Free Always & Tampax Sample Pack

If you are a vocal point member, head here to get a FREE sample pack of the new Radiant Collection by Tampax & Always.    This pack includes coupons.

These typically go very fast, so grab yours now.

Thanks, Coupon Pro



  1. I requested mine

  2. Diane

    I don’t like the brand, I am a fan of playtex. Well honestly I’d prefer to no longer have to use these at all but I have no choice in the matter.

  3. I got one

  4. Lauren

    I signed up and entered my info and then got a page that said “only one sample pack per household.” I don’t know if this means it went through or the system thought I already requested one.

  5. Jennifer

    Just did!

  6. Bre

    Ive tried several times on different days and couldnt get the link to work. Thats probably why they still have samples to share.

  7. nicole

    lol i requested mine.i requested on facebook yesterday too.i dont wear tampons but i could give them away.

  8. you can only get it once or I would = )

  9. i did it from my mobile

  10. Becky

    Got mine yesterday!

  11. Amy

    It wouldn’t open for me either.

  12. I cant from a mobile or i would.

  13. Im pregnant but just ordered mine, I will need it someday right?

  14. Woot woot, got mine, thanks =]

  15. Sheila

    I got it!

  16. Jennifer

    Thanks got it…..i would try again melissa

  17. Twila

    It doesnt open when I do it!

  18. They suck anyways its all about kotex

  19. Meg

    Ok I ordered mine out of sympathy plus I didn’t want to discourage future giveaways :) But seriously, “radiant” is too close to “radioactive” for something that literally goes in the body. Definitely rethink the name. lol

  20. i had a hysterectomy in december… but i went ahead and requested it… i’ll put it aside for my daughters.

  21. Anonymous

    Melissa Spaziani McGourty – oh sorry didn’t mean it like that! I meant I only know they didnt except men, and didn’t understand why you didn’t get accepted.

  22. Kathy


  23. i’m not a man though!!!

  24. Anonymous

    Jodie Cochran – seriously they seem to literally not be able to give these away!

  25. Anonymous

    Melissa Spaziani McGourty – wow I know they don’t accept men :(

  26. they would not give me a sample because i am not a member of vocalpoint, and then they told me i could not become a member of vocalpoint

  27. Jodie

    they could always send us double :)

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