Free Redbox Game Rental Code

Reminder- Free Redbox Game Rental Code

Get a free Redbox Rental Code when you text GAMEKIDS to 727-272. You will receive a one time Redbox Rental Code.

The code is unique and  cannot be shared.  Expires 1/31/13.

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  • Simon

    Thank you for this free kiosk code! My kid has been asking about having another game night for the last couple weeks, so the timing on this is perfect. We get the bulk of our movies and games through Blockbuster @Home by DISH. I signed up after one of my coworkers here at DISH told me how much she was saving over what her family used to pay for Netflix and Gamefly, both of which I was subscribed to at the time. I decided to try it out, and now we get thousands of titles via streaming, movie channels, plus videogames and DVDs delivered to the house. On top of it all, we’ve been saving about twenty bucks a month since cancelling those other services.