Rite Aid Gift of Savings Returns

Rite Aid Gift of Savings


Rite Aid’s Gift of Savings returns on 11/22.

The way the program works is, you spend a tertian dollar amount and you get a gift check back to use in Rite Aid.

  • Send $25.00 -$50.00  Get $5.00 back
  • Spend $51.00 to $100.00 Get $10.00 back
  • Spend 0ver $100, get $20.00 back

Remember, the amounts are calculated BEFORE coupons!


  1. For me and those of you who participate in Recyclebank.com, don’t forget to use the Rite-Aid coupons for $5 off every $20 you spend, which iare also calculated PRE- coupon deduction!!!

  2. Michelle

    Does this mean I can do the Gift of Savings a second time (I already did it once and rec’d my $20 rebate last week)?

  3. Stephanie

    Jenelle, If you are signed up for the Single Check Rebated Program then you can just enter all your receits on your account online.

  4. Jenelle

    Does it have to be in one transaction and do you need a special savings card?

  5. Jaime

    I recently received my Gift of Savings $20 rebate, and used it to purchase a Panasonic digital frame (original price $89.99). It was marked 75% off, and my total price was $2.56! The cashier was very happy for me! Maybe I can get lucky again in January with after-holiday sales and rebate checks!

  6. LilKim

    This is such an EASY way to earn some more RA Cash! I wish it would have counted this week – with all the FREE herbal essences deals!! Lol.

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