Gap: Free Jeans to First 10,000 on 11/5

Here is a interesting freebie.

On Friday, November 5th, Gap will be giving away a pair of jeans to the first 10,000 people who check in using Facebook Places. You can get all of the details here. To learn more about Facebook Places, you can check out the details here.

If you’re not one of the first 10,000, you will get 40% off any one regularly priced item.

Have any of you used Facebook Places?

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  • Andrea

    I picked up my FREE pair of $60 jeans today at Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA….YEAH!!!! I had gone in yesterday having read it here and was told by the manager that I was the first to ask about it and that they had 7 tickets for free jeans. When I arrived at the mall 40 minutes before the store opened I was 4th in line. The other ladies were happy to hear when I told them that there would be 7 tickets. By 10am (store opening) there was 8 people in line. I felt sorry for the 8th lady who got a ticket for 40% off. I am a VERY HAPPY LADY today :)

  • got there this morning at 9:30, was third in line and I had the confirmation ready to go on my phone. The associates said they had no idea how the promotion was working so they had to read up on it. Around 10:02 there was a descent line (around 20) and they let us in but no one knew what to do. All of a sudden the ladies at the back of the line charged forward grabbed any pair of jeans they could see saying to each other “we can just return them later” and then went to the register. I can’t believe how impatient and rude these ladies were. The second I saw that I walked out. I’m not going to compete with desperate people over a pair of jeans. I brought my son out in the miserable weather and got my place in line, only to be shoved aside by people who didn’t care to wait in line like everyone else.

    Not a fun experience. Hopefully some of you guys got in on the deal and had a a better experience

  • Anonymous

    Don’t have smartphone, so can’t take part in it. :(

  • Becky

    Wonder if the GAP outlet stores will be doing this also????

  • Trish

    At 12:01 am EST tomorrow Lowes Home Improvement is having a black friday sneak peak on Facebook and they are giving away more than 5000 90% off coupon codes

  • Wish I had a Gap outlet nearby (nearest is 2hrs.) It sure could be worth it!

  • Melanie

    Doesn’t help for those of us who don’t have cell phones :)!!!

    • @Melanie,

      I dont have one either. LOL. But great deal for those that can get em! :) Kudos!

  • Kristin

    Will these coupons be offered at Gap outlet?

  • shelly

    Too bad it’s not for those of us who have a “cheap” cell phone. Until my family is 100% debt free (which includes the house), I refuse to buy a smart phone and pay the monthly for the overpriced service. My family comes first!!

    • Shannon


      This is smart for you, but don’t think that everyone who has a smartphone is spending 100’s of dollars on it a month. There are plans that cost around $40 and I know many people who have this as there only phone line and way to keep in touch via email and surf the web (without home internet service) – so a smart phone can be pretty cost effective for some.

  • Jennifer

    I just called my local Gap and the sales associate said each store was given a certain amount of coupons for the free jeans based on the size of the store (bigger store=more free jeans). However, she did advise to get there early. I’m going to go, but I’m not getting my hopes up. It’s free, so I don’t feel entitled, but it sure would be nice, eh? :)

  • miranda

    I was able to test it out on my regular old android phone and it worked so not just for iphone. Someone brought up a point that each store has roughly 4 pairs to givee away and it will probably be to friends of the associates who they told to show up

  • Laura

    I believe this is only for people who have an Iphone. The facebook places is an app that can (from what I read) only be on the Iphone. So it looks like this is only a deal for those people who have one! Bummer!

    • Shannon


      No actually its for any smart phone.

      • Tia

        Do you know how to get facebook places on a blackberry?