My M&M’s – Save 10% Off + Super Cute Personalized Gift Ideas


My M&M’s is offering 10% off your purchase of $30.00 or more {when you click the banner above}.  This is a unique gift idea – they make a fun party favor, they are adorable, plus not to mention yummy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.54.35 PM

Here is a super cute gift for Valentines Day, Easter or even Mother’s Day


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.55.31 PM

The possibilities are  quite endless. You can include messages, names, photos.  Check out the themes above including Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Parties & More!  You can pick the colors  that go with your theme.

FTM Logo

Check out how cute my My M&Ms are! They have little FTM Legos on it. They even match the FTM color scheme. Sometimes, it is nice to get a gift that you know someone spent extra time thinking about. It isn’t always the cost or value of the item that matters. That is what I love most about My M&M’s. They aren’t super expensive, but they are SUPER meaningful.

PR005 Party Occasion Pack 400x400

I love this idea for birthdays! Celebrate with these fantastic colorful personalized party favors. The birthday party favor packs show off your colorful candy creation in a ready-to-gift format featuring a “PARTY” banner design. They start at $1.75 each, making them affordable as well!

Glass-Bowl-400Ok guys, here is a really nice gift for the ladies!  Instead of picking up generic candy at the grocery store or pharmacy, get these printed with a special saying on them – one that is just for her.  Plus, the price is RIGHT! You can even add a cute teddy bear.


To sweeten this up, you can also save 10% off your order when you click this banner above !   If you are going to order for Valentine’s Day, don’t wait!

This post is Sponsored by My M&M’s. All opinions, incomplete thoughts and spelling errors are mine.


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  2. Andrea

    My husband got these for our parents for Christmas 2 years ago with each of the kids pictures on them. They loved them! It took quite a while for them to find the strength to actually eat them lol

    • Natalie

      Great idea!

  3. June

    Omg these are so cute!!!!!!!! I want to get these for my kids for Valentine’s Day!!!!! Wait…that’s 2 weeks away, will they be ready in time???

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