Free P&G Samples | Downy, Tide & Pantene

UPDATE:  The free sample is available for ages 18-22

From the Ready U Facebook Page.

Head over to Ready U Facebook page and request a free sample of Downy, Tide & Pantene.  Click on the Free Sample tab and choose from Your Bed or Your Head.

Available while supplies las.


  1. Erin

    Said I didn’t qualify :( Looks like it is for college aged people only. Boo.

  2. Laura

    I was told that I didn’t fit the criteria to get a free sample….WHATEVER!

  3. I didn’t “qualify”??

  4. Jamee

    Never been sad over being 28 before! ok FINE 36 but whatever…lol

  5. I don’t think anyone is eligible

  6. Melissa

    thats werid

  7. Karren

    I just asked my 20 yr old son to request the samples…says they have to be 18-22 LOL

  8. Katie

    I put 1993

  9. booooo….dislike! lol

  10. Danielle

    Womp. Womp. Wish I knew you had to be 18-22 years old before I filled out the form. Oh well.

  11. you have to be 18-22

  12. You have to be 18-22 yrs old to get this.

  13. Patsy

    I had to like it first. The tab then appeared in the upper left hand corner. Just got one for me and sent one to my little brother who’s away at college.

  14. Melinda

    me neither

  15. Jodie

    not eligible (

  16. Cari

    for ages 18-22 only

  17. Geri

    Got em thanks!

  18. I think its for college aged ppl

  19. yeah said i was not eligible either

  20. Sabrina

    Nope it told me i was not eligible

  21. ok…where are the “tabs” with the timeline now…PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. gone

  23. Looks like its gone. I am glad some of you got it.


  25. how did you find it??

  26. Got mine! :-) thank goodness I always miss them

  27. They may be having trouble due to overload. Let’s see if it comes back up in a little while. I will let you know

  28. Katie


  29. Tami

    where is the free sample tab on Timeline? so confusing…

  30. Dawn

    Nothing showed up for me.

  31. Laura

    never saw tab, and

  32. i cant find the tab =( HATE

  33. Julie

    Got Both <3

  34. never saw the tab

  35. got one…

  36. got one = )

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