Free Gallon of Milk Giveaway (80,000)


Head over here and enter for a chance to win a free gallon of milk. A free gallon of milk will be given away every minute and a total of 82,080 $4.00 coupons for a free gallon of white milk will be given away.  Winners notified via email.

Free Gallon of Milk Giveaway

Sweepstakes starts on 8/21/13 and ends on 10/17/13.

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  • CharlieC

    okay it’s been 1 minute and no email, guess I didn’t win, lol lol. No idea how they do this but, it would be nice to win. We shall see. Anyone who gets an email back should let us know.

    • FTM – Natalie

      Looks like we can enter every day through the contest..Maybe we should enter in the wee hours of the night! haha


  • KyleneW

    Just entered. I would love to win a free gallon of milk!!! We sure go through it here :)

  • Jared

    fyi: not instant notification ..have to wait

    • FTM – Natalie

      Jared, I hope I win..I will be checking my email!