What’s In My Mailbox: Sample Jackpot

I feel like I hit the sample jackpot today!

In my mailbox was the Sample Showcase and the P&G Brandsaver along with 2 rebate checks from SC Johnson.

Both boxes were loaded with goodies. I got Aveeno, Pantene, BenGay, McCormick, Dove (although its melted), Pampers, Cascade and more!

There were also coupons in the showcase box!

If you haven’t signed up for the Sample Showcase yet, they are not taking new members at the moment, but you can sign up to get an email alert with information.

So what is in your mailbox today!

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  • mary

    I got mine today. My candy was melted too. It was delicious after I stuck it in the freezer to solidify. Awesome sample box. Hope my P&G comes soon!

  • I never could get the sample box, but I got the rent check from our tenant, so still a good day. :-)

    • Shannon

      @Harry Martin,

      I will take the rent check over the freebies :)

  • Nancy

    I’ld be happy to take the Dove Choc. off your hands! :o)

  • denise

    i got my hanes earth day tshirt in the mail today! No samples, but a shirt is pretty good : )

  • Wendy

    Thanks Shannon for the heads up on the Sample Showcase that you featured on your blog. I got mine today also!!

  • Felicia

    My Sample Showcase was exactly the same as yours.

  • Karen

    Forgot…I wanted to remind people who got the showcase sample box to go to the website to give their feedback so maybe they will keep this up. :-)
    …click the ‘GOT MY BOX’ button

  • LOVED the sample showcase! I can’t believe it arrived so quickly.

  • Karen

    I got my Sample Showcase today as well. I was wondering if everyone got the same thing or not. Mine had:
    Dove Milk Choc….McCormick Grill Mates…Taster’s Choice coffee sticks x 2…Splenda samples + $1 cpn
    -NON EATS:
    BenGay heat pad…Secret deodorant…Aveeno Body Lotion + $2 cpn…Aveeno Night Cream…Aveeno shampoo & cond. samples + $1 cpn…Shower to Shower Body Powder samples x 2

    Today I also got my NESTLE ABUELITA sample…that I requested back in Sept 2009 !!! And a coupon for a free bottle of no-HFCS Hunt’s Ketchup …from ALL YOU? And some Bricks type mailable coupons. I always get everything on Mondays it seems. I can’t remember what I got this last week. Pretzel M&Ms and the sample of candy from Lemonheads and a check from Pinecone Research is all I can think of right now.

  • Elizabeth Burns

    I didn’t receive my sample show case yet. I hope I get one, it said that I qualified, so I hope it comes soon!

  • Cheryl

    I got my sample showcase today too – I had completely forgotten about it – so it was a complete surprise! Love the stuff and the coupons, too.

  • lisette

    i got mine(sample showcase ) on saturday i was sooo excited..I never received confirmation .It wouldnt go throught when i tried again hours later..It said subscription were over>>> :) so I am really happy it actually went through!

  • Rachael

    wahoo! that’s very exciting, but i have to say i missed the sample showcase and my mailbox was very dreary today… maybe tomorrow is my day?! :-)

  • Rachelle

    today was a great day to open the mail box! i also got my sample showcase along with the Home Made Simple coupon booklet, 1st issue of the free Lego subscription, 2010 catalog from Bruder toys, $10 prepaid MC from Kmart P&G promo, free Snapily 3D photo card and the personalized photo greeting card from Kodak that was 99 cents shipped! My son was thrilled to see the Lego and toy catalog. A good day for all.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I got mine too, I was very excited to get it. getting al that stuff nin one box was really niftY> thankfully igot lucky and my dove bar wasn’t melted. Granted I got the mail right after it came, which is rare for me. It was just really cool and I was so happy to of gotton it.

  • Himani

    I got my free first issue of OK! magazine :)

  • Amanda P

    I received the sample showcase too! My dove bar was also melted… not sure if I should try to drink it now or let it harden again and peel it from the wrapper.