Weis Coupon Matchups – Week of 7/29/12

Weis Coupon Matchups Week of 7/29/12

Here are the Weis Coupon Matchups & Weekly Ad Deals for the week of 7/29/12.

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Buy 4 & Get $5.00 oyno

This List Has Expired
Get $5.00 oyno wyb $20.00


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  • i see people talking about getting a catalina with a purina deal…but i dont see it posted what is the deal and what catalina are we supposed to get? thanks

  • Ruth

    The Purina catalina deal is working. I had tried twice earlier this week but the catalina didn’t print. Today I bought, 6 Begging Strips, 2 Purina Cat Chow and 2 wiskas pouches and it printed with no problem. I did two transactions and got the catalina both times. There is also a great dal on the Beneful Baked delights which is a Purina brand, they are 1.89 on this week so if you use the 3.00 off 3 coupon, they are only .89. These are usually marked 4.00 and up I think. I’m heading back to Weis tonight.

  • Erin

    I asked the cashier before I checked out with the purina and he told me I should get it. I bought all of my stuff and I didnt get it. They had me fill out a report and they gave me cash since it didnt ring up proper and told me and another cashier they needed to contact catalina to get everything figured out as soon as possible because they new something wasn’t in the system proper. So I’m hoping it should be working now.

  • Ruth

    Did anyone have success with the Purina catalina deal? I wanted to go to Weis in the morning to get some dog food. Thanks.

  • heather

    I bought $25.98 in purina and the $5.00 cat didn’t print. 2 bags of dog food $12.99 each.

    • Jamee

      I tried it again today and it just didn’t work for me either. I call this a sale with a funky side.

  • Jamee

    Just tried the Purina deal which I would love because I could stock up on dog food, $35 off the shelf prices didn’t trigger the $10 catalina or even the $5 one. Bummed!! I did get the $5 catalina for the crest and the p&g deal though!

    • Shannon

      Jamee, what was your total for shelf?

      • Jamee

        1 transaction. I purchased 2 Purina dog chow (shelf price 12.99 each), and 3 Purina Beggin strips (shelf price 3.39 each). So shelf price was $36.15 which should have triggered the $10 catalina. Even going on sale prices it totaled $27.48, which should have triggered the $5 catalina at the least. Griped at customer service and they said that it was because I used coupons (LOL)… I said mehhh whatever, the coupons brought everything to an ok price and puppy needed food!

    • Eileen

      did you break it into 2 transactions ? (separate the purina from the PG ? you only get one deal per transaction it’s in the fine print of the ad .

      • Jamee

        I tried to do 3 catalina offers in one transaction. I got the $5 for the Crest and the $5 for the Nestle’s. Trying for a third might have broke the camels back. I will try later in the week all separately and see what happens.

        • Lauren

          I just recently had great success contacting the catalina company directly. You can google the info. I emailed them and got a great response. They mailed me a $7 OYNO.

      • Ruth

        The catalina will print if they are for different promotions. The Purina deal is separate from the PG deal. The Purina deal is working now, the catalina company also makes mistakes and they do give stores trigger sheets in case the catalina doesn’t print. Stores like Giant and Shoprite have the trigger sheets ready because they know sometimes the catalina doesn’t print. As much as I dislike ShopRite, they rarely argue about using the trigger sheets to print the catalina for their customers.

  • Amy

    crest MM-$1.99 use (4) .75 off coupons which would double to $1 each..pay $3.96 and get $5 catalina

  • kelly

    I am pretty sure the P&G deal are only for thing under the heading not the whole page. There is a box that outlines the sale items- the two rows of items on the top of the page are not included. The All, angel soft, puffs, scrubbing bubbles- are NOT included this the buy 4 get $5.00 deal. Just a heads up- I have not confirmed this with the store but most of the stuff in the top 2 rows are not made by P&G.