Free Personalized Santa Video


The free Personalized Santa Video is available again!

This is an incredibly cute freebie for you or a little one.

Get a totally personalized video from Santa for your kiddos. This year, Santa will have his Elves determine if you are on the Naughty or Nice list. I don’t know how this is done, but it is pretty amazing.

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  • Kim

    Thank you so much! My kids will love this!

  • Anonymous

    This is so awesome!! Thanks!!

  • samantha barton

    Love this! My son’s face when he seen this video was priceless! Thanks!

  • Dana

    I just ordered free video…does anybody know how many times you can watch this video?

    • Crista

      Dana—After they email it to you, it can be watched over and over again:)

      • Dana


  • Grace

    I did this last year and will be doing it this year again. It is awesome! My daughter was on the naughty list so when the video was over she said “well at least I have two weeks to get on the nice list” LOL

  • Rebecca G.

    Thank you so much!!

  • sarah

    so adorable! mu daughter will love this! thanks!

  • This is so cute!!! Thanks, my granddaughter is going to love it!!