Free Goof Off Remover

So, this has a silly name, but this stuff really works! You can get a free sample of Goof Off Remover by heading over to their Facebook page and requesting it here. Click on the giveaway tab..

Expired- This offer is no longer available.

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  • samples are closed…

  • Carolyn, I tried the magic eraser, but it didn’t work too well on it. It lightened it some. I’ve tried bleach cleaner also. I bought died when I saw it. I thought all the sharpies were up, but she apparently got one out of one of our sons’ rooms.

  • Ginna, I tried toothpaste, but not the arm and hammer type. I’ll have to give that a try. My big concern with the Goof Off is if it would strip the paint. She also got finger nail polish on my bathroom door a long time ago. I read that it removes nail polish, so I’m hoping it wont strip the paint there also (but I can repaint the door).

  • Joanna, there was a video on youtube of someone getting ink out of carpet with it, so it probably depends on the carpet. I would check it in a hidden spot first to make sure. On the video, it was a light carpet.

  • Carla toothpaste works on sharpie too. My kid took a sharpie to my brand new dinningroom table. I used the arm and hammar. Brand and it took it right off.

  • Carla- have you tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the sharpie marker? these are always AMAZING!! Good luck.

  • Joanna

    Can I use this on carpet, and does it stain carpet, does anyone know? I’d love to use this at church (I’m the cleaning lady!)?? :)

  • I am really hoping this stuff will work for me. We bought our daughter a new bed a couple of months ago and she got ahold of a sharpie. Ugh! She said she was making her bed pretty. I also have very light carpet and we have a red stain (I’m thinking from a marker) that we haven’t been able to get rid of, even w/ professional cleaning.

  • Lisa, I have used this for some crazy stuff too. My husband used to be a service technician and come home with some yucky stuff on his shoes and it would get on the floor – amazing what this stuff can remove.

  • Lisa

    This stuff has saved me from having to buy a new dryer everytime I washed my husband’s work clothes with tar on them.