Free Pillsbury Easy Frosting

Head over to Facebook to request a free Pillsbury Easy Frost Frosting.  First 10,000 only.

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  • Holly

    All gone!

  • Janie Laswell via Facebook

    Me too! Thanks a Bunch!

  • Star Ailiff via Facebook

    Got mine and one for my momma too!! Thanks a bunch!

  • Andrea Brooker via Facebook

    Thanks I got one after awhile of reloading!

  • Courtney Brooks via Facebook

    Keep trying. I finally got through and was able to get one.

  • Stephanie K.

    Finally went through for me! Thanks for posting!

  • Angela Bolding Williams via Facebook

    keep trying. finally got mine.

  • Caradith Sprouse via Facebook

    Too busy!! I need one. I buy at least one a week.

  • Katie Ostrander via Facebook

    just keep trying

  • Ashley Cr via Facebook

    would be great if their server didn’t say “too busy” :( Such as life!

  • fijit friends

    Looks yummy! I will definately try this