Free Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir Sample

Head over here for a free sample of Nexxus Youth  Renewal Elixir.  Available while supplies last.



  1. I am attempting to get my free sample as offered above. I hope I do not have the same problems that everyone prior to myself has had. Thank you

  2. melinda

    it allowed me to sign up, does that mean that i’ll get the sample?

  3. won’t allow me to sign up

    • emily

      you hav to fill out both addresses and check two of agreement boxes

      • Cheryl

        As seen on tv the free sample cannot be reached. First a long survey, now this. Won’t take my sign in. Bait and switch tactic. I have lost respect for the Nexxus brand and will not support them. I am angry.

  4. Anaonomus...

    Me either

  5. Sherry H

    Still won’t allow me to fill form out… What’s the trick?

  6. Anonymous

    Won’t let me type in my email address – it contains the underscore sign & it won’t accept it.

  7. Would not let me sign up. Checked over all information and my address was in red even though it was correct.

    • angelia

      its working now

      • emily

        these websites are so tricky at times i had to try four times then had the idea to check the extra box hav a good day

  8. Deanna Melton

    wont let me sign in/up for my free sample!

    • emily

      try marking the two agreement box

  9. Emily

    Submission successful for me, now we’ll see if I actually get it. Not to mention spam mail I may get from sharing my email address.

  10. Cher1

    Same here. Won’t allow me to fill anything out!

  11. Anonymous

    Will not
    Accept any input of information at all.

    • emily

      did u put in email address

  12. Anonymous

    Will not allow me to put my name, etc. in.

  13. Cynthia Arthur

    will not allow me to put necessary information to get free sample. Do not understand why, very frustrating !!!@@

  14. janet

    I can’t get the birthdate to work!!!!

    • Anonymous

      your not alone !

    • Anonymous

      you select the month and the year and then the date. do it all on the little calender.

    • emily

      pull up month then select the year and day dont forget to mark two agreement boxes

    • Anonymous

      click on the number you were born on the calendar.

  15. Can’t wait to get it!!!