Rite Aid: Gift of Savings AFTER Coupons & UPR

Well, it looks like the Gift of Savings is AFTER  Rite Aid coupons and UPR this year.  As you can see from my screen shot, they are deducting!  It looks like Manufacturer Coupons may be deducted too!

This is changing my strategy for sure!

You can read more on the Gift of Savings here.

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  • Lana

    I had some gifts that I bought and quickly got to the $100 point. RA automatically submitted my request for my $20 (I had entered the receipts online, but I had not asked for the gift card yet) and sent me an email stating as much. Also, last month, I was sick at the time that I usually request my rebates for the month and RA noticed I hadn’t requested my rebates before the deadline and did it automatically a couple of days after the deadline for asking for monthly rebates. I thought I had missed out. It was such a nice surprise. I love RA.

  • Rachel Durfee

    So u have to enter all your receipts manually? Where? Darn I thought it jsut kept track. I think I tossed mine. I don’t think it is fair to complain that u are only getting credited what u paid. It dosen’t seem fair to pay u out 2o bucks if u only spent ten to get it.

  • Brianna

    All of my manufacturer coupons, RA coupons and +UPs were deducted. Bought about $50 worth of stuff on Sunday and I’ve got $1.37 counting towards the Gift of Savings program. And I thought I’d get to that $100 mark in no time!

  • Felicia

    I think they are subtracting ALL coupons. I have $12.79 toward mine, that is what I spent OOP (not including tax).

    Looks like Got2b counts as full price, not minus SCR.

  • Sarah B

    Did anyone notice that Rite Aid now has an online chat option for Customer Service? That’s pretty cool..They aren’t available right now but I did send them an email stating my feelings regarding this situation :)

    • Julie

      @Sarah B, I just noticed this last week when I was contacting them about an UPR that didn’t print. I decided to never try to deal with it at the stores and don’t mind waiting for customer service to send me a coupon in the mail. Anyway, I tried the chat feature and a nice man helped me. So simple! He just had to look up the ad to verify the info and I also sent him my receipt info and address. Within days I had a $5 RA q in my mail, and the best part is that the missing UPR was only $3! $2 bonus :) :)

      • Shannon


        Wow that is awesome, maybe I should do a post about this? Would you mind?

      • Shannon

        Not the bonus part LOL

        • Julie

          @Shannon, LOL No, not at all. It’s so simple. Just a chat window and I only waited maybe 30-60 seconds for a rep to be in touch with me. My problem was solved in a matter of roughly 5-10 minutes. I’m not a fan of being on the phone a lot, so this was really convenient.

          • Julie

            @Julie, And regarding my preference of using customer service vs settling an unprinted UPR in the store, I find I get a better/smoother response from customer service. Of course it always helps to be prepared to with your info. I actually started typing them an email when I happened to notice the chat feature. So, it was nice that I just copied and pasted my text in the chat window once the rep came online in conversation. That’s something I’d recommend. Type out what you want to say ahead of time and paste it in the chat window for the rep to read all at once.

          • Sarah B


            That’s awesome! For the longest time, I had the email address of a specific CS rep at Rite Aid so I just emailed him directly whenever I had an issue but now it seems he has either started ignoring me or is no longer with the company. Would love to start getting my issues resolved quickly with just a chat session! I hated sending an email and not getting a response for days. Very cool!! I’m also not a fan of calling people – especially with my 3 kids running around like crazies so half the time I can’t even hear what they are saying. :)

            • D

              @Sarah B, Those chat features are great, and I’ve always had such a great response from RA customer service. Helpful, polite and they usually resolve the issue very quickly. :)

  • Corrina H.

    I figured that’s what they would do since that is what they did for earning points for the Wellness+ program. I finally made it to the 20% level last week and it will start over in a month =( But I’m still happy with not spending that much out of pocket. I get such great deals, I rarely benefited from the 10% I did have anyways =)

    • Shannon

      @Corrina H.,

      Check your receipt, mine says thru December 2011 for the Gold status..

      • Tara

        @Shannon, So does mine – yeah!

      • Corrina H.

        @Shannon, I feel so silly. Thanks for pointing that out to me. It made my day!

        • Shannon

          @Corrina H.,

          Why would you feel silly… my Rite Aid has been telling people that !

  • Miranda

    sadly I’m not a genius when it comes to the couponing game yet, so I have a feeling this week will bring me well into the totals I need for the gift of savings. I’m really looking at getting the NFL.com certificate, so I’m willing to spend on paper towels to get that.

    • Shannon


      My Dad wanted an Eagles hat so it worked out for me!

  • Sarah B

    I’m at negative 71 cents! haha I don’t think it’s fair they take off the UP rewards and manuf. coupons. There’s no way I will make the minimum…oh well.

    • Shannon

      @Sarah B,

      he he negative.. now thats a new one.

  • aw

    looks like they’re only deducting the wellness coupon, considered instant coupon? because of the parenthesis, but i’m just guessing

  • Bernell

    Guess it won’t work for me either!! I never pay more than $1.50 for my stuff….
    oh well…

  • Rei

    They are not making it easy this year…I may not even get to the minimum if that’s the case :(

  • aw

    Guess I didn’t enter mine in the correct location since I don’t see it yet.

  • Jenna

    I don’t get why they would deduct manf coupons- it’s like we spent it- except the manufacturer paid for it. This is my first year since I just started couponing in March, so it looks like I’ll not be making the $20- my subtotals are usually $1- and sometimes even negative! I’m not spending $100 oop just to make $20. I’ll keep my $1 oop transactions!! :P

    • http://avacationgenerator.blogspot.com/ Tina Seymour

      I agree, they get reimbursed from the manufacturer. Oh well, I am not worried about it, I save so much more by just buying their specials and get lots of $5 + ups … I dont need to spend tons out of pocket to earn UPS.

  • http://www.thecouponwars.blogspot.com DanielleCorrelle

    Aw, darn. I bought over $75 in products on Friday and only have $4.06 towards the Gift of Savings.

  • Joanie

    awwwwww, nuts!:(

  • aurora sek

    I just looked at mine and they deducted all the manufacture coupons too, I’ll see what the 2 I entered today look like, their totals were 2.38 w/tax and 1.57 w tax w/mostly tax paid after all the coupons and wellness I had. I may be credited a whole 1.04 for my gift of saving from today. I may not reach the $20 this year if this is how they are doing it

  • D

    I wonder how it will work with the SCR items…(Got2B hair stuff??) Hmmm…

    • Anonymous

      @D, Just remember you can only get the rebate on one