Free Target Beauty Bag


Head over to Target’s Facebook page to get your free Target Beauty Bag. The site is getting some heavy traffic, so you will have to be patient on this one.


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  • Amy

    The page will not let me leave the comment….???

  • Yvonne Moreno

    Thank you very much! I got mine & am looking so forward to receiving it. This helped my day better, as it was a very stressfyl day, as I lost my billfold with all of my credit cards, medicare & social security cards, and drivers licesne. Of course those can be reolaced, but I also lost pics of my children & grandchuildresn when they was younger, those I cant replace, :>(

    • :( oh no Yvonne! I’m so sorry to read that. Hope your day gets better. Maybe someone will find and return your belongings to you. Sending positive thoughts your way!!

  • it only took..until 12:15 am……but it finally went through!! been trying all day! thank you!

  • Andrea

    Got it, even this late!

  • Thank you!

  • got mine

  • Got it! Thanks!!! I love how they made it easy to do from a phone!!!!

  • Jo Anne

    Got mine also, but putting in the birthdate gave me a headache, lol

  • I got an error on my confirmation page but when I hit the back button, it came up that it’s on the way with a confirmation # :):) Got 2 of the spring ones, hope to get 2 of the Summer ones, also!!

  • Londa

    I did too, 6-8 weeks.

  • Patti

    Just got mine, but it took some time….

  • Donna

    Got mine. Took patience, but I got it.

  • Finally, after nine hours.

  • Lesley

    How do you get it?

  • Heather

    do you have to keep clicking submit?

  • Thanks, got mine :-)

  • ashley brosious

    I would love a bag. Thank you!

  • terirose22

    Just got a confirmation number at 7:08pm EST…SO glad I didn’t miss this one!

  • I just got through and got a confirmation number …

  • Jenny

    got thru just now…no problem

  • Now is the time try, no traffic! Got mine in no time.

  • Beth

    There was a definite lag after hitting the submit button, but it finally went through and I got a confirmation code. Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! They have a really pretty pattern this time.

  • Sheryl

    I just got mine. No problems. Only took a minute.

  • MikeTammy

    I finally got it to go through!

  • sarah

    got mine! thanks :)

  • Beth

    Got mine at 4:30 p.m. Eastern

  • Lindsay

    There’s no submit button now after i fill out the info. Should I assume they’re out of them? Or maybe it’s just my computer?

  • Renea Brown

    I got mine. Now to tell my daughter to go get hers. Mine will be making it’s way into someones stocking at Christmas (Minus the coupons of course!)

  • Olivia

    Mine went through perfectly! Thank You for posting this. I missed the Spring one and I am so glad I am getting this one, for my birthday no less! :)

  • Lindsay

    I did.. loved the hand lotion sample

  • Karla

    Sweet, got mine just fine~

  • Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Patience is a virtue for these babies.

  • Debra

    I just tried again and got mine. 4 pm EST

  • Yes…mine went right thru:):)

  • Diana

    got mine at 4pm est

  • I got mine, it didn,t take long at all this time!!!

  • It took a while, but it finally went through.

  • Christy

    I sure did . . . you have to be patient!!!!

  • Yay! Got mine!

  • Melissa

    Got it!

  • i got mine too, but like everyone else it took a loooooooooooooooong time!

  • Sarah

    Got it! Took a while – but I got the last one also! Love it!

  • Amy

    still waiting to get mine..

  • Alisha

    yess! It took some time to get it, but got the confirmation!

  • Dawn

    i got mine

  • I got mine as well.

  • Victoria

    I just got mine!

  • Lisa V

    Hey Jacqueline… When these Target Beauty Bags come in the mail, there are always several beauty samples, as well as a coupon booklet. Really nice freebie!

  • finally got mine! took close to an hour!

  • Jane

    Got it! The spring one was amazing, can’t wait for this one!

  • Mindy

    I used Google Chrome and it took about 5 minutes to get mine.

  • took me 46 minutes

  • got it thanks

  • Andrea

    Took some time but I got a confirmation number.:)

  • Finally.. just let it sit. It seems like it’s not working but it’s very slow. I just opened up new tabs to keep working on other stuff.

  • oh im sure to get one!

  • Finally! So excited to see the new bag for summer!

  • it still is not working for me…must have a lot of ppl trying to get it at the same time :/

  • Danielle

    go to target beauty facebook page. Link is on there.

  • <3 I got mine :)

  • Steph

    I got mine!

  • Deborah

    Got mine! Took a little while, but well worth the wait. I got the spring bag and I just love it! Thanks, Target and For the Mommas!

  • Tonya

    I need link cuz im on my phone :(

  • Laura

    Thanks! Finally got a confirmation, but it seemed like it took forever!!!

  • Deanna

    Got it

  • Deanna

    Got i

  • Got mine after what seemed like forever but its worth it the bags are so cute

  • Lisa


  • Got mine a while ago…yippeee

  • Staci

    I got one! :)

  • Finally, finally…YAY!

  • Katherine

    Shift reloaded a few times then it went through

  • Karren

    Took some doing, but received my confirmation number! =) Yay! Thank you!!

  • got mine :)

  • Got it!

  • Super slow but got it!

  • Meg


  • Mine went through – took a really long time, though!

  • Angela

    i just got mine!!

  • It took me about 20 minutes, but finally got thru!! Yay!!

  • Yea! Looking forward to getting mine in the mail in 6 weeks! Thanks!

  • Jacqueline

    I got mine after several tries! Thank you for posting. Do we get the items that are in the bag, or just the bag itself?

  • Just let each page load… worked for me!

  • KatieW.

    Thanks! Got one!!

  • Solange

    Took a few minutes (maybe 6) but finally got through. The site will give you a confirmation number so you can confirm they got your information.

  • Kelly

    FINALLY got it to go through. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    It took about 15 minutes with a million refreshes at every single page. lol But it went

  • allie

    got one. Thanks!

  • ronda

    finally got it to go thru. my daughter loves these bags. takes them on vacations.

  • meg

    Did you guys just keep refreshing? Still trying…

  • Lisa

    Got mine! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jessica R

    Took about 10 minutes, but finally got confirmation! Yippee!

  • Ellen

    @Taryn – 4th try? I’ve tried like 50 times and can’t get through.

  • Sue Li

    I got one after several tries. Thanks.

  • Liz

    Amy, that was what was happening to me, keep hitting the refresh button and eventually it will load the page for you to sign up! *(^__^)*

  • I had to do it several times (because I kept getting a “service unavailable” message at the end), but I finally got a confirmation on my 4th try. Hang in there – it will work eventually. :-)

  • Yeah! got mine, perseverance pays off. Keep trying!

  • Debbie

    Finally did get one.

  • Im not sure

  • Thank You, We Received Your Mailing Your Mailing Information
    Your confirmation number is: 8f46f355.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    You’ll receive your Beauty Bag in approximately 6-8 weeks.

  • Barbara

    Service Unavailable : (

  • Amy

    Got mine.

  • Carol

    took a while but I got one. My daughter loved the last two we got. she’ll be excited for another one!

  • Shana

    Hung in there and finally got one! Thanks!

  • Shannon

    got it! thanks!

  • Amy

    page wont load :/

  • Summer

    It took awhile to load, but I got one. Thank you

  • Leah

    Still saying service is unavailable. =( Boo.

  • Darla

    Still trying! Thank you!

  • MiChelle

    Got mine in the mail the other day.. The kiddo loved all the samples that came in it!!

  • I got it! Also got the one in the spring…loved it!

  • Michelle

    i got to put in my info and hit submit and then got “service is unavailable”

  • Sarah

    took me a bit as well but got it!

  • Amber

    I got it 7 minutes ago with no problem, but now I’m trying to get it for my mother-in-law and it’s running slow.