would get up on Saturday mornings and go get coffee and donuts and bring them home while I was still sleeping:)

  230. Michelle W

    I like FTM on FB.

  231. I foloow Dunkin on Twitter as playingturtle

  232. Michelle W

    I have a serious love for their jelly doughnuts but I am trying to be good so I usually get their coffee.

  233. DarcyO

    I follow DD on Twitter (@darcy1956)

  234. DarcyO

    I love DD’s hazelnut coffee.

  235. julieh

    I love their coffee better than anyone else’s.

  236. Marcie K

    I love the coffee and the French Crullers! SO delish! I also love the breakfast sandwiches! What is not to love about Dunkin Donuts?…

  237. su

    My favorite thing is the coffee!

  238. Melodie

    mmm… their glazed donuts!

  239. Kim F.

    I follow FTM on Facebook.

  240. Kim F.

    I follow DD on Twitter.

  241. Kim F.

    I love how they are always adding new things to the menu.

  242. annulla

    I like FTM on Facebook.

  243. Annulla

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  244. Annulla

    I love the coffee, and the chicken salad sandwich is a close second.

  245. Kjetil

    I love that DD is almost everywhere !!

  246. I follow Dunkin Donuts on TWITTER!

  247. Deborah

    DD coffee is my favorite brand of coffee! I also love the yummy donuts as well as their healthy breakfast items.

  248. My favorite thing at Dunkin Douts is their Apple Crumb donut! Nobody make it like they do!

  249. I like FTM on Facebook!

  250. Sandy

    Love the sour cream doughnuts

  251. Christina Hakes

    I follow FTM on Facebook!

  252. Christina Hakes

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on twitter!

  253. Christina Hakes

    I like Dunkin’ Donuts, because their coffee makes my hubby happy & their donuts make my kiddos happy!

  254. laura

    Love the veggie eggwhite wrap. great anytime… especially with an iced coffee in the warm weather.

  255. Heather R

    I Like FTM on Facebook.

  256. Heather R

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  257. Heather R

    I love their coffee and especially the bagels!

  258. I love Dunkin Coffee!!!!

  259. Allie

    I like FTM on Facebook!

  260. Allie

    I follow DD on Twitter.

  261. Love everything about Dunkin Donuts>>French Vanilla Med Iced XX

  262. Allie

    No matter the time of day, if I’m on a healthy kick, or if I’ve already eaten – a donut from DD always sounds good. ;)

  263. Stacie

    I love that Dunkin now has breakfast and lunches and has added healthier options like egg white sandwiches and spinach. But you can still be naughty with a donut when you want! :)

  264. Chris

    I love the variety of donuts Dunkin Donuts has to chose from. I have yet to find one that I didnt’ like! :)

  265. Jackie

    Nothing compares to their fresh brewed sweet teas. The Peach flavor is heavenly!!! We drive 20 minutes for it at least twice a week!

  266. Laurie B

    I follow you on fb

  267. Tina

    I love the hot chocolate with whip cream and creamer!! Wish it was a bit cooler out I would go get one now…

  268. Laurie B

    I love their Boston creme donuts

  269. Sarah Coulsey

    I am a facebook fan

    Sarah Mansfield Coulsey

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  270. Sarah Coulsey

    I love their Carmel Swirl Coffee and Bacon Egg & Cheese wake up wrap!!! Yummy!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  271. Jennifer

    Their coffee is my guilty pleasure!

  272. Danae

    I’m a FTB fan on FB!

  273. Danae

    I love DD’s donut holes. I feel like I’m not such a pig eating them vs. a whole donut. Don’t ask how many I eat though!

  274. wajiha

    my baby loves the donut there n i like the coffee.

  275. Kjetil

    I love that they are pretty much anywhere !!!!

  276. rocky

    I love their free coffee.

  277. Melissa G.

    My favorite thing about DD is the coffee!!!

  278. Faleen

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee with extra cream and just to make it an extra special treat i tend to add a Boston Creme doughnut to go with it. I would love to win and help me celebrate my 65th birthday on May 30.

  279. Kara G.

    My favorite thing about Dunkin Donuts is the DONUTS!

  280. thereasa gargano

    the best coffee ever! I use to live right down the road from their donut shop in Kenhorst, PA; miss it terribly. I would love to win this, Good Luck everyone!

  281. emily

    i follow you on fb

  282. Ashlee

    I love everything about Dunkin Donuts! I can’t choose just one :P

  283. emily

    i love chocolate sprinkled donuts!!

  284. Carrie

    Well, first there is medium hazelnut coffee with cream only but then I like the iced coffee with cream only but then someone mentioned the pink iced donuts which made me remember the maple iced donut…. what isn’t there to like!!

  285. Sarah

    I follow FTM on FB!!

  286. Sarah

    Their coffee is the best! Tops EVERY expensive coffee shop out there!

  287. Christine

    I love their quick service and Iced Coffee choices!

  288. Rose

    I love that my hubby loves Dunkin Donuts…and that what I love about DD. AND I’d love to give him this giftcard! :)

  289. Tracy

    I LOVE Dunkin’s turkey sausage flatbread! So good and so good for you! :)

  290. Tracy

    I like FTM on Facebook! :) Thanks for the entry!

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    Dunkin Donuts is the only think I look forward to every day on my way to work!

  296. cindy j

    I follow FTM on facebook as well

  297. Sherry

    Luv glazed donuts!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. cindy j

    What isnt my favorite!!…From the warm flavorful donuts to the iced coffees…and everything in between…Its a wonderful place to go any season of the year..your sure to find something to make your tummy smile:)

  299. Cassandra B

    I like FTM on fb!

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    I follow dunkin donuts on twitter

  301. Jimmy

    I like their powdered donuts

  302. Cassandra B

    I love dunkin donuts coffee!

  303. JEM

    I am a coffee addict, so this would be a great way to save such a delicious treat.

  304. cassidy

    I like FTM on facebook and I love DD hazlenut coffee.

  305. Daniel M

    i’m addicted to cinnamon donuts

  306. Barb S

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    What’s not to love? My favorite breakfast is an Egg & Cheese Croissant and a hot cup of coffee.

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    I love the coffee! :)

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    I love Dunkin Donut’s new big breakfast sandwich. It goes perfect wih my iced coffee! Mmmmmmmmm

  312. Erin H

    I like FTM on facebook

  313. Shada

    Dunkin’ Donuts…has been a part of my life forever!!! My Auntie LouLou always went and got them on Saturday mornings along with a box full of Munchkins….they will always be a favorite as well as a very fond memory growing up!! Thank you for the Dunkin’ Donut giveaway opportunity, Good Luck to All!

  314. Kelly W

    Follow FTM on facebook! One of my favorite sites!

  315. Kelly W

    LOVE the Boston Creme!

  316. Melissa

    I’m a fan of the hot chocolate since I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love to add coconut flavoring to my hot chocolate!

    Fan of yours on FB for a while now and have added DD on my twitter.

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  319. Anna Kelley

    I love that they now have healthy breakfast wraps and yummy coffee, and that when my kids come in, they give them free munchkins when we buy donuts! Can’t beat a little mix of healthy, yummy, and free!

  320. Jennifer

    Oh, Dunkin Donuts, how I love you! Let me count the ways! Now that the weather is warm, an iced mocha latte just sounds dreamy!

  321. Michelle C

    I love the coffee best, but they also have a great variety of yummy treats, too. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  322. Anna Kelley

    I follow FTM on Facebook now!

  323. Stacey Meyer

    Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee ever made! Extra cream and extra sugar is my favorite! I am totally addicted!

  324. CJ

    The mocha Coolatas are yummy!

  325. Sarah

    Boston Creams!!!

  326. Maria G.

    I Like FTM on Facebook.
    Thank you! Amazing giveaway.

  327. Paula

    I miss just being able to go to D&D…I lived in England…No dunkin donuts.. I live in Hawaii No Dunkin Donuts… But I am going home soon and plan on going every day! Hmmm Hmm!

  328. Maria G.

    I’m absolutely a coffee addict, I can’t start my day without a cup of DDs french vanilla or hazelnut coffee. Love their coffee and yummy jelly donuts =)

  329. Emily

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    I love that an inexpensive Dunkin’ Donuts treat can make my little ones so happy!

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    C’mon now, what’s not to like? Dunkin Donuts are delicious!

  335. Rebekah

    I love Dunkin Donuts because their coffee is so smooth!

  336. Brittany

    I love the iced coffee on a hot day like today!

  337. Janice

    LOVE their marble frosted donuts. Sometimes you just gotta give in :)

  338. Jenn

    I love their muffins and smoothies! (and the donuts but I should NOT be eating those ;))

    I also Like FTM on FB.


  339. Katharina

    What I love most about Dunkin’ Donuts is tradition. Every time we head out of town for vacation, there’s always a Dunkin’ Donuts stop for doughnuts and coffee before the trip starts. We’ve been doing that for more than 15 years now. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  340. Jodi D.

    I follow FTM on facebook.

  341. Jodi D.

    I love their iced coffee and yummy donuts!

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    Awesome contest! Thanks a ton! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com

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    I love the donuts especially the jelly-filled.

  345. Amy

    Boston Cream Donut with hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day!

  346. Susan H

    Cream Sticks are the best

  347. angie

    My favorites are the donut holes and the chocolate chip muffins.

  348. Debbie C

    I love Dunkin Donuts DONUTS the most. They are my favorite because they are less greasy than that famous other brand, “KK” . I love the Sour Cream Dunkin Donut.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  349. Margaret F

    I love their veggie wraps for breakfast.

  350. Faith Still

    I like FTM on FB.

  351. Faith Still

    Great donuts!

  352. ashley

    I love their frosting filled donuts. The vanilla is sooo good, but I wish they still made the strawberry.

  353. Joy F

    I love their donuts, especially the boston cream.

  354. Jodi

    I follow you on facebook and get your email every day

  355. Jodi

    i love their chocolate chip muffins!

  356. Rachel

    What I like about dunkin donuts is that their customer service is so very friendly. A man at the counter gave me a cup of joe on the house when I wanted a sample to try it. The donuts are always fresh.

  357. brian

    Facebook fan

  358. brian

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

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    what I love is that you can get something besides donuts there

  360. Oanh

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    I love DD’s glazed donuts and hazelnut ice coffee.

  363. Marie

    Out Of All The Doughnut Places In My Area, Dunkin Donuts Is The Absolute Best!! Sunday Is Doughnut Day For Me And My Family, And All My Kids, Young and Older, Prefer Dunkin Donuts!!! Now I’m in the mood for a Dunkin Dark Roast Toasted Almond coffee! :)

  364. Marie Muller!

    Out Of All The Doughnut Shops In My Area, Dunkin Donut’s Is The Absolute Best!!!! Sunday Is Donut Day For Me And My Family!! My Kids, Young And Older, Prefer Dunkin Donuts, And That’s Seven Kids Who Think Dunkin Donut’s Is The BEST!!!! :)

  365. Jen

    I love the caramel and mocha swirl iced latte, and I love taking the kids in with me because my DD is amazing, I think it’s because I am in there everyday that they know my order by heart, but they give my kids free munchkins :)

  366. jolene

    i love their iced teas

  367. Theresa D

    I love the coffee!

  368. Debra Hall

    im a facebook fan

  369. Debra Hall

    the have the best coffee

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    Following @DunkinDonuts on twitter @annedoggett

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    I always loved their Chocolate Honey Dipped donuts!

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    I like that they offer healthier food along with their doughnuts.

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    Their munchkins are my favorite!!!!

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  379. Regina M


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    I love their coffees and Donuts..

  381. Sarah

    I love Dunkin’ Donuts because they have the BEST coffee!

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

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    I love the fresh donuts…stil warm. mmm

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    what do i NOT love about dunkin’s! my son begs to go all the time to get sprinkled donuts and i love their mocha coolatas

  386. Jen

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  387. Jen

    I love that they put the cream and sugar in your coffee for you!

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    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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    I’ve loved Dunkin Donuts “elephant ears” since I was a kid!

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    I love their coffee!

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    I love going to our Dunkin Donuts shop and watching the donuts being made and THEN getting a box of the warm glazed donuts. They are soooo good!

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    I love the blueberry coffee coolatta!

  409. dunkin twitter kendra22007 :)

  410. all the great donuts!!!!

  411. Tiffany H.

    I love DD because a hot cup of coffee and a fresh donut is the perfect way to start off the day.

    I liked FTM on facebook.

  412. tina bond

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    I love their iced coffee!

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    Letessha W


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    Jelly donuts!!! Dunkin has the best.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
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    I love their Boston Cream donuts, once in a while

  425. almaNYC

    I love their iced coffees!

  426. Monique Rizzo

    I like their french crullers.
    Thanks for the chance.

  427. Leanne

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  428. Erica C.

    I love their low fat blueberry muffins!

  429. Leanne

    I like FTM on facebook :)

  430. Leanne

    I love, Love, LOVE their coffee. By far the best and no matter what time of the day you order it is always fresh and hot. Delicious!!

  431. Karen

    I have not been to a Dunkin Dounut in years! We just got a brand new one in our town and would LOVE to try their coffee and waffle sandwiches!!

  432. jill romano

    i follow FTM on FB as well!!!

  433. Jill Romano

    I LOVE their blueberry muffins!! I hope their blueberry waffles are just as good! i will definitely try one soon!

  434. Camiele

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    I love heir donuts!! Especially when they have the strawberry cake around!

  437. Nicole

    Love the original glazed donuts!

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    I love their Boston Creme Doughnuts!!!!!

  439. Ysenia Ramirez

    I love their Boston Creme Doughnuts !!!!!

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    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter. My twitter name is foodhistorian.

  442. Cindy Merrill

    The Lemon Filled donuts are tangy and scrumptious, never get tired of them. Our local stores don’t sell them, can’t figure out why.

  443. Cindy Merrill

    I worked at a Dunkin Donuts 20 years ago before I married. I never got tired of the Lemon Filled donuts. I still love them, but our local DD Stores don’t make them. Can’t figure out why.

  444. Raina

    I like FTM on FB

    I haven’t been to DD in a while, but the sandwich looks SO good! Also, I saw someone post about pumpkin muffins. I think I’m headed to DD tomorrow :)

  445. Linda G.

    I love their coffee and the chocolate cake donuts

  446. Maggie Wong

    I can’t stop eating their munchkins once I start them… They are addictive!

  447. jeanjean fetzer

    nothing is beter ion a cold mourning then dunkin dounuta and their wonderful coffe . my kids luv the monchkins

  448. amber

    follow Dunkin Donuts on twitter as callie1981

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    i love that Dunkin Donuts has added low call healthier breakfast sandwiches along with donutes. . .even lite coffee drinks

  450. sustahl

    My favorite thing about DD is their White Hot Chocolate!

  451. Pat B

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    I love their coffee. It’s really hard to find a better cup of coffee anywhere.

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    Of course I follow FTM o n Facebook. LOVE your content!

  455. Pamela M.

    I follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter @ bhuebhue

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    The Everything Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese and the Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich are the bomb!

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    I love their large variety of donuts

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    Mocha frapuccino is the BEST!

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    I love the chocolate covered donuts..yum

  466. bcsack

    i love their coolatas so refreshing in the summer!

  467. Ariann

    Would love to win some dunkin donuts!

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    I love their healthy options. Things like the flatbreads and whole grain bagels.
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  474. paula mena

    I like the apple pie donuts!

  475. Jen B.

    My husband loves the coffee and was so excited when they started selling it in stores. We don’t have any DD in So. Cal. He’s from RI so DD is practically God.

  476. Suzanna G.

    I Like FTM on Facebook. I don’t have Twitter. Thank you.

  477. Suzanna G.

    I look forward every morning, to cup of hot DD’s original blend. It gets me going through the day as a busy mom. My kids love the chocolate sprinkle donuts! =)

  478. Lisa L

    Our family love DD! My kids love their doughnuts & munchkins, my husband thinks DD’s coffee is better than Starbucks, and I enjoy DD’s Chai teas in the winter and fruit coolattas in the summer.

  479. Suzanne Smith

    I love the buy 6 get 6 free coupons then I can get double donuts who doesn’t love double donuts!!!

  480. I love the doughnut holes!

  481. Suzanne K

    I love their coffee and chocolate donuts!

  482. Sally

    I am a FB fan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  483. Sally

    My husband is a die hard DD coffee fan and I would love to win this for him!!!

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    I love their frozen drinks, the Coolatta and the new Frozen Ice Tea and the Frozen Iced Tea/Lemonade

  488. Laura

    I follow FTM on FB.

  489. Laura

    Dunkin’ Donuts is my little weekly indulgence. I’m there a few times a week. I usually get coffee (black), lattes (skinny, no sweetner, no whipped cream), toasted coconut doughnuts, and reduced fat blueberry muffins. BUT, I LOVE it all!

  490. clenna

    I Like FTM on Facebook.

    clenna at aol dot com

  491. clenna

    My grand daughter loves their egg and cheese wrap and I love it too because it’s only $.99!

    clenna at aol dot com

  492. N.V.

    The Coffee!!!

  493. Mary

    My husband LOVES their coffee – and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

  494. Sunny Fagalde

    A french cruller, chocolate-filled donut and coffee is an ideal way to start any day!

  495. Janis

    I follow FTM on FB!

  496. Janis

    I love DD Coffee in the winter and their iced coffee and tea in the summer….so refreshing!

  497. Alex K

    I absolutely love their glazed donuts! yumm

  498. Dolly

    I enjoy a hot coffee and cinnamon bagel toasted with cream cheese and jelly.

  499. jade

    i love their donuts, of course!

  500. Roxanne Ellis Raymond

    following DD on twitter – saphyress

  501. Roxanne Ellis Raymond

    I loooooove their iced coffee

  502. Heather McDonough

    I love their coffee and their breakfast sandwiches.

  503. Theresa

    My name is Theresa and I am a donutaholic.

  504. Tara L

    I like FTM on FB

  505. Victoria R.

    this was my mom’s first place of employment outside of philly when she was young – we always go back to joke around – and there is not one thing i don’t LOVE!

  506. Tara L

    I follow DD on Twitter deallieb

  507. Serge B

    I love their frozen iced tea!

  508. Tara L

    I love the coffee and my son loves the waffle breakfast sandwhich

  509. gretchen lucas

    I love their DD coffee coolatta,and my kids love the munchkins!

  510. Melissa Barber

    Maple Frosted donuts and a great cup of coffee! Need I say more!? :-)

  511. Donna L

    I like For the Mommas on FB. Donna H.

  512. Donna L

    I love the everything bagels.

  513. Michele

    What’s not to love about Dunkin Donuts?

  514. Jean

    I love their coffee!

  515. amy s

    i love their chai! and my daughter loves the munchkins.

  516. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I am one of your facebook fans.

  517. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I love the coffee. Just tried Strawberry Shortcake. It was yummy!

  518. Tammy S

    I love the coffee.

  519. Kayla

    I love DD’s quick service and always getting the coffee right every time at every store!!

  520. Ashley W

    i love their coffee :)

  521. Charleen Gale

    I love the coffee

  522. Tara

    I LOVE their coffee- both in the shop and in the grocery store!

  523. Linda Lansford

    Like FTM on Facebook

  524. Barbara Fox

    I love their fantastic, “don’t pass me up”, mouthwatering, scrumdillyitious, jelly doughnuts!!

  525. Linda Lansford

    I like fruit filled donuts

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    I love the blended drinks at Dunkin Donuts!

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    I follow DD on twitter…mkw70

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    Love their powder sugar donuts!

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    What’s not to love about DD! I love it all….YUMMERS

  534. Jean F

    I love the munchkins

  535. Tracy

    I follow DD on Twitter!

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    I like FTM on FB!

  537. Tracy

    coffee and toasted coconut donut – YUM

  538. Rebekah

    I love the chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles! They are the BEST!

  539. Aubree

    Hot coffee with a chocolate iced Dunkin Donut. Heaven!

  540. lynn

    Hope I win.

  541. Cathy

    I love the hot chocolate! So creamy! The old fashioned donuts are my favorite. Had both for breakfast at 5 am one day this week ;)

  542. Rochelle

    I love their flavored coffees!

  543. michelle Jordan

    I also ‘like” FTM on FaceBook. Thanks!!! :)

  544. Angie Brening

    I love the vanilla creme filled donuts and the large Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee with splenda and cream. YUM.

  545. Juanita Violet

    I follow FTM on facebook!

  546. Juanita Violet

    I love the donuts! Husband likes the donuts and the coffee : )

  547. Michelle Jordan


    There are far too many things that I love about DnD…..but my absolute top 2 are their iced coffee (specifically Hazelnut) & their French Vanilla Coffee Coolaatas! They’re sooooo decadent & DEELISH :)

  548. Kristie G.

    I love Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee, along withh their donuts of course!


  549. Patricia Sanchez

    I Like FTM on Facebook.

  550. Patricia Sanchez

    I follow DD on Twitter.

  551. Patricia Sanchez

    I love DD’s hot & iced Hazelnut, French Vanilla Coffee’s and their selections of bagels, blueberry bagels & cream cheese, delicious.

  552. Rhonda Powell Polk

    I love DD’s blueberry and chocolate cake donuts. Totally awesome!

  553. Toni

    I follow you on FB, which is how I learned of the contest

  554. Toni

    I love stopping in for their coffee & a glazed donut Mmm

  555. Michelle

    They have the best coffee. Hands down.

  556. Holly

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    They have THE BEST coffee

  558. Jillie

    Best coffee ever!

  559. Jessica T.

    I love their glazed donuts!

  560. Ashley

    I love their cream rounds, yum!


  561. Lora Swiatek

    The coffee is the best around. I also LOVE the white chocolate hot chocolate. It’s a must, especially when it’s cold outside!

  562. linda brooks

    I love the boston cream filled they have been my fav for years and years!

  563. Amanda Daoust

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, reminds me of college!!!!! I often stop there for a coffee and donuts or bagels for me and the kids on our way to a playdate!!!!!!

  564. Meredith

    Following DunkinDonuts on Twitter: Merri617

  565. Meredith

    I love that Dunks caters to your “average joe”… and that their sizes are still called small, medium and large and not tall, grande, etc haha Thanks so much for the chance!

  566. Patricia

    Like FTM on Facebook. (Patricia S.)

  567. Patricia

    I follow DD’s on Twitter

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    I love Hazelnut, French Vanilla hot & iced coffees. DD’s is our favorite weekend spot, chocolate cover donuts are delicious!

  569. Cindy

    I like FTM on Facebook. Cindy D.

  570. Cindy

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter. @Dove056
    Dove056 at aol dot com

  571. Cindy

    I like their Chocolate Creme Donuts and their coffee.

  572. DeeAnn S

    I love DD doughuts. Especially the boston cream filled ones. Thanks.

  573. laurie

    i follow DD on twitter too!

  574. Laurie

    i follow FTM on FB!!!!!!

  575. Julie

    i like ftm on facebook

  576. Laurie

    I love the DONUTS at dunkin donuts!!

  577. Julie

    i love that they have a drive thru and i can get a coffee without getting my kids out of their car seats!

  578. Crystal F

    I love that they have a donut for everyone. It’s so hard to choose just one when you go in. Thank you!!

  579. Lori S

    Facebook fan


  580. Lori S

    I love their cake donuts.


  581. Meghan

    I absolutely LOVE their coffee!! On special days the donuts are pretty good too, especially the toasted peanut ones :)

  582. I love the fact that I can get a sesame bagel with cream cheese and a LARGE iced coffee for half the price of Starbucks!

  583. Eliza Gaston

    I love our local Dunkin Donuts, the same people have owned it since I was a little kid. My mom always took me there for a Boston Creme, those donuts are the best!

  584. Adele Brooks

    I like FTM on facebook!!

  585. Sue M

    Follow you on FB as Sue C. M. (prefer not to list full last name here)

  586. Adele Brooks

    I follow DD on Twitter! @Delio925

  587. Sue M

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter as scm74

  588. Adele Brooks

    I LOVE their coffee!!

  589. Michelle Miller

    I already follow FTM on FB

  590. Michelle Miller

    I follow DD on Twitter

  591. Sue M

    Mmm… Dunkin Donuts chocolate munchkins…

  592. Michelle Miller

    My first love is the good old fashioned DD glazed doughnut!

  593. Faryn

    I’ve already “liked” FTM on facebook

  594. Faryn

    Dunkins is by far my favorite place to get coffee. Although I like their donuts and breakfast sandwiches very much, I try to stay away from the extra calories :) but I stop at Dunkins several times a week for my medium iced coffee with cream and sugar and I buy their ground coffee to make at home as well.

  595. paige chandler

    I love the glazed donuts. Better than Krispy Kreme. Drool.

  596. Jennifer McNeil

    I love DD’s iced decaf with mocha and cream!

  597. Sonia

    Following you on FB

  598. Sonia

    following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter!

  599. Sonia

    They have a unique flavor. I love their commercials; totally nostalgic…”Gotta make the donuts.”

  600. Melissa

    Nothing better on a summer day than enjoying a DD iced coffee!

  601. Wendy

    I LOVE FTM and ‘like’ on Facebook already :)

  602. Wendy McCullers

    Our DD just opened yesterday on my Birthday, the kids (3) and I drive past it every morning on their way in to school. They’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of it because they’ve never had DD before. Last night we went to get a donut for my Birthday to them. THEY LOVE the DONUTS! :)

  603. Michele N


  604. Sharon

    I already like FTM oN Facebook

  605. Sharon

    My favorite at DD is the boston cream donuts.

  606. Julie B

    I must say, its been a LONG time since I’ve had DD. I’d love to try the coffee & the new blueberry sandwich!

  607. Marie

    i am addicted to Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee. it’s the only coffee we drink in our house. pair it up with their delicious doughnuts and i’m in Heaven! thanks for giving us the chance to win such a fabulous prize!

  608. Kate Shelly

    I love DD Iced Coffee or the Mocha Latte, iced or hot I love them both. Pair these with either a breakfast sandwich or bagel and it is great way to start my day.

  609. Jess

    I LOVE their Iced Coffee!!!

  610. jihana

    Like “FTM”" and “DUNKIN’ DONUT” on FB…follow “DD” on twitter…

    Love Donuts….:)

  611. Ericka T

    I like you on Facebook as Ricky Todd.

  612. Ericka T

    I follow DD on twitter as humanecats.

  613. Jessica M

    I like you on facebook! Thanks!!

  614. Ericka T

    I love their coffee and donuts!!

  615. jihana

    Love Donuts, Donuts & Donuts……:)

  616. Anna Kelley

    I love their coffee drinks and the egg white flatbread sandwiches. Healthy and yummy!

  617. Kim Allmon

    I “Like” FTM on FB (Kim S Allmon)

  618. Jessica M

    Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in the summer is my favorite! So refreshing!

  619. Melissa

    I am a huge coffee drinker and only drink Dunkin Donuts coffee, the rich smooth taste just can not be outdone by anyone. I also enjoy a donut or bagel as well for my breakfast. You also can NOT forget about the muffins! My favorite, naturally is the coffee cake one!
    I like For the Mama’s on FB and I follow Dunkin Donuts on twitter under the name ‘coffeemissy’ :)

  620. Kim Allmon

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (kima86)

  621. Kim Allmon

    Since they’ve been having their sale between the hours of 3 – 6 p.m. for any size iced coffee or tea for 99 cents, their Caramel Mocha Twist Iced Coffee has been my favorite friend! Yummy!!!

  622. Necta Nelson

    my favorite will always be their donuts especially the boston creme donut.

  623. carol

    love their chocolate glazed donuts and their coffee is the best.

  624. amanda

    ftm facebook fan

  625. amanda

    DD twitter follower.

  626. amanda

    I love the donut holes.

  627. Denise B.

    I “Like” For the Mommas on Facebook.

  628. Denise B.

    I follow Dunkin’ donuts on Twitter.

  629. Denise B.

    I like the blueberry doughnut.

  630. Lim

    I love the variety of doughnuts, but it’s gotten hard to find the toasted coconut ones again.

  631. Susan Ladd

    would love to win !!!!!!
    corrysue at yahoo dot com

  632. sara t

    Love the variety of doughnuts they have!
    poomy_fl at yahoo dot com

  633. Amanda M

    I love Dunkin Decaf on a cool evening!

  634. T. Lawson

    I love their chocolate iced donuts.

  635. Cynthia C

    Like FTM on Facebook. (Cynthia Conley)

  636. Cynthia C

    Following Dunkin Donuts on twitter (@clc408)

  637. Cynthia C

    I am a fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  638. Jennifer Barker

    DD, hands down, best thing is the coffee…They make it exactly the way I like it. Their breakfast sammies rock too!

  639. Theresa H

    like you on Facebook

  640. Theresa H

    I love the jelly filled donuts!!

  641. Brianne

    I met my BFF in line at Dunkin, seriously! ;) I have not tried this sandwich yet (YUM!) and need all the coffee I can get w/my 9 month old…lol.

  642. Kelly Ann T.

    I like the chocolate custard donuts and the chocolate long johns too.

  643. David

    I love the donuts.

  644. SANDY

    dunkin donuts are the best the eclairs and chai tea

  645. Dee S

    I follow DD on Twitter!

  646. Dee S

    I like FTM on fb!

  647. Dee S

    I think they have the best coffee!

  648. JR Anderson

    Still the best (chain) coffee in the USA !!

  649. barbara

    I like FTM on Facebook!

  650. Barbara

    I love DD Coffee ! The bigger the cuo the better!

  651. Nicole W.

    I already have FTM liked on my FB page: Nicole Williams

  652. Nicole W.

    I love DD strawberry frosted, Boston Cream and Glazed . I like to wash my food down with their hot chocolate.

  653. Kathleen

    I love their coffee!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  654. Tara C

    I follow you on facebook

  655. Tara C.

    I LOVE their donuts!!

  656. Kiara

    I love their coffee!

  657. Mary Anne Didelis

    I love coffee and no one makes a better cup of coffee and it is not over $5!

  658. alycep

    The best thing about DD is their coffee-hands down the best there is-better than mine! I also like their Boston Creme donuts!

  659. Katherine

    LIke FTM on FB
    kathy persons

  660. Katherine

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on twitter @mkjmc

  661. Katherine

    I love their donuts for sure~

  662. Nan

    I like FTM on facebook!

  663. Nan

    I love the donuts- especially jelly and French crullers!

  664. Rebecca Graham

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. It is the best!

  665. anie cisneros


  666. Erin

    I love DD coffee! I have fond memories of Dad bringing home the paper and DD donuts on Sunday mornings.

  667. Chelsea

    i like FTM on FB! :)

  668. chelsea

    I follow DD on Twitter! chelseabrianbri

  669. chelsea

    I love DD’s multigrain bagels!

  670. Tabathia B

    follow DD on twitter @chelleb36
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  671. Tabathia B

    like on facebook
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  672. Tabathia B

    I love their muffins
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  673. Shilo Beedy

    I Like FTM on Facebook as Shilo Beedy

  674. Shilo Beedy

    I Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter as samsakara

  675. Shilo Beedy

    I love the smell of there coffee and enjoy eating there donuts.

  676. Ann F

    My favorite Dunkin’ Donuts donut is the French Cruller, and of course the their coffee!

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  677. Adrienne Gordon

    I love the coolatta.

  678. gwen

    I love their Iced Coffee! It’s so good. We get it every time we go on a road trip! I love that you can get breakfast all day and night too! :)

  679. Iliana Blair

    I love their coffee!

  680. Laura C

    I like the many choices,

  681. Margaret Smith

    I Like FTM on Facebook (Margaret E. Smith)

  682. Margaret Smith

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (peg42)

  683. Margaret Smith

    I really love thier coffee. Nothing beats their coffee. I also love the munchkins, especially the chocolate ones.
    Thanks so much.

  684. amy

    I love Dunkin Donuts’ coffee!

  685. Rosey

    I like you on fB (Sarah SMile).

  686. Rosey

    I think they have the best coffee in the entire world.

  687. Karin A

    Love their coffee…..Just bought a bag of it for my brother as part of his birthday present. He also is a coffee fiend!

  688. Star Kubiak

    I love the coffee. Oh my gosh, it’s the best! And the perfect temperature too!

  689. Debbie

    I already follow FTM on facebook, & I love DD hazelnut coffee & always get their Double Chocolate donut…at in Feb, they add mini choc chips on top of the chocolate icing…yum!
    Of course, we can never head to the shore with the kids without first picking up a box of 50 munchkins for the road trip!
    Thanks for the chance to win…

  690. Andrea Watts

    I like FTM on Facebook

  691. Andrea Watts

    I’m following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter

  692. Andrea Watts

    I love donuts

  693. tiffany

    Being from the East Coast, my husband loves their caramel coffee. I grew up in the South and we’re not in the West, so I’ve only had the pleasure of grinding beans at home, but would love to treat ourselves when we visit his family later this year!

  694. cyndi br

    fan on facebook

  695. cyndi br

    I like there cream filled donuts

  696. Lisa

    Nothing is better than a regular DD coffee with cream and sugar and an old fashioned donut for dunking. YUM!

  697. Lisa

    I’m a big fan of their coffee.

  698. Maureen

    The coffee because it is guaranteed to taste good no matter where I am.

  699. Stephanie W

    I like FTM the on facebook

  700. Stephanie W

    I love dunkin donuts giving back to the commnity. My niece worked there right up until she tragically passed away at 18 years old, and we hold a golf tournament each year to raise money for awareness in her memory. Anyway, the dunkin donuts provides free coffee and donuts for all of our golfers(about 144), she passed away 5 years ago this year and they still do this. What a great company!

  701. RNWPBriggs

    I like you on FB (Rachel B)

  702. RNWPBriggs

    Following DD on Twitter @briggszilla

  703. susan varney

    their coffee revs me up

  704. RNWPBriggs

    I love Dunkin’ Donuts because here in New England, they are literally EVERYWHERE. There’s a recurring joke around here that you can tell how big a town is by how many Dunkin’ Donuts they have :) Just in my little city (third largest in Rhode Island), I have at least 3 on one main road that’s closest to my house…they’re about 3 blocks apart from eachother. I have no idea how many total we have in my city.

    Anyway, even when I’m not at the shop, their coffee is good enough to buy and brew at home! Huge fan!

  705. alisha

    I already liked FTM on Facebook…
    I love their caramel mocha iced coffee the best~

  706. Amber

    I like For The Mommas on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  707. Cidalia

    I love DD’s coffee and chocolate frosted donuts (a favorite of mine since I was a little girl.

  708. Amber

    I love the coffee and munchkins at Dunkin Donuts!!

  709. courtney

    fb fan of yours courtney bella

  710. Mami2jcn

    I like FTM on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

  711. Mami2jcn

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (@mami2jcn)

  712. Mami2jcn

    I love the bagels at Dunkin Donuts! I just had one this morning!

  713. courtney

    i follow dunkin on twitter meandbells

  714. Tiffany

    I like you on fb

  715. Tiffanhy

    I love their blueberry bagels.

  716. Alicia Webster

    I like you on FB(Alicia Webster)
    Alicia Webster

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    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter(5webs)
    Alicia Webster

  718. courtney

    i love their donuts! and their coffee!

  719. Alicia Webster

    I love the Raised Glazed, and the Chocolate Raised Glazed, and the Hot Chocolate.
    Alicia Webster

  720. carol

    LIKE FTM on FB carol p dziuba

  721. carol

    cdziuba follow DD on Twitter

  722. Carol

    I love their Blueberry Cake donuts!! OMG!

  723. Anne Budris

    Love the breakfast sandwiches and glazed chocolate doughnuts…and the best coffee!!

  724. Janice K.

    I follow you on FB

  725. Janice K.

    I love their donuts because it’s a special treat that my kids look forward to.

  726. Denise S

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on twitter: @lazybones344

  727. Denise S

    What I love most are the variety of donuts!
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  728. Like FTM on Facebook. – Jill lear

  729. Leigh Nichols

    Jelly doughnuts!

  730. Follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter @chipdip2010

  731. Nothing like being on vacation and going out for fresh donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts.

  732. Jeff

    Like FTM on FB.

  733. Jeff

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter.

  734. Jeff

    I enjoy their Ice mocha coffee.

  735. Dara NIx

    I “Like” FTM on Facebook (Dara Nix)
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  736. Dara Nix

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (@Kitty32504)
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  737. Dara Nix

    They really DO have the best coffee, but I also love their croissants! YUM!!!

  738. Yvonne Huff

    The coffee is the best!

  739. tiffany lane

    liked them on FB

  740. tiffany lane

    I love them because the variety of flavors.

  741. jennifer o

    I follow you on facebook

  742. jennifer o

    I follow dunkin donuts on twitter

  743. jennifer o

    I just love their coffee

  744. Diana B

    I like you on FB.

  745. Diana B

    I like the lower fat/calorie egg white sandwiches when I absolutely need fast food on a long trip.

  746. Alex Young

    Sausage egg and cheese on a croissant. Enough said.

  747. Brandy

    Oh, I am in love with DD. My favorite thing is the hot mocha swirl latte. :) I also love their bagged coffee – I make at least 2 cups of it a day (although my hubby just shattered my coffee pot last night…so I’m in a bit of withdrawal!).

  748. Tiffany

    I <3 their coffee as well as their e-mail deals!!!

  749. beth

    i like ftm on facebook

  750. beth

    i like their coffee

  751. Susan Salerno

    follow DDs on twitter

  752. Susan Salerno

    Like you on FB.

  753. Anna

    Ooohhh I love Dunkin’s iced coffees – they’re so fast and I loooooove how sweet they are, what a great pickup!

  754. Susan Salerno

    What I love about DDs is that it was one of my first jobs ever and my favorite. I worked night shift with the baker and he would bake the donuts and I would frost and sample them! I love DDs!!!!

  755. Jacob LaFountaine

    I like the flavor of a fresh Maple Frosted Donut

  756. Naomi

    I am a fan of your’s on FB!

  757. Naomi

    I follow dunkin donuts on twitter

  758. Naomi

    The donuts of course!!

  759. Calshondra Williams

    Liked FTM on FB. user name: shonvic1981@aol.com

  760. Calshondra Williams

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter. User name: shonwms

  761. Calshondra Williams

    Love the donuts- they’re great!

  762. Debbie M

    Then breakfast sandwiches and the donuts…yummy

  763. Debbie M

    The breakfast sandwiches are really good and my son loves the donuts too :)

  764. Katie

    I like FTM on Facebook.

  765. Katie

    Love the chocolate cake donuts!

  766. Marcia Goss

    I like For the Mommas on Facebook. (Marcia Goss)

  767. Marcia Goss

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter @mgoss123.

  768. Marcia Goss

    I actually have 2 favorite things about Dunkin Donuts… their coffee and lemon-filled donuts.

  769. Kimberly Hock

    I like for the momma’s on facebook :)

  770. Kimberly Hock

    My fave donut of all time is the chocolate creme filled powered donut.. it’s so creamy you need a knife and fork!

  771. Tracie Trump

    Like FTM on FB! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  772. Tracie Trump

    Follow Dunkin Donuts via twitter@tmt121172 tracietrump@yahoo.com

  773. Tracie Trump

    Love their glazed donuts! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  774. abbi

    I love their iced coffee!!

  775. Jen M

    I follow dunkin donuts on twitter

  776. jen m

    I like FTM on fb

  777. Jen M

    Love the vanilla iced coffee & donuts!

  778. valerie

    I really do run on Dunkin’. Whether hot or cold- it always hits the spot!

  779. kat amber

    follow FTM on FB

  780. kat amber

    follow DD on twitter

  781. kat amber

    i love stopping in the morning to get their egg white sandwich and for the few times i give in to the sugar cravings i like getting a bavarian cream donut

  782. Juli

    Love the donuts…umm..coffee! Tough one! We love DD!

  783. Linda C.

    Dunkin’ Donuts coffee can’t be beat!

  784. Kristen Bensinger

    i love their coffee!

  785. Shannon V

    Like FTM on fb.

  786. Shannon V

    Follow DD on twitter

  787. Shannon V

    DD coffee is the best.

  788. JEN C

    I like you on Facebook.

  789. JEN C

    I follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter. @ JCROCKER825

  790. JEN C

    I love the munchkins!

  791. MIchelle

    I like Dunkin b/c they are great cheap treat for the kids…and me!

  792. Laura

    Like FTM FB

    L Wirth

  793. Laura

    Follow DD Twitter


  794. Laura


  795. Steph

    i follow on twitter @desmoinesdealin

  796. Steph

    their quick service!

  797. Ali

    DD coffee is the only kind I drink! It doesn’t get better than DD!I’m totally addicted!

  798. crystal

    going to DD reminds me of sunday mornings when my dad would take me for breakfast :-)

  799. Andi

    I like FTM on Facebook.

  800. Andi

    I love their iced coffee.

  801. Amanda Dennis

    I love their flatbread sandwiches. I like FTM on Facebook too!

  802. Petia

    I love their coffee drinks!

  803. Kyle

    What is there not love?! My fav is the flavored coffee and the turkey sausage flatbread sandwich.

  804. Twila

    I like FTM on facebook.

  805. Twila

    Love their coolattas with some hazlenut flavoring in them. And of course their donuts!

  806. Carmen

    Their coffee and donuts are great !

  807. Emily

    I like you on FB…. of course!

  808. Emily

    I love DD iced caramel lattes and glazed donuts! YUMMY!!!! :-)

  809. Carol

    I follow FTM on Facebook.

  810. Rachel

    I’m a fan on FB!

  811. Carol

    I love their coffee!

  812. Rachel R

    I loveee their Iced Coffee with Caramel Sauce!

  813. Jenn Foutz

    I love their Egg & Cheese Croissant!!! One of my guilty pleasures =) Heard how amazing this Blueberry Waffle Sandwich is & can’t wait to try it!

  814. Carmen

    Their coffee is great.

  815. LuAnn Anderson

    I love Dunkin Donuts! I Like FTM on Facebook

  816. Kristina

    I can not live with out my Dunkin cofee. I love it some much

  817. Paula

    I love the donuts. The commercials with the donut man were great, Time to make the donuts.

  818. Kyle

    What is there not to love at DD?! My favorite is the flavored coffee and the turkey sausage flatbread sandwiches are the best!

  819. Tammy Burkett

    I love the wide variety of donuts to choose from. My favorite is the strawberry frosted donuts. And the coffee is great. I am not a big fan of putting lots of different stuff in my coffee but Dunkin really does it well

  820. beca

    i love the plain coffee they have. it’s flavor and taste is just right for me whether i stop by a DD location or buy it to make for myself at home…. and of course, i love the treats. you can’t go wrong with a toasted coconut donut on the side in the morning!

  821. Sharon

    I love that we have 3 locations by us, even though the biggest city in our state has none! Oh and I love twist donuts.

  822. Jill A. Collins

    I Like FTM on Facebook.

  823. Jill A. Collins

    My favorite thing about Dunkin Donuts? I LOVE their cold coffee drinks. So refreshing on a hot day!

  824. Kate Welker

    I’m also a fan on FTM on facebook!

  825. Kate Welker

    I love the Iced Coffee! Also love that my son says “mmmmmmmm” everytime we drive by.

  826. KAREN

    Chocolate glazed french cruellers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yum

  827. Carolyn

    Large DD coffee w cream & sugar & FTMs! What a way to start my day!! :) Of course I LOVE all their goodies too.

  828. michele

    I love that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee can get my day off to the right start and slam dunks everything I do that day!

  829. Jana

    I really like their coffee

  830. Darlene

    I love their donuts but try to behave…..lol Most of the time I get either the Chai Tea or a white hot choclate….yummy!!

  831. Lauren

    I like the affordability paired with great flavor. Their black coffee is simple yet tastes the way it should.

  832. Lydia

    Love their iced lattes!

  833. Megan

    I love their blueberry doughnuts!! Ymm.

  834. Jen M

    I follow you on Facebook.

  835. Jen M

    I love their Double Chocolate donuts. Haven’t had one in a long time!

  836. Kristi C

    I love, love, love the original coffee with a chocolate frosted donut.

  837. susan

    I love creme filled donuts!!

  838. Lisa

    What I love about Dunkin’ Donuts is their original coffee.

  839. LaDonna Hopkins

    I love Dunkin Donuts French Crullers!!!!!!!

  840. Maria Eisert

    I love Dunkin Donuts because it reminds me of my family, road trips, and late night studying. My favorite donut is a chocolate glazed donut! Thanks.

  841. NJJ

    FTM FB Fan C.j. Jennings

  842. NJJ

    Dunkin Donuts Twitter Fan @WildOrchids09

  843. NJJ

    I LOVE Dunkin Donuts I love their blueberry cake donuts and their cream filled Donuts I also love that many of the Dunkin Donuts here are co-stores w/ Baskin Robbins! Talk about donut & ice cream heaven

  844. Caitlin o

    I like FTM on Facebook

  845. Christi M

    I “like” FTM on FB.

  846. Christi

    I love their iced coffee!

  847. Caitlin o

    I Follow DD on twitter

  848. Caitlin o

    I love DD coffee and their doughnuts remind me of growing up!

  849. Mary Halter

    I love Dunkin Donuts convenience. There are two on my way to work and I can stop in one and be in and out in less than 2 minutes.

  850. Brandi L

    I already ‘like’ FTM on facebook :)

  851. Brandi L

    I’m following Dunkin Donuts on Twitter :)

  852. Brandi L

    I love, love, love Dunkin Donut’s Munchkin Donut holes! Since I was a kid I’ve loved these :)

  853. Nicole

    I “like” you on FB!

  854. Nicole

    I love the hot chocolate!

  855. I like FTM on Facebook:)

  856. followed DD on twitter

  857. I love their Vanilla chai!!!

  858. Rachel H

    I liked FTM on fb. My name is my id.

  859. Rachel H

    I follow DD on Twitter @momma_money

  860. Rachel H.

    I love the DONUTS! :-) Okay, that is a given. I really like the cheddar cheese bagel twist & getting 5 munchkins for $1. :-)

  861. Kristy

    I like you on Facebook.

  862. Sally

    Let’s see…what’s to love about DD. How about: “what’s not to love about DD!?”

    I guess I’m traditional and love a good ol’ fresh glazed donut!

  863. Kristy

    What’s not to love? I am completely addicted but my number 1 fav treat, even more than chocolate cake is…. Caramel Swirl Ice Coffee with cream and whip!!!! Mmmmm…. I gotta go now!!!!!

  864. nursemomofgirls

    I love Dunkin Donuts! I had them as a kid and then didn’t have them for a long time. I finally have a DD in my town so I don’t have to only eat them on vacation. DD has the best tasting doughnuts anywhere hands down!

  865. Shell H

    I like FTM on FB – shelilah

  866. Shell H

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  868. Nicole K

    Everything! When I was pregnant I was unable to drive past a Dunkin Donuts with out stopping for a large iced coffee and a glazed donut.

  869. Jenny

    I love Dunkin Donut’s iced coffees (coconut flavor!) AND the blueberry cake donut… so yummy!

  870. Evelyn

    I love the donut holes!

  871. Cori Feo

    I absolutely LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee because its yummy and it helps me wake up and start my day taking care of my 4 boys: my husband, my 8 yr old twins, and my 8 month old!

  872. Tina

    I actually have never had a breakfast there, but the peanut donuts are to die for. It is the only thing I ever get, oh and I love their coffee! I already like you on FB, don’t have twitter.
    Thank you!

  873. Ken D.

    Huge FTM fan on Facebook!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

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    I LOVE the DD iced coffee. In the summer if I’m nearby my car kind of goes on auto pilot to the DD so I can pick one up for a pick me up :)

  880. Meredith Dierking

    (Cont. comment) I follow FTM on facebook.

  881. Meredith Dierking

    I love Dunkin Donuts for their DONUTS!! Not a huge fan of the coffee…. but that waffle sandwich looks AMAZING.

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  883. Andrea Haschart

    I want to try Dunkin Donuts coffee because I hear it’s great. I love all donuts. Thank you.

  884. nicole kaplan

    i get their iced coffee with mocha every morning. and the turkey sausage egg white flatbread is really good too.

  885. Sarah Hirsch

    i follow DD on twitter @stigay

  886. Sarah Hirsch

    i love the cheddar cheese bagel twists, so yummy!

  887. Adrienne Rohrman

    What’s not to LOVE about DD? I can take my kids “out” for a treat and not leave the car (with convenient drive-thru).

  888. Mari

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    I love their iced coffee! My favorite is iced coconut mocha! Soooo good!

  893. Susan

    I love their coffee-it’s the best. Of course, their butternut crunch donuts are fabulous with the delicious coffee! YUM!

  894. Lisa Lewis

    They are my favorite coffe. Plain or iced.

  895. trish meyer

    Love to get them first thing in the am. The coffee really wakes me up.

  896. Melissa McK

    I do love the hashbrowns. Something about them gives them more flavor then most other places. They also have good vanilla creme donuts! Get there too late in the morning and forget it. I only indulge in those maybe twice a year though ;)

  897. Tara F.

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    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  898. Tara F.

    What is there to not love about Dunkin Donuts?! I always crave their coffee. Truly, it’s my favorite and no other coffee compares for me. It’s always fresh and hot. They always make it exactly how I like it. The donuts, pastries are always fresh, never stale and always taste great. I LOVE DD.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  899. Beth

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  900. Sarah Stillman

    I love Dunkin Donuts!!! I love their prices I love the friendly staff and their coffee is amazing. Their cake donuts are my Favorite. No one makes donuts as delicious like they do and they are always fresh. My kids love the munchkins.

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    Even when I was little, I remember going with my grandma to get a bunch of donut holes (and sometimes donuts and coffee for everyone else if there was a crowd), so I’ll have to say those are my fav bc they come with a memory!

  908. Molly Joly

    I LOVE Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee! We don’t have DD in Iowa, so when we travel to visit my husband’s family every summer in CT, I stop at DD daily to get my fix!

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  926. Sarah

    What don’t I love about Dunkin Donuts? My favorites are the sugar raised donuts, chocolate frosted w/ sprinkles donuts, and any iced coffee! :)

  927. Melody

    I am not a big coffee drinker, but I love their white chocolate hot chocolates!! And their donuts are great, too!!

  928. Lauren

    I follow DD on Twitter as well!

  929. Catherine

    Love their coffee and their egg sandwiches…. just had some of their coffee that was leftover from a meeting, actually. Even cold and hours old, it still better than most other coffees when they are freshly brewed.

  930. Heather B.

    Liked you on FB. Thanks again for the giveaway fun. :)

  931. Lauren

    I used to love their vanilla chai in high school! I don’t think they carry it anymore though, at least not at my stores :( I love the donut holes! I’m a big fan of cake donuts and I love the chocolate and the blueberry!

  932. lauren

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  933. lauren

    Dunkin is one of our only indulgences!!! They’re priced right for an occasional treat!

  934. emily p

    love the iced coffee

  935. Elisha D.

    I love Dunkin’ Donuts for their variety of doughnuts and tasty breakfast sandwhiches. I also love that their hot beverages come with a lid that closes, which has saved me multiple times from a messy car :)

  936. Heather B.

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  940. Stephanie Pope

    I grew up with Dunkin Donuts in NH and when we moved to NC I missed out for several years. I am so happy that DD has started opening stores in NC & SC!

    My traditional favorite is the chocolate cake donut and my new favorite is the Cappacino Chiller (oreo flavored) :)

    Thanks for the giveaway and for a great blog!

  941. Ashley

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  946. Ashley

    I love Dunkin Donuts because they have the best, and most delicious coffee EVER! Not only that, but they are always creating such new, unique products! This is what makes Dunkin Donuts AWESOME!

  947. Jess T

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  950. traci s

    thier coffee, the best coffee there is !! my niece is going to new york with her college to teach the word of the lord, i would like to win so i could send it to her , that way for a lil bit i know she will have breakfast lol

  951. Lauren

    I love their plain glazed donuts!

  952. Claire

    The donuts are always so fresh and delicious. Yum!

  953. Heather B.

    Of course my favorite thing about Dunkin’ Donuts are the Donuts! My hips don’t like my “love” of this donut shop, but with at least 5 of these within a 10 mile radius of my house it is hard to resist.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  954. Jennifer

    Dunkin’ DONUTS!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?! What’s not to like? I’ve loved every last bite of every single Dunkin Donut I’ve eaten in my 41 years!!!!

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  960. sarah

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    Whats not to love they rock the iced coffee makes me smile

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    Already like FTM on facebook but I am on my way to start following you on twitter as well!

    Thanks for all you do!

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  973. jennifer horn

    Love the variety of donuts and other breakfast items.

    • Lynda used to be Hearn

      You didn’t by any chance grown up in Carmel, Ca, did you? I went to school with a Jenny Horn.

  974. Venessa Petersen

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  980. Erin H

    What don’t I love about Dunkin? Their iced coffees, their new HUGE breakfast sandwiches, their bagels… everything there is great! I love making coffee creations. I think my favourite is coconut, cinnamon coffee. Mmmm.

  981. Jen T

    I’m a Facebook fan of FTM! =)

  982. Tabitha Hutto

    I love Dunkin Donuts’ coffee!

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    I love Dunkin’s doughnuts of course!

  998. Courtney

    I love the munchkins, but my husband swears by their coffee–YUM!

  999. Jennifer

    I love DD coffee! Best around. Nothing beats a black iced coffee on a warm spring day.

  1000. Melissa

    I love their great variety of flavored syrups to add to the coffees!

  1001. Erin

    I love the coffee!

    • Kelly

      Pink frosted donuts are the best!

    • Tammy

      I follow FTM on Facebook. I love Dunkin Donuts because in my town it is located in the Wal Mart and I love the convenience of grabbing an iced coffee while I shop.