Free 8X8 Shutterfly Photo Book

You can get a free 8×8 Shutterfly Photo Book (reg$ 29.99) when you order before August 30th.  Sign up for a Shutterfly account and a promo code will be sent to your email.

The free Shutterfly Photo book offer is valid for one free 20-page 8×8 photo book with hard photo cover.  Pay shipping.

*Offer expires August 30, 2012  This looks to be new customers only.



  1. claudette minichiello

    I tried to enter the promocode for a free 20 page 8×8 hard cover photo book it is CT2Z959GXJ5MR8MFBW I couldn,t find anywhere to enter it thank you

  2. kathy

    I’m a current Shutterfly member and I got a FREE book. Yeah. I just recently uploaded 9 months of photos so I really need this !!

  3. I just did! Thanks :)

  4. Bonnie

    Another free shutterfly book from babycenter.

  5. Holly

    Bummer. I don’t have one! :(

  6. Nancy – you do have to pay for shipping, but it’s around $9 – not too shabby for a hard cover photo book if you ask me.

    I paid for shipping and taxes recently for over 100 prints with a $20 code I had, but $8.50 is still much cheaper than having to print them from home or buying them at a kiosk.

  7. Jessica Davidson, shipping is about $8.95

  8. is shipping free?

  9. Rosey

    Got mine too. Thank you!

  10. sami p

    nope nothing for me:(

  11. I didn’t get it. Am I doing something wrong? I went into my account and special offers

  12. I got mine…thanks.

  13. do you have to pay for shipping ?

  14. Pamela

    Thanks – once you sign in to existing account gives you this message – Congratulations! 1 free 20-page 8×8 photo book with hard photo cover has been saved in your account. Remember to use it by August 30, 2012!

  15. Rebecca G.

    You don’t have to be a new member :)

    • Shannon

      I know, but that is what the rules say , so incase they pull it at some point for exisiting

  16. Jennifer

    I have an existing account and it looks like it credited my account for the book! YAY!!

  17. Tonya

    my son would so love this, he keeps telling me hes going to be famous one day lol

  18. when u sign in it will be in your offers, even if u have an exsisting acct!

  19. Megan

    I just added it to my account and I’m not a new member! :) So hopefully it works for everyone!

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