Bath & Bodyworks: Free 1.6oz Candle

This weekend only — Bath & Bodyworks is  giving all of our Facebook Fans a FREE GIFT — a NEW 1.6 oz Candle Preview!

Download the coupon now to try our NEW Escape Home Fragrance Collection. No purchase necessary. While supplies last.

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  • Stephan

    I got the candles, and to be honest… Don’t waste time and gas on it! They are tiiiiiny! Saw the bigger ones first and was like “nice!”, but then I realized the size was different. they had the small tiny ones at the register.
    For 3.50 they are WAY overpriced!

  • I’ve tried twice to get it, all I get is a funky garbled mess that would never pass for a coupon…

    • Holly

      @Ashli Welsh,
      That is too funny!! I am reading your post and falling off my seat laughing. My kids want to know what is so funny… I cannot explain your line “funky garbled mess that would never pass for a coupon” to them. You are hilarious!! Thanks for the great laugh!!

      • Holly

        I just tried it. You just have to sign into FB and then “like their site”. Then look down on your wall, and there should be a link to download a coupon. When I did it, it printed fine. Try it!!

  • Stacey

    The link is taking you the live chat tab, click on the Wall tab and scroll to their last post and you will see a link to click on to get the coupon.

    • Shannon


      its not the link , I promise, its just facebook being wonky.

    • Brianna

      Thanks, that worked for me!

  • Linda

    It did not work for me.

    • Shannon


      How did it not work? Its on the Facebook page?

      • Chrys

        @Shannon, Your link took me to a perfect gifts tab, which when clicked on today’s date, took me to a recipe, but when I just went to the wall, it was there, so maybe that was her problem too…