Basic Talk Phone Service: Only $9.99 Per Month

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.01.11 PMIf you are looking for a home phone service and already have internet, you may want to check out Basic Talk. The service is ONLY $9.99 a month. Every month. It isn’t an introductory offer.  Check out the great reviews here

Some other important features:

  • No annual contract
  • No hidden fees
  • No cost to keep your number
  • Crystal-clear calling
  • Includes Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 911

It is easy to setup!

You’ll receive a BasicTalk box when you sign up, along with a blue ethernet cable and a power supply. Just plug one end of the ethernet cable into your router and the other end into your basic talk box. Then plug your phone into the basic talk box, then connect the basic talk box to a power supply. Activate your service at and start calling. you’ll enjoy crystal clear sound, caller ID, call waiting and 911 emergency calls. All that for only $9.99 per month makes it easy to get back to basics with BasicTalk!

You can check out  Basic Talk here

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  1. Diane

    Does Basic Talk call cell phones? Does the computer have to be on for the phone to work?

  2. Sharon jones

    I ordered Basic Talk 2 weeks ago. Never got the box and cannot reach anyone in chat. They took the money and yes Vonage owns Basic Talk.

  3. Karen

    Ok i got my box today, i thought my blue internet cable cord would plug in to my cable router, but my on my cable router is to small. say on the paper i need a wi fi router. does anyone know what would be best,

    • Bobb

      Maybe you want to call customer service at Basic Talk? They’ll probably be able to help you with technical issues.

  4. Tim

    someone said they could not call or receive calls from cell phones, is this true?

  5. Robert

    Have been using Basic Talk for more than 6 months now. Not perfect voice quality but ok for the price. Am on my second “box” though, the first one failed within a couple of weeks, but they sent a free replacement right away. Now today the replacement is 5 months old and is acting up, random no dial tone problem, and the internet is working fine. So they are sending me another replacement box. So it seems to me they have a quality problem with the equipment, but what would you expect, they come from China.

  6. michael anthony

    Why am I reading that when hooks up to “Basic Talk” they are actually with “Vontage”? and will be under contract? I want to be a customer for Basic Talk but would like to get this info straight first…… thanks!!

  7. Betty brown

    I would like to read a lot more reviews!!!! If I am going to change plans I want a better service.

    • Nellie

      What if you don’t have wifi but have cable can you still use it

  8. cozy Michaels

    I recently switched from Vonage to Basic Talk and I am very happy that I did. It is working just fine with excellent clarity and so far no problems plus I will save twenty five dollars a month what more could I want?

  9. Joan

    Can u hook all up in one room where the router is then take your cordless phone in another to talk on

    • Anonymous

      Yes that is what I have done.

  10. don dunnavlle

    would my router need two ethernet ports???

  11. Lynn Suruma

    Problem with Basic Talk is, if you need to talk with someone about your connection, you can’t find a phone number or an email address to have your concerns taken care of.

    • Canyondan

      Go to your basic talk account, log in and there is contact information
      there. They even have a chat function and they can assist you with
      your questions immediately.

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