Rite Aid: Free Nice & Easy Hair Color

Looks like Rite Aid emails are worth a second look! Make sure you to keep your eye out for this special $3.00 SCR. This is a $3.00 Rebate that is exclusive via email, similar to the Pantene.

Heres the deal:

Starting Sunday 06/20:

Nice & Easy Hair Color $7.49
Get $2.00 UPR
use $2.50 in ad coupon
Get $3.00 SCR
use $1/1 Clairol Hair Color, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 06/06/10)
Free + Overage

Thanks to Norma for telling me to check my email!

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  • Clare Larkin

    I have been using nice & easy hair color 106A for at least 15 years. The last time I used this color my hair turned out a bleached utly gray. I never had this happen before. It did not color the hair, instead it just bleached it out more. There was definitely something wrong with the mixture. Now I am afraid to use nice and easy again. Has this ever happened before.

  • Wendy

    So I bought the hair color, used my coupons and paid something like $3. Now how do I get the SCR? I get all the Rite Air emails (I think) and I can’t seem to find the SCR. Can you share what day you got the email? Is it on the first page of the email or do I need to click on something to get there? Thank you!

    • Shannon


      You needed to get the email to do the SCR

  • argelis

    nice & easy is on sell now at 4.99 minus 1.00 pg=3.99 minus
    3.00 SCR =.99

  • Lisa F.

    Shannon, how do these SCR’s work? Do they show up when I put my receipt numbers in, like normal SCR’s, or is there a special place where I put the numbers in? (Is this making sense? lol!) For example, I received the e-mail about the pantene, and entered the receipt following the link from the e-mail, and it told me I had already entered that receipt, which I had for the regular SCR’s. So, just curious if it will automatically show up, even though it isn’t an advertised SCR, just one from the e-mail.

    • Shannon

      @Lisa F.,

      yep exactly Lisa, make sure you go thru the link and it shows up as a special SCR and you request the check separate.

  • Anna

    i don’t get those coupons either :( in fact, I haven’t received any of the wellness perks and supposedly i’m supposed to be receiving a one time shopping pass. does anyone know if there is a certain area that you have to sign up?

  • Candi

    What is a UPR? Is that the UP+ things you get on the end of your reciept, like an ECB?

    • Shannon

      UP Rewards.. yes like an ECB

  • Sara

    Where do you sign up for these emails? I just receive emails about my updated rite aid SCR’s. Thanks.

    • Shannon


      They are part of the SCR program, no particular place to sign up for.

  • Grace

    I got the e-mail as well. I did the pantene this week and made money on it :)

    Also, if anyone is still interested in the John Freida SCR I found a deal that was suprising….a while back I printed off a coupon fo $3 off of 2 volume kind(no size restrictions) and Rite Aid sells the travel size for $1.49. So I got two sets of two and got them both for free. After putting in the SCR for other stuff, a SCR came up for a $1.00 for the John Freida also….made a $1 on this one without even trying. LOL.

    The cashier game me an ad for sales starting week 6/27 and there will be a nice deal with John Freida: When you buy $20 worth, you will get a 10 +UP Reward. With all the coupons out there it should be a great deal for free or pretty cheap shampo. Also nice +UP Rewards on Crest whitening strips and Crest toothbrushes/or mouthrinse(making them free)

    Duracell batteries might be a good deal as well if you have some coupons: The 25 pack will be $10, you get +up Reward for $2 and if you buy $20 worth you get $10 SCR. So buy $20 worth of batteries-less SCR= $10, less +UP($4 on two) = $6 for two 25 packs or even better if you have any coupons! …This is for week starting the 27th. Looks like a good week to me :)

    Oh and the stayfree/carefree/ob tampons will be a BOGO, so save your BOGO coupons for that week. Also they have in-ad coupons for Aveeno lotion and Veet/or Clearsil stuff again that week.

  • Jas

    I saw the offer when I checked my email. This is very helpful for posting the scenario.

  • lilia

    i did receive the email and i also have the rite aid coupons book p&g from last month scr it has $2 off any nice & easy
    can i use this coupon wich start with RC…. and stak it with the inad coupon and the MQ THANK YOU