Free Ruffies Color Scents Sample

Head over here to request a free sample of Ruffies Color Scents Bag.   Click request your free trash bag. Limited Supplies.

Thanks, Shopping Trips and Tricks

Click here for more free sample offers.

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  • Thank you!

  • Namrata

    It keeps saying to enter a “Valid Email Address” error when i try to submit the filled out form…is anyone else gettting that?

  • Tami

    The web page is glitching now.

  • Yup got it, thanks

  • Maggie

    That has got to be one unfortunate name, seriousely.

    • Shannon


  • Shannon Gilmore Kohrt – sorry about that.. was busy with the other two freebies. Did you get it?

  • It was under color scents

  • Kathy

    It wouldn’t work on Safari it kept acting funny with a blinking screen. When I went under mozilla firefox, it worked fine and I got it. Thanks. I also had trouble with the chips ahoy on safari where the page wouldn’t load but was fine under firefox, I wonder why?

  • What is the Facebook page name? The link isn’t working for me cause I’m on my phone, and nothing comes up under ruffies,

  • got it!