Walgreens: Cheap Folgers, OxiClean & Diapers

Here are a few more deals that you can pick up at Walgreens, including the diaper deal.

Folgers Coffee $2.79
use $2.00/1 Folgers Coupon Printed Here
$.79 after coupon

Buy (1) OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover $2.50
Buy (1) OxiClean Powder or Pak $2.50

Use $3.00/2 Oxy printable
Plus use $1/2 from the Walgreens April Coupon Booklet
$.50 each after coupons

Buy (5)  Walgreens Diapers $5.99 ea.
use $2/1 W Brand Diapers Jumbo Pack (2844) Infant Care Book (Takes off $10) (found instore)
Pay $19.95
Get Back $10 Mail In Rebate
$1.99 each after rebate and coupons

Thanks, Wild For Wags & Living Rich With Coupons

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  • Becca

    I just had the W-O-R-S-T experience ever today at Walgreen’s, trying to do the diaper deal.

    First, the cashier was INCREDIBLY disgusted at me when I told her I had coupons, talked demeaningly toward me, and acted as if I was trying to steal from her. Second, I had one of the Infant Care book coupons, but there were no other booklets in the store, so I asked her (nicely) if they could just scan that one the five times, since it was an in-store coupon. She told me flat out “No”, and got even more mad at me.

    She said no matter how many diapers I bought, I could only use one coupon because the coupon said “one per CUSTOMER per offer per item, etc.”. I told her that meant one coupon per diaper; you couldn’t scan multiple coupons for the same pack. And it didn’t even make ‘sense’ that a customer could only use one store coupon for the whole transaction… it’s a store coupon, for Pete’s sake!

    She then made a point to pick apart all my other coupons to get back at me, and told me I couldn’t use them because the items didn’t match the pictures (I pointed out that it said ANY Mars Easter candy, including Snickers creme eggs, but she said they weren’t pictured; I then said they’re not going to picture every single one of their hundreds of products on the one coupon.) She then retorted by saying she couldn’t accept a coupon for more than the selling price. I said yes you could, and got out my Walgreen’s coupon policy, saying the price will be adjusted lower.

    Then she got really angry and started yelling at me, then demeaning me in front of another worker. I told her I wasn’t going to argue about it, and just to take the items off then. She then got super sarcastic with me, and started talking down as if I was a two year old.

    So then afterward I said “I’m going to go back and look at the price label on the diaper shelf to verify something, would you like me to take the diapers I didn’t buy and put them back on the shelf?” (Calmly and nicely)

    She said no, she would do it herself. She then followed me all the way back, pulling another Wags worker on the way, loudly telling them how she didn’t trust me and telling them what I “just tried to do” at the register.

    OMG. I am so livid right now. Why do Wags cashiers have to be SO nasty?? I will NEVER go back to that Walgreens again; much less, I will never go back to any Walgreens ever. And yes, I’m going to call corporate.

    Store workers should NEVER try to intimidate, insult or demean innocent customers who are just trying to legitimately make use of the sales that THEIR store has CHOSEN to do! I feel like this cashier would have had more compassion if I had been shoplifting, rather than trying to use a few coupons. Never again.

    My loyalty to Walgreens is over – they do NOT treat their customers with respect, or appreciate the business they bring to their stores (and I’ve spent a lot of money there). I’m switching to Rite Aid full time now, where they actually appreciate my business.

    Oh, and by the way, once I got to the car and looked at my receipt – she only took off $1.60 off the one pack of diapers I bought, not the full $2 coupon value. And then she also charged me double for the Kotex I bought. I’m so upset I have to go back in there now!!!!!!!!

  • Jill Pearson

    My wags the coffee was $3.79 Fridley :(

  • G

    Are Walgreens is one of the test market. Are the rebates being produced at all of the stores or just selected few?

  • G

    Is the diapers deal a going on at all Walgreeens or just selected locations? Our store is one of the test market.

  • Marie

    Just returned from Walgreens in SE Michigan and the only sale on OxiClean I could find was the 10 ct. Power Pacs an they were 2/$5. I could not find a pre-treater (which is required by the coupon) on sale at all. They were about 4.79 each. Is this OxiClean sale price advertised anywhere?

  • Trish

    Hi, My wags manager printed me a rebate and told me I could do it twice. You would need two rebate forms and spend $25 per rebate…..$50 total . Get back 2 $10 rebates. I found the infant care book yesterday on the cosmetics counter in the same holder as the beauty book(it was behind the beauty books.)

  • Toni

    how do i get the mail in rebate form?

  • KristinaD

    The infant care books should be at the store, up front.

    I believe it is a limit of 2 per household. Grandma will also be receiving a rebate. :)

  • the oxyclean wasn’t in my walgreens ad, and it wasn’t marked on sale on the shelf – is that a local deal?

  • Rachel

    Sorry ’bout the blank post. Where do you find the infant care book?

  • Rachel

    Where do you find the infant care book?

  • kim

    Please help, I could not find $2 off Folgers?

  • Is the infant care book found in store available now, or is it from a previous offer? For the diapers?

    • Lindsay – PA

      @Kelly Pauley, They have them in my store…next to the diapers…although I’ve heard you can also find them by the cosmetics counter, but they didn’t have them there in my store. If you can’t find them, you can give the cashier the 4 digit code for the coupon and they will take it…you don’t actually need the coupon. I believe the codes are listed on this site…if not, try googling them and you shoud be able to find them.

  • karla

    about the walgreens diaper deal, does anyone know if you can get more than one rebate?

    • Carole

      @karla, It states on the rebate form, “Limit one (1) rebate per household or address except in RI, limit two (2) per household or address.”