Rite Aid: My Scenario (No $5.00/$25.00 Coupons)

So here is the scenario I used this week – no $5.00/$25.00 or $4.00/$20.00 to make the deal better. I did pick up some Organix that I wasn’t planning on – it had a Try Me Free rebate so I decided to go for it, cannot beat 2 for free!

Update: Everyone, I know I can use the $4.00/$20 coupon with this scenario –  my point here is that you can do well at Rite Aid, including get things free without those coupons…

Buy (2) 2 Pack Renpure Organics on sale BOGO $6.99
Buy (2) Quaker Oats $5.00
Buy (2) Halls Cough Drops $3.00
Buy (2) Organix $6.99
Buy (3) Nivea Lotion $17.97
Buy (1) Alka Seltzer Plus $5.00
Buy (2) NYC Mascara $3.98
Total: $ 48.93

Used (1) $3.00 Renpure Video Values
Used (2) $2.00 Quaker Oats
Used $1.00/2 Halls Cough Drops
Used $.50/1 Halls Video Values
Used (3) $1.00/1 Nivea Lotion
Used (1) $3.00/1 Alka Seltzer
Used (2) $1.00/1 NYC Mascara
Total: $32.40

Got Back $15.00 UPR for Nivea
Got Back $2.00 UPR for Alka Seltzer
Got Back $2.00 UPR for NYC Mascara
Got Back $2.00 UPR for Renpure
Submit $3.00 Rebate for Renpure (see the Renpure deal here)
Submit $6.99 Rebate for Organix
Got Back $1.00 UPR for Quaker Oats
Got Back $1.00 UPR for Halls

Total after UPR & Rebates: Free

To see all the deals and matchups — visit here.

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  • Sally

    For those who need it, here is where you can check the status of your Renpure rebate if you are submitting one: http://renpure.mycheckstatus.com/

  • Kara

    My store had the Try it Free on the Repure shampoo and conditoners and they were BOGO so two for free hopefully. Oh I forgot I got 2 $1 UPS as well so actually a $2MM with the Try It Free. I also have the 3.00 rebate on one bottle but I only have one receipt. The NYC makeup deal was an awesome one as well. I got 4 lip products that were 1.99 and 4 free nail polishes and then got back 8 $1 UPS so they were free. Also bought Kids Colgate toothpastes and toothbrushes BOGO and use the $1 off 2 which made then about a dollar a piece. I love Rite Aid deals! I also used the 5/25 pdf coupon that expires at the end of the month without any problem. No beep or anything.

  • Liv

    I bought the Organix shampoo and later looked up info on the Try It Free rebate offer. Not everyone received their rebate (some have been waiting over 4 months) and the company handling the rebates has an F rating from Better Business Bureau. People have also commented on the forums that the customer service at Organix is poor quality. Try It Free sounds like a bit of a hassle. So now I want to return the shampoo. I used UPR on the entire subtotal. My question is: When I go return it, how will they credit me?

    • Shannon


      I am not sure what you are asking? If you paid $6.99 why wouldnt they return it for the amount you paid?

      • Becky

        @Shannon, Liv, CMS does this rebate, and I have done this one and many others with this company and have gotten all of them with no problems. They always give full amount too even if your receipt is negative and/or has coupons. they have a website you can go to to track it as well.

      • Liv

        @Shannon, I’m asking because I paid with up rewards. Isn’t that considered a form of manufacturer’s coupon? I couldn’t find an official return policy online, but I read somewhere that they will give you back what you paid, minus any coupons. If that’s the case, I’ll only get back the sales tax I paid.

        • Shannon


          No they are not considered manufacturer coupons.

  • Elena

    My pistachio Nuts $1 Up rewards didn’t show up on my receipt, so I called customer service and they will mail me the reward instead. The rep tells me sometimes the computer doesn’t pick up the up rewards but just give them a call and they will mail you one. Love Rite Aid! :)

  • Ruth

    Anyone have problems having the UP Rewards to scan?
    I went to two Rite Aids today and had the same problem. When the cashier scanned the Up Rewards, the system gave her a message that the coupon was not valid, she put it through manually and she also told me other people had the same issue.

  • Kele

    My Renpure had a try it free rebate for the full $6.99! ^_^

  • Jen T

    =( With the stuff I tend to buy at Rite Aid, the 4/20 and 5/25 is what makes the transaction worth it. I prefer buying stuff with that and reducing my oop than waiting for the SCR check to come later. It’s easier for me to keep track of budget wise, same with the UP rewards. Just a personal preference. =) I’m sure we can find a way to still make it work for us, eventually.

    As a side note, does anyone know a good website that’ll give me a list of who I could donate personal care items to in the area? I’m very unfamiliar with my area and I don’t have a lot of time to do heavy researching. =(

    • Crystal

      @Jen T, You should be able to call 2-1-1, who will have a list of the local non-profits and shelters. That would be a good place to start.

  • Tiffany

    FYI – My RiteAid had bottles of Organix Shampoo/Conditioner with bonus 100% more free and the Try Me Free Rebate….so this was a great deal

  • Christina

    Got the shampoos with the rebate forms, but noticed that both ask for original receipt! Is it usually ok to mail a copy? At least to one of them? I’m worried that it won’t get accepted…..

    • Shannon


      Did you buy them on the same receipt?

      • Christina

        Yes, I didn’t really think about it at the time. I did email Renpure to see if they would accept a copy of the receipt, so keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Shannon


      If they wont, just go back to Rite Aid .. return… rebuy :)

      • Christina

        @Shannon, True! Thanks!

      • Rose

        Do you have to give them back the UPs reward when you return it?

  • Mel

    Do you know if they will take the 5/25 from Oct VV? I watched and printed my two for Oct before they pulled them and put the $1 ones up.

    • Rachel Durfee

      @Mel, no on the five off 25. That one is dead and will beep. There is one on redplum u can print or use your 4 off 20 vv

      • Rose

        I used $5 off $25 October pdf version yesterday at my store in MD. It worked just fine, no problem at all.

  • Laura K

    Is that your first submission for the Organix shampoo? Is the rebate one per household? I had done one a while ago, wasn’t sure if you could do the rebate a second time?

    • Brenda

      My friends and I tried these back in January none of us three ever received the rebate check; I will not try again since we never got the checks back even though we called them a few times and they promisse to send it to us, nothing just empty promisses.

      • Brenda

        @Brenda, Another thing the rebate is one per household as it is stated on their website hidden between the pictures.

        • Christina

          @Brenda, I have done the Organix one before, years ago at a different address. It took forever to get the rebate, and I actually thought I wasn’t going to get it. Hoping they track by address and not by name!

        • sandra

          @Brenda, Thats awfully shady. I noticed their tags don’t say anything about limit on them. THere isn’t ANY fine print. … SOME people don’t have internet!

          • Becky

            @sandra, you must have a different tag than me, mine talks about a limit of one. Renpure is the one that does not state limits, and I called them before and they said they don’t have limits and as long as you have the rebate form tag you can send in as many as you want. I have done multiple and so has my mom and I have gotten every single one I have sent it.

            • sandra

              @Becky, so organix is limit 1 and renpure is limitless!?? wow, amazing..

              • Becky

                @sandra, that is my understanding, just don’t get confused between ORGANIX and Renpure Organics. See my additional comment to Laura K below.

    • Becky

      @Laura K, there were two available (one was from last year, I think) one that the address is Organix001 and the current is Organix002. You can do both and if you are not sure which one you did call CMS and they will tell you which one you did, I have called them numerous times with questions and they are always very helpful.

  • Grace

    Awesome deals even without the $5/$25. :) Thank you for sharing. I did something similar, without the shampo and the Alka Seltzer. I hope when I go back they will still have some left.

  • http://www.southerncalisaver.com Josie

    Great idea! It’s time to start weaning from those things anyway! I’m ready for a challenge :)

  • Missy

    I saw your post that the $5/$25 coupons weren’t being accepted/scanning. But why didn’t you use the $4/$20 VV coupon? Are they not accepting those either? Sorry to make you repeat, but I’m having trouble finding a post about it. Thanks.

    • Shannon

      You get 1 per month – why use it when it was free – plus I didnt have time to watch videos anyway.

      • Missy

        Thanks. Thought I had missed something!

  • Brenda

    Is the only nivea lotion included the one with the orange smell?

    • Shannon

      It is only the one type.

  • Alyssa

    Did you not do the 2 free NYC Nail Polish with your purchase of the mascara?

    • Shannon


      My store was a mess. They didnt have the right nailpolish – none rang up as free. So instead, I just got two free mascara.