Fedex Small Business Saturday Gift Card Update

If you entered the Fedex Small Business Saturday Giftcard Giveaway, check your email to see if you are a winner.  Several of you already let me know you have won.

The subject line of your email will be Good news on your $25 Gift Card from FedEx

You won a $25 American Express  Shop Small Gift Card from FedEx to use on Small Business Saturday®.
Congratulations on winning a $25 American ExpressShop SmallGift Card, courtesy of FedEx. Your Gift Card will arrive in a plain U.S. Mail envelope by November 24.* FedEx is proud to support Small Business Saturday® by introducing a million dollar stimulus into the economy, and now you can be a part of it.

Let us know if you are a winner!

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  1. boo shell

    Thank you Fed.ex.

  2. Aayesha

    Hey!! We wona card too! Woohoo!
    Thank you! We appreciate your prompt and professional service!
    (Our deliver guy is HOT! Thank You FedEx!!)
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

  3. sharon mcfarland

    I Won One

  4. Amy

    I was so surprised when I checked my mail just now and received my $25 gift card! I can’t believe it!

  5. Kathy

    Thank you for the giftcard for sbs. So sweet!

  6. Allie

    got one!

  7. Adonna

    I Won! Thank you! Can’t wait to use it.

  8. Toni LaFrankie

    I won too!

  9. Stacia


  10. Tammy

    I scored a gift card! YAY!

  11. Stephanie K.

    I won! Very cool!

  12. Maggie

    I won!!!!

  13. Trish

    I won a gift card also. Thank you for the info!!

  14. Alison

    I won. =)

  15. Jaime

    Woo hoo! I won too! Almost deleted the email confirmation they sent (looked like spam to me), but at least it is coming in the mail! Another Christmas present paid for (or maybe a nice dinner at a local restaurant for me….)!

  16. Alyce Goodale

    I didn’t win :(

  17. Karen

    I got one too!

  18. Anna

    Got it too. Not sure where I can use it though.

  19. Giselle

    I won a gift card!! Thank you for letting us know. I tried last year also, but had issues logging in. Your website provides great information.. keep up all the great work you do!

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