Free Subscription: Real Simple Magazine

Get a free subsciption to Real Simple Magazine.

This is a very limited offer of just 500, but remember, you must qualify – so this is likely to still be available.

If not you can still pick up an annual subscription, for just $10 here.

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  • Cecelia

    It told me that the offer has expired. Which totally stinks, because I really like “Real Simple”. Oh well…

  • Elizabeth

    I tried this to see if it would work to give as a gift, but last week I purchased the blue dolphin gift certificate to get real simple. I just received an email welcoming me to real simple and it says that my subscription was paid for by M2 media group. I looked this company up and it turns out that there are a lot of unhappy people with unsolicited charges and subscriptions. My status says “to be billed” which made me worried. Do you know if this company you listed here or the blue dolphin company are associated with M2 media group? Just worried about charges… thanks for your help.

    • Shannon


      I dont know but if you have concerns you can always contact Eversave.

  • Melinda

    I have received several free magazines and love it! The best part is you don’t have to give a credit card.

  • Jamie

    Thank you! To anyone else that is nervous about it, I have gotten about 10 free subscriptions from here also and its been fine. Sometimes they sign you up for more magazines but I love to read them. Forbes for free!

  • Tara

    Thanks – I got it! I too have too many magazines and a whole stack of them to try and keep up with – but some of them come with coupons so it’s worth it!
    Anyone have ideas on what to do with all of them?

    • Shannon


      The local doctors office here takes them.

  • Sherry

    Thanks for the info. I will see if it comes. I have gotten 15-20 free mazagine subscriptions over the last year and can’t keep up with them. I have a stack now on the table to read. I do pass them on to family when I’m done.

  • Mikki L

    I’m so nervous about doing this but I love the Real Simple Mag. I didn’t have to give a credit card or anything so I tried it. Thanks for the info!

  • Jennifer

    Shannon; thank you! I will try…

  • Heidi

    I got it, thanks! Have gotten quite a few free from them!

  • I have no idea if I got it or not… Filled it out though! *laughs*

  • Tiffany

    Thanks so much – I got it!

  • Jennifer

    Shannon, did you ever get one from here? I am always skeptical…

    • Shannon


      Yep I have. I get about 30 free magazines or as my husband calls them “recycling bin fillers”.

  • Thanks I got one!

  • Danielle G.

    Got mine! Also got an offer for a bunch of different subscriptions for $2 – I picked Entertainment Weekly (guilty pleasure). My husband is going to freak out because he told me no more magazines – lol!

  • Tracy P

    Thanks – got it!!!