Rite Aid: Limited UPR Per Transaction

After reader the comments on my last Rite Aid post, I wanted to let you know that there appears to be a limit of 24 UPR per transaction  that you can earn. Who knew!?!! Well, I had heard there was a limit, but never really sure of the number.

So, if you are heading out to do a massive transaction — split it up into smaller transactions.


You can see all the Rite Aid information here.

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  • Jessica

    how do rainchecks work with UPRs? My husband loves pistachios and my Rite Aid was all out. If I got a raincheck for the price, would I still get the UPR? I didn’t bother asking the cashier, he never knows what he is doing.

    • Rose

      @Jessica, At my RA, they’ll give you sale price and deduct UPR. So if the sale price is $1.99 with $1 UPR, you’ll get it for $.99.

  • jennifer Ostach

    Does anyone know if RA stopped printing the extra “1.00” UPR for buying food products, I got a ton on Sunday/Monday and both UPR’s printed, but today bought more mac and cheese and only one printed per box, it was 2 the other day?


    • julie2

      @jennifer Ostach,
      I went this morning for more Hormel Completes. Only got $1 UPS per item today (whereas yesterday I got $2 per item). Looks like Rite Aid changed things up.. buyer beware.

    • Tracy

      @jennifer Ostach, Yes, they did. I called CS this morning, specifically about the Hormel and he said it ended last night. Only $1 UPR per Hormel now. Not sure about the other items.

  • Elaine

    This question isn’t specifically about RA, but I happened upon a rectangle with numerous store names; you click on the one you’re interested in & a list of the current buys appear. How can I get to that rectangle again? Thank you.

    • Chrys

      @Elaine, hmm, are you talking about the titles along the top of the blog? If you roll over ‘store deals’ a list of stores is there. Hope that’s what you’re talking about…

  • moira

    hmm…I had 27 up-rewards totalling $59.00 print tonight (although I had to call Customer Service (who were fab) about not getting the other 4 I earned (totalling another $13.00)
    $167.38 in products
    -$4.00/20.00 video value
    -$63.50 in manufacturers coupons
    -$44.00 up rewards used
    -$55.88 out of pocket

    $72.00 up rewards earned
    $7.99 SCR due

    $24.11 moneymaker

    receipt was about 12 feet long….I always ask them to check their receipt tape before they ring me up anymore…hee hee…

  • sarah

    where can I find a list of the food items that are producing the month long $1 +UP rewards?

    • Rose

      Barilla pasta
      Celestial Seasonings tea
      Dinty Moore
      Extra Virgin Olive oil
      Folgers Classic Roast 11.3 oz
      Folgers Instant 8 oz ($6.99)
      Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers ($3.99)
      Healthy Choice microwave soup
      Helmann’s Mayo
      hershey’s syrup ($2.49)
      Hormel Chili with beans
      Hormel Chili without beans ($1.99)
      Hormel Compleats ($3.29)
      Hunt’s pasta sauce
      Jif peanut butter
      Kellogg’s Special K cereal
      Ketchup (Heinz?)
      Nature Valley granola bars
      Nature Valley granola nut clusters ($3.99)
      par excellence brown rice 2lb ($1.69)
      par excellence white rice 2lb ($1.69)
      Peter Pan
      Planters Nut-rition ($6.99)
      Progresso Soup ($3.19)
      Smucker’s Jam
      True North snacks

  • Liv

    Good to know. I will definitely break up into smaller transactions in the future. My RA store had a tons of Barilla pasta, so I bought 36. And received NO UPRs! I had to wait for the manager to call corporate because I didn’t have proof of the $1 UPR on select food items. Later I tried to buy Hunts Pasta Sauce and Hunts Diced Tomatoes. I had 2 of each, and only received $1 UPR wyb 4. Again, no proof of $1 UPR on each, so I exchanged it for Barilla pasta, which worked out fine that time.

    Did the Hunts Diced Tomatoes and Hunts Pasta Sauce UPR on each food item work for anyone else? I’ll try it again if it works.

  • Emma K

    This isn’t about the UPR but Video Values. This month on the video values it doesn’t show that there is a $4/20 or even a $3/20 coupon that will be available after earning the 20 points for watching videos. Is that something new now or just mine?

    • Chrys

      @Emma K, You have to watch 15 videos under the beauty tab for $4 off of $20

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      @Emma K, You have to watch the beauty videos. You earn a $4/20 good on anything.

      • Emma K

        @Kristine Twardy-Todd,
        Thank you both! I hadn’t clicked on the beauty tab but I had started watching the videos like normal and wondered where the coupon was. Thanks!

  • Valarie Margretta

    my question is….. Could the limit be 24 ups rewards per day??? I got the soups all day and had no problem getting 4 $1.00 ups for all of them …but on my 3rd trip i bought 16 cans and only got 4 $1.00 ups. I wasnt keeping track of how many ups i recieved today but after my last trip and only getting the 4 ups it seems like it might have been around 24 up rewards that printed all day. Im so stocked up on soup!!! lol

    • Liv

      @Valarie Margretta, Which soups are you getting?

      • Valarie Margretta

        @Liv, The Campbells Chunky…vegetable beef and Chicken noodle

  • Julie

    Just last week I had $32 in UPR’s. That included my $20 for “spending” $100. Not sure if you meant $24 or 24 individual UPR’s. Hope this helps

  • Shelley

    I think she means Collin from Hip 2 Save??

  • krissi

    I can’t believe that I can actually comment on this. I never thought I would get this into it, but I really needed some of the deals this week, so I went all out. I got 27 UPR that printed for me. It was a total of $34, but in 27 different UPRs. I was suppose to get 4 more totalling $40. I guess I will return a few things to make it right. Thanks for all your help!!!!

    • krissi

      @krissi, I called Customer Service today and they were wonderful. They are sending all the UPRs that I was suppose to get on two different transactions that had issues. They really are wonderful!!!! RA is a bit more complicated than other stores, but so worth it all. What a great experience:)

  • jennifer Ostach

    Shannon – do you know if we are supposed to be entering our receipts on line for the spend $100 get $20?? I hope not because since it was at the bottom of my receipt I was hoping they were just keeping track of it and I haven’t been able to get on RA all week so haven’t entered them.

    • Rose

      @jennifer Ostach, no, it’ll keep tracking and show you on the bottom of the receipt. I got my $20 reward on Friday, it’s just printed along with my other UP+ reward. I’m so excited about that.

  • jennifer Ostach

    I think I missed out on a few today because of this:( BUT I did get 27 to print?

  • alicia

    Just went to r.a today. Counted my ups and counted 26 (in one transaction). Not sure what to think of this.

  • Tiffany T

    Thanks for the info!!! Great to know!!

  • melissa

    thanks for this tip! good to know!

  • D

    Is that because they will run out of register tape? ;) hehe!! My receipt was pretty long with just 12, I can’t imagine having 24 on there! Seriously though – good to know!! :)

  • glad my useless knowledge could actually assist for once

  • Cassie

    Is that a limit of $24.00 in +up rewards or 24 separate +up Rewards?

  • Tina

    I am so glad you posted this Collin!!! I don’t want people to go through what I went through today. I never buy a huge order but this weeks deals were too good. The Rite Aids in my area have great customer service which made it a little easier. Now I will know to do small transactions.

    • Shannon


      Well I am not Collin, but ok. LOL

      • Sal

        @Shannon, I was thinking about pointing that out!

      • @Shannon, you know thats a different Tina right “Collin” lol NOT me :)

        • Tina

          @Tina Seymour, Glad you pointed that out. I don’t want anyone getting the blame for my mistakes – lol! Rite Aid really tired me out today. I feel like such a fool.

    • Tina

      @Tina, See how tired I am. I don’t even know what blog I am on – lol! Sorry! Thanks Shannon!

  • Lisa

    Do you mean 24 that you can earn? or 24 that you can redeem. I went today and i got $37 in Up Rewards…my receipt was no joke…8 FEET LONG!!!

    • Shannon


      not dollars.. actually number you can earn.

      • Lisa

        Good to know…i just checked and i had 23 rewards…good thing I didn’t try to buy more…I almost did.

      • @Shannon, Lisa … my receipt wasnt 8 ft but it was taller than me! I am almost 5’8″!! It had $25 in UPS on it … so I can imagine what yours looked like! My cashier laughed so hard… what did yours do??