Free Secret Clinical Strength Sample (5,000)

Allure will be giving away 5,000 free full-sized P&G products every Wednesday for the next five weeks, a total of 25,000 freebies.

Today’s freebie is Secret Clinical Strength

You may experience site issues due to overload. Also, be sure to note that they often ask you if you want to sign up for Allure. Make sure you opt out.



  1. Answers

    Yes, it is possible they gave 5,000 away in under a minute.
    If you were able to put your information in and once you submitted it it said, “Thank You”, you will receive the item. If you put your information in and it said something along the lines of The items were all claimed while you were entering your information” you were not one of the ones to get it in time. They do not send an email confirmation if you made it in time (to my knowledge). I believe I got the first two, and this one. They were out of last weeks within seconds. I have not received the one from the first week in the mail yet- so it does take a while.

  2. Saki

    This is a hard deal to get. Probably not worth the time.

  3. Judy

    I was on the website the second that the giveaway started and by the time I entered and submitted my info, they said that the samples were already gone – is it possible that they gave away 5,000 samples in 10 seconds?????

  4. Allie

    I was able to input my info, but how do I know if I got it or not? Do they send you an email?

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