Walgreens Coupon Matchups – Week of 10/7/12

Walgreens Coupon Book

Here are the best Walgreen’s Coupon Deals & Coupon Matchups for the week of 10/7/12. What are your favorite Walgreens Deals this week? Leave any coupon matchups or deals in the comments.

Be sure to check in store for the Walgreen’s Coupon Book for October – you can see the details here.  

Reminder – Balance Rewards:

Earning Points:

  • Balance Rewards Members will be offered promotions which will award Points with the  purchase of specified products and/or services from a Participating Store during the  promotion period (“Point Promotions”).
  • Point Promotions will not apply to rain check items purchased after the promotion  has ended.
  • Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or  Store Credit is used.

Click here for all of this week’s Walgreen’s Coupon Matchups.


  1. Jessica

    Also you have to redeem them in the incriments listed on site or in pamplet($5, $10, $20 etc), if your order is between $10 and $20 dollars it will give you the option to use the exact amount of order but will take the 18000 or $20 worth of points so you will loose out on points. You are better off using $10 of points and paying cash for the rest unless you are close to $20.

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