Free Proactiv System 3-Step + Free Shipping {After Rebate}

If you been wanting to try Proactiv, you can try it for free after Rebate.

Head over and sign up or log into your account.  Click on today’s deal and  then click on buy now to take you to the Proactiv deal.

Purchase the Proactiv System 3-Step, for $19.99 and get free shipping.  You will also be able to choose a select a free gift with your purchase.    In about 30 days, you’ll get a $25.00 ashback rebate into your account.

New members will get a free $5.00 sign up bonus, making this deal even better!

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  • kelsey

    i ordered it too, they too 21.35 out of my bank account. Even with .06% tax it wouldn’t be that much. i called in and they cant tell me anything for 72 hours. did anyone else get the total of 21.35 when ordering and if so what is the difference for?? thanks

    • Ashley

      It would be $21.35 with 7% sales tax, which is what I was charged and is correct for my area.

  • michelle

    I did this deal last time. i cancelled and then they said i didn’t. My fault i did not keep the paper with my cancellation confirmation number on it. they gave me a hard time and after about 5 calls they finally refunded my money. so keep the confirmation codes!!!!! then you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • DanA

    Do you have to be member with proactive?

  • DanA

    Do you have to be member?

    • For the Mommas


      • DanA

        It says that they will charge you every 30 days for new orders automaticlly …I just heard its pain in butt to cancel after first order…

  • Diana

    Price is $29.95 now…

    • Sara

      No, look at the top for a group of only the 3 basic step bottles (not + 2 other bottles of whatever…) and it will be $19.99. You’ll still get to choose a free gift.

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Diana,

      It is $19.95 for the 3 basic step bottles.