Disney Movies on Netflix

Disney Movies are coming to Netflix. Disney’s older movies, including “Dumbo,” “Pocahontas” and “Alice in Wonderland,” are set to become available in coming months. Disney’s direct-to-video releases, such as the coming “Cars” spinoff, “Planes,” will show up on Netflix starting in 2013.

You can also watch thousands of tv shows or movies streamed from your Xbox, Playstation, computer and other streaming devices.

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  • Sarah

    I hate you.

  • Anonymous

    ADVENTURE TIME :) Please!

  • Ana

    We have all those people have listed in here and also Mickey Mouse road Rally, winnie the pooh.

  • Kristen

    Good to know! I was beginning to be very frustrated with Netflix’s selection. This may convince us to keep them around for a while longer.

  • Jenna

    Aristocats right now on in mine, we just watched Dumbo Pocahontas 2, my daughter watched Tarzen and Jane. AND, my husband has claimed rights to watch Fox and Hound when he gets home tomorrow.
    Was have Roku and I am so thankful for it right now. We were so sad last year when Netflix lost Tangled. It’s amazing how the movies from when we were little can still put a huge smile on our faces so quick. It took some convincing but my daughter is now all about Dumbo and the Aristocats.

  • Jessica

    Just got done watching Dumbo on Nextflix with my 3 year old.

  • maria

    They are already on there in my house! Awesome!

    • Anonymous

      i like it but it is kiddi

      • Anonymous

        i know right

        • Anonymous


          • anon :P

            I agree with you. Especially as a young animator. If anyone ever grows out of Disney, you just know somethings wrong.