Rite Aid Trip 03/07

I went to several Rite Aid’s to complete these transactions. I am still medicated so I hope all my math is right. I got all this for a profit!

Transaction #1
(2) Biore Strips $10.00
(2) Biore Scrubs $10.00
use (2) $2.00/1 Peelie Found on box
used (2) Buy One, Get One in 03/07 SS
used (1) $1.00/1 Video Values Coupon
used 3/15.00 Rite Aid Coupon
Total after coupons: $2.00
Get Back $5.00 SCR
$3.00 Overage

To see the rest of the transactions, click below…

Transaction #2
(3) John Frieda Shampoo $15.00
used (3) $3.00/1 John Frieda
used 3/15.00 Rite Aid Coupon
used $1.00/1 John Frieda Video Values Coupon
Paid $2.00
Get Back $5.00 SCR
$3.00 Overage

Transaction #3
(1) Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99
(1) Gillette Fusion Refill $15.99
(1) Gillette Fusion Shave Gel $0.00 (free wyb)
use $5.00/$25.00
use FREE Fusion Razor
Paid $10.99
$15.99 towards P&G Rebate

Transaction #4
(2) Gillette Deodorant $8.00
(2) Gillette Body Wash $10.59
(2) Starburst $1.49
used 2 free Body Wash wyb deodorant
used (2) $1.00/1 Gillette Deodorant
used BOGO Starburst
used $5.00/$20 Video values
Paid $1.39
Get back $2.00 SCR
$.60 overage

Transaction #5
(1) Metamucil $9.99
(1) DayQuil 4.99
use 3/$15
use $1.50/1 Dayquil
use $3.00/1 Metamucil
Paid $7.48
Get back $7.00 SCR

Final Math

$.48 paid
$.60 Overage
Earned $10.00 P&G Gift Card
$10.99 Paid
$3.00 Overage
$3.00 Overage

$5.13 overage minus taxes paid.

To see all the coupon matchups and this week’s Rite Aid deals, visit here.

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  • Angelene

    Can you only get 1 John Frieda shampoo rebate?

  • CaseyB

    Hey all! Just wanted to offer this on the John Frieda – I wanted clarification BEFORE I went on my shopping trip today so I call the 800 SCR hotline to ask about SCR#4 and how/if it qualifies for SCR#41…heres what I was told:
    SCR#4 requires you to buy 1 John Frieda FRIZZ EASE styling product and 1 John Frieda FRIZZ EASE shampoo or conditioner – and you then receive a rebate for the price paid for the shampoo or conditioner up to $6.99. These 2 items CAN BE applied to BOTH this rebate and SCR#41

    If you have already bought your John Frieda products to get SCR#41 and DID NOT buy a Frizz Ease Styling product AND a Frizz Ease shampoo (or conditioner) in your mix then you WILL NOT qualify for both rebates at this point. You would have to make an additional purchase based on whichever products you are missing.

    I hope this helps!!!

  • KD

    On the John Frieda items if you purchased a shampoo, conditioner, and styling item would you qualify for SCR #4 & SCR#41?

  • Rachel

    So you *could* go in 3 separate times and do the Frieda?

  • Michele

    I asked the store manager before I made my purchase as I was going to get some of these for my mom. Manager told me she tried the coupon earlier in the day and it did not work on the Covergirl w/ Olay….said it would only work for the products pictured on the coupon. OK…so I picked up 14 ~$100 worth for FREE.
    And threw in 4 king size starbursts for .78 cents.

  • lilia

    hi where did you exactly found the $2/1 pellie outide the box or inside from a previous purchase thank you

  • Rachel

    I had the same issue the other day, but she took it and said to the cashier “we’re not supposed to take the 3/15 before the other coupons”. Did it today at another Rite Aid (both are Downingtown, 19335) with no problem, although the 3/15 wouldn’t scan….

  • Rachel

    Ok, in store the tags say limit 1…. hmmmmmmm

  • Lizette

    I called the SCR 800 number and was told that you can do 3 of any $5 rebates. They said the stores are limiting the Frieda and Biore lines to one rebate so that someone doesn’t come and wipe them out of the products by doing 3 Biore rebates or 3 Freida rebates. But you can do any 3 combinations. So I did 2 Freidas and 1 Biore rebate!!

  • Denise

    I’m hoping it is just a regional manager gone awry!

  • Denise

    In Southeastern PA (19341 and 19380 zips) I was told at 2 different RiteAids today they are no longer accepting the dollar off purchase coupons (i.e. $3/$15purchase) at the beginning of the transaction. They only take them off at the end. I was told that corporate has instructed all the stores to ‘crack down on coupon mis-use’ and that they have been doing it wrong all of this time. The managers at both stores didn’t know if it was a new policy or if they had really been doing it wrong all this time, but they were apparently told if they take them at the beginning of the transaction from now on there will be penalties, including getting fired! Didn’t matter what I said or showing them the coupon policy. I emailed corporate hoping they will send me something in writing to address this.

    • Shannon

      Wow that is really surprising since there own internal memos say different.

  • Rachel

    LOL The book says “LIMIT THREE (3) $5.00 REBATES” Yeah. my jaw dropped. Hoping they get the new bottles of the Frizz Ease shampoo/conditioner in soon!

  • Anabel

    Where can I find the (2) $1.00/1 Gillette Deodorant coupons? I found one for $4.00 off of 2. I did transactions 3 and 5 today, everything else was already gone :( but the manager said they re-stock every Thursday so I’ll try then. ^_^

  • At my Riteaid today they would not let me use the bogo cover girl on the cover girl olay foundation which is what I use. I think they should have because it is cover girl just with olay. They probably did not want me to get it for free. I took it any way but may try another Riteaid and if they take it , return the original. Am I getting too cheap? It would save me $15.99 and I think I am right, what do you think? I quessI should be thank ful they did let me do your gilette deal. I do have the policy on bogo with me because I really can’t believe myself they allow that.

  • Lizette

    The sales ad says Limit 1 Rebate, but the rebate book says any variety of KOA products. Does that mean we can go back and get another set of Frieda products or not? There were $2 off coupons in the inserts too that I would like to use.

  • Lizette

    I thought it meant that you could get 3 of the SCR’s in the picture of the rebate book. I figured the Biore and the John Frieda counted as 2 of the 3 SCR limit???

    Does anyone else know what they meant?

  • Lauren

    Aha, cool! I hope my cashier also allows me to use so many coupons. I’m not sure if they always take more coupons than there are products, know what I mean? Sorry about whatever has caused you to need the meds!

    • Shannon


      Rite Aid usually doesn’t require a filler because they allow 2 coupons per item.

      I just have a really nasty head cold and have been alternating between Nyquil and Theraflu.


  • Lauren

    Also, for some reason, the Biore SCR isn’t showing up on the SCR list for me…is it for everyone else??

    • Shannon

      Check this week’s ad. It is there.

  • Lauren

    I’m a bit confused about transaction 1.

    Pre-coupon price: $20 for 4 items
    With 2 BOGO: $10 for 4 items
    With 1 $2 off 2: $8 for 4 items
    With 1 $1 off Video Values coupon: $7 for 4 items
    With $3 off $15: $4 for 4 items
    With $5 SCR: money made = $1

    • Shannon


      I just transposed my numbers I used (2) $2.00/1 .. like i said I am on lots of medication :)

  • Rachel

    I looked at the SCR book today… did you realize the John Frieda deal is a limit of 3????

    • Shannon

      WHAT!! Rachel. Get out. No way. Back to Rite Aid.

  • Kelly

    thanks! We get that in the mail and I tossed it all on my desk and forgot about it;p

  • Michele

    WTG Shannon! I did 3 transactions yesterday and had some issues. I need to do two more to complete the Kao (3 rebates offers for $5) P&G and John Freida. I saw some people had issues with the metamucil clearing for the P&G so I am waiting out my last two.

  • It seems the Cover Girl BOGO is burping on blush. I had no problem today with the pressed powder. But word to the wise, come armed with the Rite Aid coupon policy on BOGO. The cashier balked at first and said they were already BOGO, until I said, “I have the policy with me,” then the coupon went through, and she said, “No problem.”

    Learning lesson — know your cashiers. I learn them by name, including the manager. This makes an impression, and they will also learn that you know what you are doing coupon-wise. I even point out to them, “I don’t know if this one will go through” — worked in my favor today ($4 more off the Gillette).

    A little honey works great when you are a couponer. And we are the winners — got $44 today at Rite Aid and made $3!

  • Kelly

    Is this a coupon? “use FREE Fusion Razor” and if so where do ya find it?

    Love your site! Thanks for all the work ya put in

    • Shannon

      Yes Kelly it is a coupon and its in the P&G from this week.

  • Lizette

    Thank you for posting your deals. I totally used your outline to do my purchases. It made it so much easier. I made 6 separate transactions at two Rite Aids and paid $2.69 (after I deducted all my SCR that amounted to $19. The bulk of my savings came from coupons!) I totaled everything I would have paid and it came out to about $220. (I took advantage of the Cover Girl deal!) So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Lizette

    I, too, added the body wash!!! When I left the store, I noticed that my refill cartridges rang up for $14.99, but the shelf price had two prices ($13.49 and $14.99). I went back to do some other transactions and showed the manager my receipt. He was about to give me back $1.50, but then I saw a sign that stated if the price rings up more the the shelf price, you get the item for free. So I asked the manager if that meant I would get the cartridges for free! He agreed to give it to me for free!! I ended up with 4 free items (4 refills, 1 body wash, 1 razor, and 1 shave gel) plus $4.13 cash back!!!! I had a moneymaker because of the $5/$25 coupon and the fact that the price had scanned incorrectly!!! So make sure you guys check the refill prices before you go to the register!!!

  • Lindsay

    I wondered if this deal would work!! I’m going to do it twice and get the P&G rebate.

  • Rosie

    Thankyou for the work you put into showing those of us who aren’t very good at making up scenarios and figuring out how to divide out transactions to make the most out of using coupons and getting such good deals on items! :) I appreciate all you do and I love ‘copy-ing’ what you and the other featured shoppers you post about do. :)

  • Leah

    They wouldn’t take my Covergirl coupons. I got foundation and blush. Maybe it was the blush that was doing it, I’m going back tomorrow to try again now!

    • Shannon

      I believe the coupon was for foundations.

  • Yvonne

    This morning I went really early to Rite Aide. No one else was in the store. BeforeI started to shop I approached the clerk who I think is also a manager and asked about the Covergirl coupons. She said to pick out what I wanted and we would try them. Since the coupons said “face items” I wasn’t sure what I could get. Since I had 5 (B1G1)coupons, I selected 2 face powder, 4 eye shadow and 4 blush. I also bought 2 renu travel packs, 2 trident (B1G1) and 2 toothbrushes(B1G1). The face powder and eye shadow went through without a hitch but the blush would not so I had her deduct the items from my total. (Didn’t make sense that eyeshadow went through as a face item but the blush didn’t.) All other B1G1s went through, also. All in all a great transaction. Spent $2 and change. I then went to another store and tried again for blush. It didn’t work there either but they agreed it was face item and put it in manually. Great morning all around

  • Andrea J.

    Hi Shannon! Your scenarios look pretty close to the ones I did today. I added the Free Gilette body wash wyb Fusion shave prep to that deal, though, and a bunch of Wellness Q’s (so lucky to live in the Wellness area!). Love your blog and great job!

  • John

    I was using FF but tried it with IE and it worked…yay thanks for the help

    • Shannon

      Great! Glad it worked John.

  • Kristin M

    After stepping back and looking at the whole picture ( I was confused with the rebate, but I got it now :) ) you did awesome!

    I’m SUPER excited to go do these scenarios. I will do them twice, as I do one under my mothers address, too. Plus, my Rite Aid accepts more than one video values in each transaction so I’ll really score!

    You must be REALLY stocked up to turn down free makeup! LOL
    Thanks for the great scenarios!!

    • Shannon


      The last bottle I opened was umm gross. So that tells me I had it too long. So I am not going buy any for a bit.

  • John

    Oh ok I found the 5/25 coupons…but for some reason I can never print from Red Plum….I just get a window that says Loading please wait and they never print…anyone else have this problem?

    • Shannon

      John what browser are you using?

  • MandM

    I had to pull my written policy out today too! Glad I had it.

  • Irene

    I have had no problems with my Rite Aid using any of my coupons. The mgr today actually told me nice job for the deal I did today! Also, my smartsource did not have a lot of the coupons in that were supposed to be there! Grrrr!!

  • Crystal

    Transaction #3 – is the $15 toward P&G rebate the coupon book?

    • Shannon

      No P&G Rite Aid Rebate.

  • This happened (with both the cashier & the manager) to me a while back w/ their BOGO Herbal Essences. I emailed corporate & got a phone call from them the very next day…I’ve never had a problem since then!

  • Kristin M

    No b1g1 Covergirl deals?

    • Shannon


      Nope. I have PLENTY from last time :)

  • Michelle

    Nevermind. When I posted this I didn’t refresh the site and the other comments weren’t on there. sorry.

  • Michelle

    Where is the $3.00/ 1 John Frieda coupon?

  • John

    Do you need a separate VV account (like one account for each adult member of the family) for each coupon or just use the same account and print from a different computer.

    This would be really helpful to me cause I have 5 computers LOL

    • Shannon


      The $5.00/$25.00 and Video Values are two different things?

  • Lsa

    How do you get the 3/15 deal? Or the 5/20 deal?

    • Shannon


      If you follow the link in the post above, you can get all the coupons from that post.

  • Jen

    I got hassled over the Starburst today. Manager didn’t want to take my B1G1 Facebook coupon because they were already B1G1. He asked if I wanted to keep my coupon to use later and that he couldn’t take it since it was already B1G1. I asked him why their coupon policy states that they will accept coupons on B1G1 sales. He said he “would do it this time.” Unfortunately I didn’t have the policy with me. I have it printed but it was at home. I can’t believe managers do not even know their own company policy. UGH!

    • Shannon


      Annoying. It says it straight up in their policy.

  • John

    Just wondering how you get all the 5/25 coupons…I though you can only print 1?

    • Shannon


      I have 2 computers, plus used $3.00/$15.00 plus there is a PDF version available too :)

  • D


    • Shannon

      Todays inserts – SS

  • Joyce

    Can you use a 5/20 coupon AND a 3/15 coupon together in the same transaction if your total is 20 dollars?

    • Shannon


      No you cannot.

  • Anne

    was the biore coupon a regional one? unless I missed it, I don’t think my SS had it

    • Shannon


      I am not sure its regional because I know west coast got it as well as east coast. It may be just that yours didn’t include it.


  • This is truly a breakdown of one smart chica! I love how you did the break down on your purchase to show what was actually paid out of pocket and the rebate or money back goodies. I think it is so much more helpful for those of us who have to prepare a shopping list with a set amount of money we can actually spend with or without coupons to still provide for our families. There are so many of us who coupon out of absolute necessity and not just the thrill of it. Okay, the thrill is a bonus :-) I hope I can one day be one of the couponers who take their savings and actually have it sitting in a bank. But until then, these types of shopping lists are exactly what I need.

    Thank you for your time and patience to put it together!


    • Shannon


      Thanks. I showed individual transactions because some may not have all the cash to put out to do all them. So pick what you like, and go from there :)

  • Donna

    Glad you had success at Rite Aid, mine would not let me do the Gillette deal, said it would be coupon fraud to take the 4.00 off two deodorants and the two buy one deodorants get a body wash free, I was speechless and just said forget it and left. I think they may have had a point about not using two coupons for the same thing so I didn’t push it. May try it at my regular rite aid, but not sure.
    Also had a really bad Walgreens experience where the cashier and manager refused to scan the buy one get one reach floss coupon before the walgreens coupon, told me they’d get audited and cited with coupon fraud, and would only take off 1.39 for the buy one get one floss as that was the “real” amount so I said forget it. I am never ever going back to walgreens i am sick of their bad attitude re using coupons. I think I have only had one good experience with Walgreens during this past year and as their pharmacy is the slowest on Earth I will not go back there and I will let everyone know that service is much better at CVS.
    What a morning

  • Samantha C

    No troubles with the $3/$15 and $5/$25 I see, so I think I’ll be going to a different Rite Aid from now on. Great job Shannon!

  • Great job! Rite Aid has been very good to us lately!