Free Personalized Veggie Tales Song

Free Personalized Veggie Tales song

Create a free personalized Veggie Tales Song for you or your child.   Just enter  code “VEGGIE” and add your email.   Select your child’s name from a list of selected names.  Click on “Listen” to verify the name and then click on next.  Once you reach the checkout page, click on “No thanks, I just want my free song”

Note:  Not all names are available.  The list is pre-selected.

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  1. Amy via Facebook

    thxs my son luvs veggie tales. i’m so happy there was the name RJ, it’s hard to find.

  2. Cesiah via Facebook

    my boys are going to love it!

  3. Michelle

    Thanks so much! My daughter loves veggie tales and her face lit up when she heard her name :)

  4. I got these last night for my two year old, who has been sick. It’s the first time I’ve seen her smile all weekend!

  5. I ended up buying the whole CD. Her name is in every song! Not sure who was more excited lol :) thanks For the Mommas!

  6. Thanks

  7. Lindsey Whitaker via Facebook

    Fun! Kids loved hearing their names!

  8. Noelle Lynch Tully via Facebook

    This is adorable! We’re Veggie Tales dancin’ over here!! Thanks!!

  9. Laurie Howe via Facebook

    cute, my son will love this, thanks!

  10. Ashley Mills via Facebook

    That is really cute :) Thanks!!

  11. Sue Camara Cooke via Facebook

    ok .. I’ll try again. Thanks

  12. Sue Camara Cooke – hmm just tried it again and it works fine?

  13. Sue Camara Cooke via Facebook

    veggie code not working for me ? :(

  14. Erin Mitko Kokolis via Facebook

    This is awesome!

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