Rite Aid:Aveeno Deals Week of 6/6/10

Here is a  scenario for super cheap Aveeno products at Rite Aid –  I want to make you aware that this the same rebate as the Olay Skin Care Rebate at Rite Aid, so you cannot do both. Another think you need to take into consideration, if you are using your Wellness card and have a discount, the prices will go down.

There is a rebate for $20.00 Aveeno Ageless Vitality (thanks Kristen).

There is also a Skin Care Rebate at Rite Aid for $25.00  and $5.00 giftcards. The rebate says that you must spend $50.00 after all coupons to be eligible for the rebate, so my scenarios are based on this. Some people are indicating that the prices are clearing after coupons – so if you want to take a chance, you can purchase under the $50.00 after coupons. I am to nervous and this is just too much OOP for me to risk them changing it before they mail the giftcards.

Do yourself a favor and print the Aveeno rebate now!
Also, next week’s ad has 4 Aveeno Coupons in them, week of 06/06/10 – so this is why you should wait until next week.

In ad coupons week of 06/06/10:

  • Save $3.00/1 Aveeno Body Lotion
  • Save $2.00/1 Aveeno Suncare
  • Save $5.00/1 Aveeno Ageless Vitality
  • Save $3.00/1 Aveeno Facial Care

If you want to avoid using any coupons and want it to be super straight forward:

Scenario #1

Buy (1) Aveeno Ageless Vitality $39.99
Buy (1) Aveeno Skincare at $11.49

Total $51.48
Submit $20.00 Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rebate
Submit $25.00 SCR #555 (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Submit $5.00 SCR #655 (make sure you use wellness card) (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Total $1.48 + tax after rebates and giftcards

If you want a simple coupon scenario:

Buy (1) Aveeno Ageless Vitality $39.99
Buy (2) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion $15.38

use (1) Aveeno Lotion In Ad Coupon $3.00
use (1) $2.00/2 Aveeno Lotion
Total $50.37
Submit $20.00 Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rebate
Submit $25.00 SCR #555 (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Submit $5.00 SCR #655 (make sure you use wellness card) (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Total $.37 + tax after rebate and Gift Cards

If you are brave and don’t mind a few looks from the cashier:

Buy (1) Aveeno Ageless Vitality $39.99
Buy (2) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion $15.38
Buy (1) Aveeno Positively Ageless Suncare $12.49
Buy (1) Aveeno Suncare $11.49

Total $79.35
use (1) $3.00/1 Aveeno Lotion In Ad Coupon
use (1) $2.00/2 Aveeno Lotion Printable
use (1) $5.00/1 Aveeno Ageless Vitality In ad Coupon
use (1) $5.00/1 Aveeno Ageless in May All You
use $5.00/$25.00 printable coupon
use (2) $2.00/1 Aveeno Suncare In Ad Coupon
use (1) $5.00/1 Aveeno Suncare Coupon
Total $50.35
Submit $20.00 Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rebate
Submit $25.00 SCR #555 (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Submit $5.00 SCR #655 (make sure you use wellness card) (Rite Aid Gift Card)
Total $.35 + tax for $79.35 worth of Aveeno!

You can also check out some ideas Charlene came up with here. There are many ways to do this deal, but hopefully this will get you thinking! Leave your scenarios in the comments.


  1. Annie

    I forgot to give me Wellness card for my purchase of the Aveeno Ageless Vitality – does that mean I won’t get the extra $5 giftcard from Rite Aid? Can I return it and re-buy it all with the same coupons? I’ve forgotten on a couple of other purchases as well (but not important ones where it mattered like this) and it frustrates me because I think I would be at the 10% off level now. I don’t even think that I purchased $50 worth of products pre-coupon but this rebate goes until 7/24, right – doesn’t that mean I could probably get something in the upcoming weeks?

    • Shannon


      If you forget your card, give them your phone number.
      I would think you can rebuy it , but you would probably need your coupons …

  2. Leila

    Thanks so much for this! I have a question –when I go online to Rite Aid’s SCR’s site, and enter my receipt, does it automatically submit it for all rebates it applies to? (#555 and #655 for this transaction) I looked around and didn’t see where else I should enter it. Thanks!

    • Shannon


      Yep automatically submits to all the rebates.

  3. Sandra

    Ok, for a separate deal, why can’t you use the In ad $3 off any bla bla Aveeno body lotion whatever, on the $3.49 daily moisturizer (found with the other body moisturizers). I couldn’t come up with anything, but I didn’t get it because I was doing the above deal.
    I did the bigger deal above, although the prices at my store were different and I could only find one PAgeless Sunblock, so I had to adjust, but pretty good deal! ;) *Cross fingers, that it works out w the rebates!.

    • Shannon


      You can, but they are extremely hard to find in store lately.

  4. carrie

    for the “brave” aveno scenario I’m confused about the
    use (2) $2.00/1 Aveeno Suncare In Ad Coupon
    There’s only 1 suncare in the scenario, could you use 2 of the
    use (1) $3.00/1 Aveeno Lotion In Ad Coupon?

    Do most rite aids let you use 2 in ad coupons as long as you have 2 of that item?


    • Shannon


      You are buying two Carrie…

      , Buy (1) Aveeno Positively Ageless Suncare $12.49
      Buy (1) Aveeno Suncare $11.49

  5. Stacie

    Hi Shannon:
    Can the Nivea from rebate #100 also be used for rebate #555?

  6. Sandra

    Thanks for putting the titrated deals up!

  7. Jillian

    Okay…..sorry for all the confusion. I didn’t realize my hubby did something a lil different to our computer, and the pop up blocker was in fact ON when I thought it was off…duh, I finally got it. Thanks ladies for all you help in getting me this coupon!

  8. Jillian

    I tried again and nothing…shucks.

  9. Jillian

    Dang it! I didn’t find it, I am going to try again though. Thanks for your help girls!

  10. Abbey

    Jillian, I had the same problem, it came up in a different window that I didn’t notice at first. Check the bottom of your screen where all the windows are minimized. Good luck!

  11. I don’t know know how I know if I have the 10% but I don’t think that I do. I have only used the card a few times with the last Aveeno deal.

  12. Jillian

    So, I entered all my infor to receive the $5 coupon, and it said, You can now download the coup, where do I download it from?? I looked all over the website, where do I get this darn coupon? I am prob just having a major blonde moment, but, REALLY?? what the heck?!? help?

  13. THANKS :) I had a heck of the time spending the paper gift card last time in one transaction so I was worried about that one. It is way less stressful for me if I know that I have a back up plan of the second transaction! I appreciate the fast response. This week is 20% off the Aveeno stuff but next week has the in ad coupons right? I am going to figure out my deal now :) Thanks for the help!

    • Shannon


      Yes Alison 20% this week, but if you have a wellness card with 10% off its better next week.

  14. Do all $50.00 have to be on the same purchase? Just checking in case I screw it up on the first try so that I don’t freak out on a cashier who just rang up all those coupons and make them cancel it :) Also, are the gift cards from Rite Aid, the ones where they are paper and you have to use them all in one transaction? I just got the $10 coupon off the Ageless kit so I am going to have to figure out more to get so that I can use that one too! Did anyone else sign up somewhere to get that in the mail? It didn’t come with samples so I don’t know where I signed up for it but really happy it came after reading this post :)

    • Shannon

      No Alison, you can purchase it in different transactions.

      For the gift cards, I think they are real gift cards.

  15. I’m sorry – thanks for telling me though! I didn’t realize it was on there.

    The Olay rebate you mention…is that the Olay Regenerist that was valid last month for 2-3 days where you bought certain Regenerist products & got $20 SCR?

    • Shannon


      Yes the Olay Regenerist is the same rebate from Olay but different from the Rite Aid Skin Care Olay Rebate.

    • Shannon

      Crystal, which rebates are you thinking of doing and which have you done?

  16. I’ve already been to Rite Aid this week and entered my receipts. I bought 3 Coppertone sunscreens ($8.99 each) and used 3 in ad $2/1 coupons, 3 VV $3/1 coupons and 3 $1/1 MQ (seperate transactions). I also purchase 5 Nivea for men products (4 @ $2.99 & 1 @ $3.99) and used 5 $2/1 MQ. I did 3 seperate transactions using 3 $5/25 purchase VV coupons and some other items. Total OOP was $22.13. Guess what? My SCR account says I’ve already earned the $10 GC and $5 Wellness+ GC! It lists all the Coppertones as $8.99, and the Nivea for their in store sale price…no coupons deducted…AND, it says I have less than $7 until I reach $50 spent! I’m tempted to buy another Coppertone and use all the same coupons and see if it gives me the $25 GC. Thought I’d let you know!

    • Shannon

      @Corrina at Eternity On A Budget,


      Yes some other readers are saying that, but I am nervous about adjustments, so I am going to stick to being above $50.00 with my scenarios. It is alot OOP with the Olay and Aveeno to lose if something happened with the rebates.

      Thanks for the heads up though.

  17. The $5 coupon for the suncare link is bringing p the Aveeno Ageless rebate.

    • Shannon


      Crystal, its the same page..
      Step 2: Complete the registration page below to receive a $5.00 coupon that can be used on an in-store purchase of any POSITIVELY AGELESS™ Sunblock

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