Free Couch to 5K Pro Android App


If you are thinking of starting the C25K Program, a great way program to get someone who’s never run before to being a three-mile runner in nine weeks, you can download the free app on Amazon.

C25K Pro App

Has anyone tried this program or considering it?

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  • amber

    Loved this program! I went from hating running to running a 5k in 3 months. Give it a try!

    • Shannon

      That is awesome Amber!

  • Jenny D.

    Robert Ullrich has a great, free podcast for each week of the program. C25K is awesome!

  • Melissa McKenna

    My mother in law, father in law, and sister in law have all been using this for a while and love it. My mother in law has repeated a few weeks when she thought she wasn’t ready. I wanted to get it too, but have been putting it off. Free means no excuses for me!