Coinstar: Get $10 Free When You Cash In $40

If you dont know what to do with all those coins that seem to accumulate here is a deal from Coinstar you might consider. Starting today through December 9, 2012 when you cash in $40 or more you will get an extra $10 free.

To get this offer, you can choose 3 different gift cards to put the money onto:

  • Old Navy
  • Dell
  • iTunes

To find out more about this deal, just head over to

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  • Bonnie

    Can anyone tell me how the Coinstar machine works? Does it show you how much you’ve put in as you are depositing the coins? If not, does it give you an option to add additional coins if the balance is below $40 before you complete the transaction? I’m a newbie so any additional information would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Dohn

      Yes , it has a real time counter that you can see. Whatever that machine has, you will know to the penny. Make sure you let the machine finish counting . Not only does it tell you exactly what the current amount is, it tells you how much of it is in pennies, nickels and so forth.

      • Bonnie