EXPIRED: Amazon Kindle Fire $129.00


This offer is available until 4pm EST or all are claimed.  

The Kindle Fire is $129.99 during the lightning deal.

UPDATE: The Kindle Fire will be on Lightning Deal at 1pm EST or 10 AM PST.

You will want to go to this link  (Goldbox Page)

I wouldn’t wait, I would head over to Amazon and keep your page open. The deal will be listed on the right side under the 10 am PST slot.

Woohooo…  Amazon will be having a lightning deal on the Kindle Firesometime today!  Now, we don’t know what or when, but I certianly will be on top of it and get it posted.

You can check out the Kindle Line Up here – there are several new Kindles available. I am hoping we see an AMAZING price!

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  • Jenn

    They’re gone now! Glad I got mine – thanks for the heads up on the deal. After looking at all the black friday ads, this seems to be the best deal yet! (Best Buy will have it on Black Friday for $159 with a $30 giftcard back, so basically the same price, but then of course you have to spend the other $30 at Best Buy rather than keeping it in your pocket! :)

  • Andrea

    UGH – I already bought 3 :(

  • jrcmomof3

    This popped up on Amazon’s site:

    Limited-time Offer
    For a very limited time, the all-new Kindle Fire is available as a Lightning Deal for only $129.

    This offer is only valid during the promotion time and while supplies last. It must be purchased from the Gold Box page. Limit one per customer.

    > Shop now