Giant/Martin’s: Free Reusable Shopping Bag

Log into your Giant/Martin account to see if you have this offer.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by getting a free bag from GIANT. Sign in to your online account to add the offer to your GIANT/MARTIN’S  Bonuscard , then collect your free bag in store the next time you shop.   Offer valid until 4/21/12.

Thanks, Lindsay, Lisa & Lee Ann

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  • Angela W

    Am I dumb? I see nowhere for ebonuscard savings. I logged in and everything. I am on my personalized page???

  • jessica

    You have to log on to giants website with your username and password, then towards the top right it says “click here for ur personalized page”, then you will see ebonuscard offers!

  • Laura Johnston

    I am also wondering how to get this deal. It is not self explanatory. Can someone please help? Thanks

  • Catherine

    These deals are so frustrating to me. I even got an e-mail about this one, YET the coupon does not show up when I am logged in. Why would they send me an e-mail yet not set it up for my account? Maybe I am doing something wrong? Is there anyway you could show us step-by-step how to find these?

    • joanna

      i totally agree! i just tried finding this offer (& i’ve tried others in the past), & i still can’t find it! can somebody please give us a step-by-step? thanks so much in advance!

  • Kelly D

    Where is this located at the Giant website?

  • Mich

    Where do you find this offer?

  • Laura

    Got mine today! Thanks!

  • I finally found mine, it was under the esavings lol

  • Carolyn

    Can you also find the coupon in Giant at the “coupon” kiosk if you scan your bonus card?

  • Heather C

    thanks, I added it! I’m sure going to miss giant when I move!

    • Shannon

      where are ya moving too :(

      • Heather C

        Colorado Springs. It’s a choice between losing dh’s job and moving across country. Until they invent coupons that pay the rent…

        Don’t worry, I’ll still be *here*. Gotta get my freebie fix, and the drugstores are pretty national.

        • Shannon

          I’m sad, but yep I get it. I hear its beautiful out there, but gee, I will miss you –and if you don’t come here, I will track you down!

  • Patrice

    My coupon at the Giant in Maryland is under the link which includes my gas points etc.

  • melissa

    How do you know if you got it once log in?

    • Shannon

      you will see the coupon image in your offers (like the one in the post). HTH

  • Sue

    I’ve tried that. All I can find are man. coupons. I try this every time you post a special deal like this & I’ve never found any of them. I’m sure I must be doing something wrong.

  • HannahD

    I did not find the coupon either…..

    Several of you are asking for ideas, so here is what I do….
    I love reusable bags and use them for EVERYTHING! There is always a stash in my car. I fold them and store them inside each other in the trunk. I have a few stashed in closets around the house for when I need a quick tote bag. I have used them for snacks for a road trips, toys for the park, storing goods on the floor of my pantry that do not fit on the shelves. I also have a few in my baby’s closet to store and sort clothes to grow into or to donate. I have a few that I sort my recycling in – this makes it easy to take out when the bag is full so I don’t have to lug a hug bin through the house. The possibilities are endless.

    As far as shopping with them… Some ideas that I have seen and swear I will try someday…. hang them from the cart handle with a strap of double sided Velcro or a large clasp hook through their handles. The hook or velco would be easy to stash in your purse or even leave attached to a bag when not in use.

  • Sue, once you log into your account, click on the personalized page to see if you have the offer. It may be listed under bonus card coupons

  • Free bag from Weis also if you got the Gold Club card coupons by mail this week. I did. :-)

  • Sue

    Is there a special place to look, once you log on to your account? I never have any of these special deals when I go to my page. The only thing I ever see are my gas points.

  • I logged into to my account, and as usual, I cant find the item posted…is there a special place I should be looking? I went everywhere…plz help.

  • Shanon

    Im not sure where to find this once signed in??

  • Wendy

    Yay! I got one. Thanks for the heads up, Shannon! I usually do not get these offers, but this time when I clicked on “My Personalized Page” there was a box to click on labeld “eBonuscard offers” that I hadn’t seen before. Maybe others like me who haven’t been getting these e-offers before will get them now. Thanks again.

  • Patrice

    Thank you, I added it. I keep mine in the back of my van.

  • Meg

    I keep them in my trunk and in the store I either put them under the cart or if one of my kids is with me, I have them sit on them :) Hey they are already taking up valuable cart space!

  • Geri

    Meg. I want the Pepsi coupon LOL!

  • Meg

    The only coupon offer I had was for $1 off Pepsi. Bummer. I’d rather have the bag!

  • I keep them in my van, I bring in my groceries, and hang them on my front door knob that way I don’t forget to put them back in the van. I HATE plastic bags, they are so wasteful!

  • Kelly

    Where do you put the bags while shopping? I always end up carrying them and my purse which is inconvenient. I fill the whole cart so I can’t stick them in there.

    • Kim Mozdzen

      I usually bury my bags under the groceries! Occasionally I remember to fold them up and put them in the seat under my coupon box and purse.

    • Jenn

      I put the bags folded up in the little seat section where a small child would sit, then put my purse on top of the bags. Then I put my coupon organizer propped up in the top of my purse where i can access it easily. hope this helps!

    • Myrah

      I don’t have a Martins/Giant but I have a Stop and Shop which is a sister store and I usually get the same deals (I just added the free bag to my card). Stop and Shop has a self scanner where you scan your items as you shop and bag them yourself (it’s on an honesty program and about once every 4-6 months you get audited where the cashier has to scan 13 random items in your cart to make sure you scanned all the items). When you are done shopping, you either go to self check out or to a regular cashier, they scan a bar code with the scanner and then take your coupons and minus any reusable bags. It saves so much time. Maybe Martins/Giant will start doing that as well.

  • Star

    I couldn’t find this coupon when I logged into Martins? Any ideas?

    • Shannon


      You may not have received the offer :(

  • Amy

    I store mine all together in one of the bags, in the back of the van, and then just take it into the store along with my coupons and list – I don’t forget…

  • Karren

    That’s a good idea! I like the idea of leaving them in the trunk.

  • Loretta

    i store them folded inside one another, sometimes in the trunk so i don’t forget them when i go shopping, but lately i’ve just been hanging them on the coat rack with my purse inside it.

  • Grace

    no coupon for me

  • Karren

    Does anyone use the shopping bags? Do you use them for anything else? I’m so bad about throwing them out after I get them, b/c I have nowhere to store them. Any ideas would be helpful! My house ends up cluttered. I do LOVE a free bag, though! =)