Free Wheatables Crackers after MIR

You can get a free box of Wheatables Original or Honey Wheat with this mail in rebate.


  1. Dee S

    Since the form says that “it may not be reproduced”, will they accept this?

  2. amanda

    i got the “drawing error” too – but then, i right clicked in the page area and selected “page display preferences”. i changed the “custom resolution” to 100piixels/inch. then, it displayed just fine. hth…

  3. Diana

    Yes, I had a little trouble but then changed the resolution from 160% to 100% and it came right up. For whatever reason sometimes you need to adjust that with Adobe pdfs…I figured out that trick some time ago. Hope that helps.

  4. Janice K.

    No problems here, Thank you!

  5. Just hit “control” button when you click the link from the post — works perfectly!

  6. Liv

    I didn’t have any issues. Here is the link, if you want to copy and paste into your browser.

  7. Chantel

    Me either???

  8. This link comes back as a drawing error. ??

  9. Lauren

    The Adobe document didn’t load right for me. Is anyone else having problems?

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