Free $10.00 Macy’s eGiftcard with App Download


Macy’s is offering free $10.00 eGiftcard when you download the Macy’s Star Gift app. The app is available for Iphones and Android Devics. To get your free $10.00 eGiftcard.

  • Download the Macy’s Star Gift app.(Google Play Store or Apple iTunes)
  • Go to’s Best Brands Catalog (on your computer)
  • Point your device at this screen
  • When you see the gift box,tap on the gift and watch the short video explaining how Macys Star app works
  • Once the video is done, claim you “Get your $10 Digital Gift Code Now”.  Your $10.00 Macy’s eGiftcard will be sent via text.




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    Just got an email saying that the order was voided and to call customer sv. So I called and they said that all gift cards from this program will be voided. SIGH..

    • Ariana

      Same here. I just placed my order and immediately received an email that it was canceled.

  • Elaine

    I did it but did not get any text. Is there anyone to call about it? I did it hours ago.

  • laura

    is it safe to assume this can be redeemed online only?

  • AnnaD

    I just got mine, Here’s how I did it
    Installed the app on my iphone,
    Open and scan product that has “Star gift guide” product on it
    Come back to this page(FTM) and scan the ” Blue Macy’s page Above”

    It thens plays a video, and and a form pops out, fill it in, and e code will be messaged .
    I got mine right away.

  • Sara

    on android i cant even find it in the play store :(

    • Jen

      Did you find it? I found it on mine! I typed in Macys Star and it was the first on the list!

  • katie

    It is not working for me..I watch the video but then nothing shows up about a $10 gift card…what am I doing wrong?

    • Jen

      Did you get it to work? I think the site/app has a lot of people accessing it and it’s being a little wonky. Try again!


    “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” :(

  • Stephanie

    Ok I got it to work, had to scan on the second page of the catalog. User error! lol

    • Anonymous

      What zip code did u use. I used mine but no better brand catalog. Te catalog I got did not have any star gifts in it.

      • Anonymous

        They have stopped the program due to an overwhelming response. :(

  • Stephanie

    I am soooo confused. I clicked on the gift on my screen but it just took me to shop for the item and no video came up. Help!!

    • Jen

      Maybe try again? The gift took me to a video with Clinton Kelly explaining how it works. After the video, a screen pops up and you can claim the $10. I think it might be overloaded right now, it won’t let me type in any of my info to get the $10, but I’ll try again in a little bit and hopefully it will work :)

      • Diana

        I got my coupon through a txt =) so this coupon is only good online?