Giant Coupon Matchups – Week of 2/24/13

Giant Coupon Matchups & Giant Coupon Deals

Here are the best Giant Food Coupon Matchups & Deals  for the week of 2/24/13. The ad for Martin’s store is very similar to the Giant store ad.

Reminder: Giant’s Doubling Policy varies by store.  Please be sure to check the policy for doubling at your store.   You can see the entire Giant Coupon Policy here.   Do not forget to add Savingstar Coupons to your Giant card here.

Buy $20.00 & Get $10.00 off instantly
Buy 7 & Get 400 Bonus Points
Buy $25.00 & Get $7.00 Instantly


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  • Christine

    Which Oreos are 1.88??? The York cty and Baltimore sun in md ads show they are $3 and change. Not $1.88

  • Danielle

    Does anyone know if I can do buy 20 get 10 off a couple of times in the same transaction?

  • Tina

    Not sure how many of the Giant weekly circulars are the same, but ours (in the Chester Springs/Exton area) had a store coupon for 99c for a box of cheezits in the actual circular along the side, and there is a $1/2 Keebler cracker or sunshine cheezit coupon in the 1/27/12RP Insert. We needed another box of keebler crackers, but this would make the cheezits 49c! =)

  • Caroline

    Ok, here’s my deal if it’s $20 before coupons.
    8 Stouffers French bread pizzas $20
    -$10 instantly
    – 4 $1.50/2 coupons ($6)
    Total due: $4 for 8 pizzas
    Will it work?? I don’t think I want to test it but it sounds like such a good deal I hate to not do it if it’s going to work!

    • Anonymous

      i think the ad says you have to have reached $20 after coupons.

    • For the Mommas

      It is $20 after coupons. Didn’t work with coupons/

      • Anonymous

        I did this, I always use self checkout and when you total it the $10 comes off then it asked for my coupons and everything was peachy. $4 for 8 boxes

  • Caroline

    Has anyone tried the buy $20, get $10 off instantly? My ad says after all sales and coupons but just wondered if anyone has tested that. I’m thinking about getting 4 Green’s ice cream (Colombian Coffee Chip is my favorite!) and 6 Eggo waffles. $10 off will make that $1 each which sounds pretty good to me.

  • Holly

    I was walking down the rice isle and saw the Maruchan bowls and microwave meals for 0.50 a piece on sale, I remembered a $1/2 coupon so picked up a bunch for free :) i don’t remember which coupon insert the coupons were in though, sorry!

    • I think it is the 2/10 ss

  • donna has a $2.00 off dove soap or body wash or maybe it was through the dove website i think it was the later…too much searching

  • Kristen

    Oh, gas rewards, how I’ve missed you! So glad to have these back… at least for now.

    • For the Mommas

      Enjoy the ride .. he he pun intended!

  • Kelly

    I think the Poptarts are 1.79 each this week too…

    • For the Mommas

      They are $2.00 in the ad I have here :)

  • sarah

    aren’t the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor chips 2 for $7 this week?

    • lindsay in pa

      Funny…when I saw above the $1.99 posting I looked in my circular and saw the Lay’s were 2 for $7 too. :( Maybe its a regional thing. I’m in the Lehigh Valley (PA).

      • For the Mommas

        We are having a grand opening sale – so it could be different, but Lays are listed as $1.99 on the front page.

      • For the Mommas

        Just as an FYI – on the grand opening sale in Berks:

        $1.88 Oreos
        $1.88 Nabisco Triscuits
        $.79 Pepsi
        $1.79 Ground Beef

        and $.30 Gallon of Gas web $50.00

        • Lancaster Mom

          Those are great prices… I am thinking about making a trip to Berks County to stock up on ground beef. Do all of the Berks County Giants have the same prices? Or is it one store in particular having the grand opening?

        • Heather

          I found a $1/2 Oreo in the 2/10 ss and with 7 cookie monsters (hubby included) I am loving this deal $1.38 each.