Rite Aid: Free Candy Galore! (No Coupons)


Earlier today I posted about the free skittles and Heather made aware that I purchased the wrong size.  I also had a conversation with Lynn @ Maven of Savin who told me that this was working on many items.  So I went to find out for myself.

Holy free candy!

So here is how the deal is going – the following candies are working:

  • Skittles 14 oz (loose)
  • Swedish Fish 14 oz (loose)
  • Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
  • Starburst 14oz (loose wrapped)
  • Jolly Ranchers 14oz  (loose )
  • Caramel Cremes 12 oz
  • Sour Patch Kids 14 oz (loose)
  • Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz

Here is the deal:

Buy (2) of any of the above $5.00
Get $1.00 UPR for buying 2
Get (2) $2.00 Mystery UPR
Free after UPR

It seems as though the limit may be 6 on the $1.00 wyb 2. I could be wrong but – it looks like that is the case.

Note: This could be a YMMV and none of these “mystery” UPRs are guaranteed, but as of  3pm EST on Thursday, it is definitely working.

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  • tiffany sexton

    You are not the only one! Went last Friday b/c my Johnson & Johnson UPR was expiring and was told it wasnt accepted b/c it was previously used! Huh? How would I still have it?? Anyhoo the manager was extremely rude and said not his problem. Therefore I stood right there and called cust serv # on the UPR and they made him push it thru. He was not happy!! So be polite ( I know it is so hard sometimes!! ) stand your ground and call 1800RITEAID girl!

  • Lori

    I did this deal on Wed night, I’m in Southern CA. I bought 6 bags of skittles, paid $15 and got $2, $2, $2, $1×7= $13 back in UP’s rewards. I then turned around and spent those on stuff I was going to go there to buy, so this was a very good deal, but I ended up paying $2 for 6 bags of candy. I’m TOTALLY ok with that… we decorate our cookies for Christmas with Skittles as well as cupcakes, etc. Thanks for this wonderful deal.

  • Jen

    Hi. So I should go to the store and tell them the $1 did not print (Which the associate knows) or should I call Rite Aid customer Service on Monday? I live in the city and the manager at the RA near my house never knows an answer to my question. She knows nothing about the UP rewards/SCR program. I really don’t have the energy to fight with her so if someone could let me know the steps to tell her to print the rewards, I would greatly appreciate it! :)
    Thank you!

    • Shannon


      Call the Rite Aid customer service – they will mail you a new one!

  • tami

    dont the freebates start on Sunday?

  • Kim

    Thanks for the update! I was successful Thursday night, and Friday morning. Friday night I purchased all charms blowpops and only got a $1 per bag. I just came to see if perhaps I purchased the wrong size blowpops. Thanks for letting us know the deal is dead. I’ll stay home today. No sense in wasting up rewards on candy that only rots your teeth!

  • kay

    I tried today Friday Oct 8th at a Rite Aid Indiana/Louisville Ky region and only the $1 Up reward printed for the non chocolate lay down bags as the ad stated.
    I bought items listed that people here said were supposed to get extra $2 UP….NONE-PRINTED.
    My Rite Aid Reward Card is at 20% off discount level, not sure if that matters. I used Up Rewards and a $5 off $25 in the first transaction. The second transactions used no coupons whatsoever and still got the $1 up only, and not the extra $2 one. So no way of knowing if UP-Reward coupons would have invalidated the deal.

    • Shannon


      Did you see the updates that the deal is dead.

  • Erin

    The same thing happened to me.

  • MandM

    Yes, I have…If your UP is scanned but not used (for instance, if you went below $0 and it would not take it), then if you try to use it in another transaction, it will beep. You need to get them to initial it or something that says it was not used…This happens to me a lot…I usually shop at one RA, so they are good about managing this with me. I hope this makes sense.

  • Mary

    I’ve NEVER had an issue at that store :)

  • Anonymous

    If she wants the $1 up can’t she call and tell them it didn’t print?

    • Shannon



  • Lori

    My $10 UP didn’t print for the Old Spice/Gillette deal and I went back and they gave me a $10 gift card…which is better than the UP in my opinion :)

  • Jen

    I haven’t read the rest of the posts yet, but yes, I bought 2 Starburst, 2 Sour Patch Kids, 5 swedish Fish, and 1 caramel. Used 1 $4 off 6 which the assoc. had to put through manually and the $5 off manually. I received 10 $2 choclate club UPRs no $1 Rewards. I didn’t want to make a bg deal with the manager because of the mystery UPR. What do you think?

  • Natasha

    Hi all,

    I live in SoCal and my Rite Aid took all 10 of my mystery 2UPR and 5 advertised 1UPR. I used it today on the Freebates. Good shopping day. =D Prepared for flu season!


  • Kelly

    yes, me too. I bought 2 starburst, 1 jolly rancher and 1 skittles and only got back 2 $1 ups. :( What happens if I return something I paid for using UPR? my total was $10.70 and I used $7 in UPR…I am definitely keeping 2 bags but I want to return the other 2 since it was not free or MM. Will they give me all cash back or new UPR?

  • Dee


    Don’t feel too bad about the $ they lost. They probably gained half of it back on the people who tried the deal & didn’t have it work for them. :-)

  • Dee

    I stopped at a Rite Aid at 3:30 today & got the $5 worth of UPR!!!!!!!

    However, I tried at another Rite Aid at around 5:00 and only got the $1.

    I may try to return the last 2 bags of candy.

  • Scott

    “Its the milk chocolate, dairy treat.”. For those that took the Hershey tour. That’s what I figure.

  • Just stopped by RA this afternoon, and the candy deal is definitely dead. I still got the $1 for buying 2, but that’s it.

  • Kim

    Boo-hoo! Went to 2 RA’s this afternoon in Greensboro, NC and both times I only got the $1 Up stated in the ad- no $2 coupons printed out!! Just to be sure, I tried at the second store and got the same result. Totally bummed out as I got all the items and sizes mentioned above that worked. Maybe they finally caught on and removed the extra $2 coupon??

    Anyway, better luck to everyone else!

  • Beth

    The deal is dead. Just the $1 rewards printed.

  • Judy

    The up rewards do not apply to tobacco, milk products or prescription items. There are a few others like lottery and such too. You have to read the bottom of the up reward. It clearly states what is not applicable. The poor cashier was just doing his job. As a store manager with Rite Aid and a fellow couponer myself I run into this type of thing a lot. I have to get called up to explain to someone who really should know that we read everything like disclaimers to make sure the usage is correct.

  • Tiffany

    I had this same issue today. I tried using an UP+ this past week on a transaction but it ate into my tax so the cashier gave it back to me and apparently “voided” the usage of it (as if it never got scanned). I used it today and the error of “previously used” came up. I explained what happened earlier in the week and the mgr pushed it through. His explanation – when they scan them, they keep them. The only way the customer would have it is if they didn’t use it yet. Works for me!

  • Tonya F.

    Mine didn’t print the $1 upr but did print the $2. Kid at my riteaid doesn’t know anything so I’ll be emailing corp. and see if I can get my $1 upr’s. Still a good deal if I can’t get them. $3 for 6 bags of candy.

  • Worked fine for me (in Buffalo, NY)!

  • It appears the deal is over and Rite Aid has caught on.. I tried to get the mystery UPRs at 6pm today and it didn’t work.. I only got the $1 UPR that I was supposed to get.. but it’s fine for me since I got $50 worth of free candy earlier this week :D

  • RCF

    I just tried this in Clio, Michigan and it did not generate the $2.00 mystery coupons. I bought 12 bags and only received the 6 $1 UP rewards.

  • Katherine

    I just got back and it didn’t print the $2 UPRs on the 14 oz Swedish Fish but it DID print the $1 wyb 2. Manchester, NH.

  • BM

    i scored a bunch of candy with the $2 ups didn’t get all the $1 ups though. i think b/c it was free that i will leave it at that…i’m not calling for the $1 ups…

  • Karla

    They must have it fixed, I only got the $1 wyb 2. Tried 2 stores in PA.

  • Amy Torp

    I just tried it (I’m in southern Alabama) and it did not work for me. Not only did it not print the $2 mystery +Up rewards, it didn’t even print the $1 +Up rewards that it was supposed to print. The cashier and I checked the sizes and types and they were all correct. The manager then told me since I used +Up rewards from previous purchases (not candy!) that that’s why it didn’t generate any +Up rewards. I told him that I’ve never had that problem before but he said there was nothing he could do about it. Then I tried to return them but he said I would have had to forfeit my $5 +Up rewards that I used to help pay for the candy. I just gave up and left…..

    • Shannon

      @Amy Torp,

      take them to another rite aid and return it :)

  • nancy

    Kristi, it is illegal in some states to use couopns for milk. The cashier was only doing her job. I know where I work we cannot take them.

  • Kelcie Butcher

    I’m in California, and wondering if this continues this next week? Any SoCal people know?

  • Jenna

    I had a problem a couple of weeks ago. I was going to use a UPR to pay for a purchase and I changed my mind (the UPR was more then the final price). The next day I came back to Rite Aid and used the UPR and it beeped saying it had been previously used. Luckily they allowed me to use it after I explained the situation. (I also shop there regularly)

  • Jennifer

    I hope we are able to use the $2 UPR’s that we have in our possession? That would stink if we can’t:(

  • Emily

    I’m in eastern TN and I didn’t get the $2 mystery UPR. I only bought 2 bags to see if it would work first. It only printed the $1 UPR. Totally bummed that I missed out on this one. Wish I could have made it over there yesterday.

  • Kristin M

    Laura, Milk in PA is heavily regulated in order to avoid “price wars” in which retailers are undercutting prices. It’s a program to support the farmers. That’s why you see signs “Milk at state Minimum” at some stores in PA. It’s not cheap, we go through 2 gallons a week here (so like $28 a month for milk)

    So yeah, we can’t use coupons or reward programs on Milk, or at least none that I have ever found. I’ve seen milk for like $1.99 a gallon in Texas. So jealous!

  • Jesse

    My adventure:
    (2) Goetze mini cow tails
    (1) Skittles regular
    (1) tootsie roll pops
    (2) starburst original
    (2) sour patch kids
    (2) swedish fish
    = 10 bags, $25. Used a $5 off $25, paid $21.60, got $25 in UPR

    Went back in with my $25 in UPR, assuming I could not get the same UPR deal on the second run when I paid with UPR. Got $15 in general merch,
    (1) starburst original
    (2) sour patch kids,
    (1) skittles orig
    =4 bags. Paid for my $25 in merch with my $25 in UPR. One of the $2 UPR wouldn’t scan, so I got $23 used in UPR and paid $3.77.
    I went out, did my laundry, and went to a different rite aid. I then got:
    (1) Skittles Crazy Cores
    (1) tootsie roll midgies
    (2) swedish fish (I got the last at the other store)
    =4 bags. Paid for it with my $10 UPR, plus $0.80 tax. Some of them didn’t scan on the first run, but the cashier counted my $10 in UPR and scanned until they went through. I got back $8 in UPR, as (4) $2 UPRs. No $1 UPRs at this point. Dropped my stuff back in the car, went back in one more time. Got
    (1) 3 musketeer fun size
    (1) goetze mini cow tails
    (1) lindt milk choc truffles
    (1) lindt dark choc truffles
    = 4 bags. Paid $2.80, and got back one $1 UPR. Game over.

    TLDR: I paid $28.97 for 22 bags of candy and $15 in general merchandise, and the UPRs dried up.

  • Sandy

    Still working for me too – West Chester, PA

  • Melissa R

    Still working at 4pm on Friday!

  • Jen

    Do you think it is worth it for me to call Rite Aid customer service? The manager at my store is kind of clueless, so no help. Also, do you know if managers can generate UP rewards separately like CVS can generate extracare bucks? Also, can you access your account details on line anywhere?
    I do not want to screw this up for anyone else and/or get poor treatment if I call……

  • Jenna

    Sorry to comment again, I just called customer service and “they are in a meeting to better their customer service” which translates “they are in a meeting to figure out what they are going to do with all this money being lost in the mystery up reward candy deal”. Hmmm… I almost feel bad for RA! I love RA so I hate for them to lose so much money over a glitch in the system :(

  • Jenna

    Just FYI: Ra corp is aware of the “mystery UPR” printing for the candy and have told associates and managers not to allow customers to leave with the $2 Club/Choc upr. I just got back from my store and they told me this. So they took all 6 of mine $2 Club/choc UPR saying “You didn’t buy this product so you can’t have these”, but did let me keep the 3 $1 upr for buying 6 bags- just fyi. Since UPR are funded by corp, I’m guessing they won’t be happy… about this glitch and it’s going to cost them. :( I know some stores are taking the candy down bc of it… (if there’s any left!)

    Do you think they’ll not honor the $2 “mystery” upr?

    Also, I got the “duplicate coupon” too today when I tried using 3 of the $1 UPR from the Downy, they handed me back 2 and said they couldn’t take them bc the computer said “duplicate coupon”…

  • Jen

    I only got the $2 up rewards, NO $1 rewards. Transaction around 3:00p.m.

    • Shannon


      Well the $1.00 are in the ads, so that shouldn’t be.

  • Anonymous

    I bought 10 bags today :)

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if this is still working this afternoon? I have read other posts on different websites about people having problems with the cashiers not giving them the UPR’s that print because it is an error?? Just don’t want to go buy a bunch of candy and have trouble with the cashier (we all know how they can be at times).

  • Shannon


    yes you should be able to.

    Here is the policy that says you can…http://www.forthemommas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Rite-Aid-Coupon-Policy.pdf

  • Johnny


    Thanks for telling us of all these great deals. I have a big question for anyone familiar with riteaid policies.

    After I purchased 2 of the swedish fish I did indeed get $2 off, $2 off, $1 off. I than proceeded to purchase 2 skittles bags. She told me I could only use 1 of the $2 off because its duplicate telling me to save for next time.

    Should I of been able to use the 2 of the $2 off purchases in one order?

    If so, I will go back possibly tommorow if its confirmed working still and purchase more candy.

    Thanks again, hope someone knows the answer to this

  • Lauren

    still working today (Friday) at 11am!

  • Lori

    I didn’t make it to Rite Aid until this morning. It is still printing the $1 and the $2 mystery upr! I was able to pick up a few bag. Free candies for Halloween, Nice!

  • Sarah

    I tried this today and it still worked!!
    I used a $5 off $25 coupon as well.

  • Judi

    Sounds like the Everett, PA Rite-Aid, LOL!

  • Lisa

    Because there is a state minimum price.

    • Shannon


      Ahh is that it for milk!

  • candy deal worked for me!!! Thanks!

  • mnm

    where are you guys finding the airheads? what does the bag look like? i only see individual ones or the big halloween packages which are in a diff isle then the rest of this candy. i settled for 2 sweedish fish, 2 sourpatch kids, 2 blowpops, 2 tootsie roll pops, 1 werthers original, 2 starbursts, and 1 caramel creams. got 6 $1 ups and 12 $2 ups. the cashier was staring at the receipt in bewilderment. after coupons i had a grand total of -7.61 :) hmmm now what to do with it all?? haha.

  • Kelly

    Deal is still working this morning =) I’m in PA (Lehigh county) – I purchased 10 bags – after coupons and +Up I paid $3 and received $25 in +Ups! Awesome deal, thanks so much!

  • Maggie

    I went this morning at about 9am and bought 12 bags total (4 bags each of Tootsie Roll Pops, Tootsie Roll Midgees, and the Caramel Candy). It worked great, paid about $19 after $5 off $25 and UPS’s that were ready to expire and got back $30 in UPR. Awesome deal! Thanks so much Shannon for posting this, I am now set for Halloween!

  • johs

    Is this still working today? I only seen the deal today

  • Anna

    Still working in Northwest Ohio!! Just got 10 bags of candy for free! YEAH!!

  • kadywood

    Boohoo, my store was completely sold out! I missed it.

  • $avin’some$

    I’m in North Carolina and just finished hitting up 3 stores; buying 10 bags at each one. I got ten $2+UPS and five $1+UPS all three times. Each time I used a $5 off $25 and MF Qs for Swedish Fish/Sourpatch. Those three transactions totalled a $26 money maker because of those coupons!!! HOLY MOLY! <> :o)

  • Miranda

    I went in around noon today and I got all my candy print outs, so if they were supposed to fix it, they haven’t yet.
    Werther’s is definitely working and you can use the $1 off coupon from 10/3

  • CaseyB

    I live just outside Providence, RI and I just wanted to let everyone know that as of today (Friday) at 1130am these UPRs are STILL printing!!!! I bought 10 bags total:
    (3) Tootsie Roll Midgees
    (2) Starburst Original
    (1) Swedish Fish
    (4) Tootsie Roll Pops

    and got back (10) $2 UPRs and (5) $1 UPRs!!!!

    So if anyone wasnt sure they’d be able to score this deal today – I’d say get to your local store ASAP!!!

  • Tracey

    I went today around noon. The deals are still working. Although the two stores I went to today didn’t have much variety left. The first store I got two bags of tootsie roll pops.The second store I got 6. 3 bags of toostie roll pops, 2 bags of dums dums, 1 bag of jolly ranchers. They are located in the regular candy aisle – not the seasonal halloween candy aisle.

  • Bree

    I took advantage of this deal again today ad it worked as of 9AM.

  • esther

    so is the limit 6 or 5? and is it still working today?

  • kelly

    Woo Hoo, deal still working at 1:11 in afternoon on Friday! Sent my mom out to be the guinea pig and test it, LOL! I am going after work, hopefully it will still be working.

  • kelly

    I totally missed this deal yesterday, bummer, but I am going to go after work to see if it is still working. Would love to know if anyone else has tried it today yet.

  • Megan

    The deal was still working as of 9 a.m. EST in Harrisburg, PA. I got 12 bags of various types already mentioned (Werthers, starburst, swedish fish, tootsie roll midgees, jolly ranchers, sour patch kids) and got $30 total in UPR.

  • I’m nervous too! I want to wait to see if it works for anyone today before I go!

  • aliza

    anyone know if it works today (friday)?!?

  • Kim K

    As of 10:30 AM EST today this is still working! I am in upstate NY and there were still tons on the shelf.

  • Leah

    I tried it this morning and my cashier ripped off the $2 +ups and wouldn’t let me have them… I was NOT happy..

    • Shannon


      Did you return them? I would.

  • Jessica

    Wahoo, it worked!
    I bought 6 bags of sour patch kids and 4 bags of dum dums paid 5.24 OOP and got back $25 in UPR.

    The only thing is I know I gave the cashier 6 different UPRs and checking my reciept now there are only 5. The 1.99 UPR must not have scanned :( Next time I better remember to check before I leave the store

  • I tried our Rite-Aid this morning and ended up paying full price for all the candy :o( Hopefully I can return it later today. So bummed.

    • Shannon

      Hmm that is totally odd. It seems to be working everywhere.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Still working Friday 10/8 at 11 AM, just got back from Rite Aid!!

  • Sarah

    Has anyone tried this today (Friday)? Do we know if it is still on?

  • Deanna

    I went this morning and it was stilll working

  • Amanda P

    Still working today!!! However, Snickers do NOT work.

  • Anyone is the Southeast who gets the Short Ad for RiteAid try this? I am in TN and I haven’t seen the signage. I may go try it with 2 bags today, and just have them return them if they dont print the +UP. But I HATE returning…lol.

  • Ooooh wish I would have seen this yesterday. I hope it’s still working tomorrow! :)

  • Wynette

    Not sure if there is any limit on this. I got 14 bags last night (still had my 2 B1G1F Swedish Fish coupons)= $25, used a $5/$25 coupon and got back $35 in UP Rewards. This morning I stopped and got 10 more bags = $25, used a $5/$25 coupon so I paid $20 (plus tax) and got back $25 in UP Rewards. However, I did not use the UP Rewards from last night to pay for it today – I was afraid to chance that. So I have no idea if or what the limit on this is and it is still working this morning.

  • Trish

    I bought two bags this morning to try the deal, and it worked so I bought 10 more and I got back a total of $30 UP for both transactions so 6 $1UPs and 12 $2 UPS!!! Awesome deal, thanks!

  • Tara

    i also did the deal at 9:00pm last night in Pa (york). I did 2 transactions each of 10 bags – the first i got skittles original, crazy skittles, jolly ranchers, blow pops, tootsie pops and starburst – used the $5/$25 coupon – paid $20 and got back $25 in UPR. 2nd transaction i bought 2 sour patch kids, 7 sweedish fish and a skittles – used the 5 coupon and a $4/6 and a $2/3 – paid $14 and got all $25 in UPR back – so i’m not srue if the $1/2 UPR is only on certain ones – so that was a major moneymaker for me. thank you so much – i will be using the UPR to bring my oop costs down for all the cold stuff on sunday

  • Crista

    I would love to know if this deal is still working today (Friday).


  • I had tons of errands yesterday and I totally missed out on this deal. I am hoping it works today!!!

  • franki

    8/8 SS but it was regional :)

  • Kari

    shelves are BARE in PDX… looks like it was a good deal for some….

  • Corrina

    Worked for me. I did a transaction with just 2 bags to make sure it would work. Then I went back and bought 10 bags so I could use a $5/$25. Only 4 $1 +UP printed on my 2nd transaction, but I did get all 10 $2 +UPs. So maybe the limit is 5 $1 +UPs at my store. Oh well, it’s still a moneymaker for me =)

  • Kimberly

    I bought 10 bags of candy (2 each of Airheads, Skittles and Tootsie Roll Midgees, 3 bags of Starburst and a bag of Sour Patch Kids), and a box of lightbulbs. I spent $27.06 – then realized I forgot my $5/25 coupon at home!!! Gaaahhh!! So tomorrow morning I will go back first thing and buy a bunch of Cottonelle with my $25 in UPRs and the $5/25 coupon. :)

  • Natasha

    Still working as of Thursdsay 9:30pm PST! Got 8 bags of Sour Patch Kids 14 oz, 2 bags of Swedish Fish 16 oz, and 2 bags of Tootsie Roll Pops 10.125 oz. and all generated the 12- 2UPR per bag, plus the 6-1UPR for every two bags. =D Candy time!

    Thanks for letting us know about this deal!

  • sandra

    I bought all the regular things on the list ( and used a 5/25 pdf :) and got 14 $2 up+ but only 5 $1 meaning I was shorted 2 of the 1 according to the posted limit. The $2 limit seems to not have been reached by anyone yet…

  • Kara

    The skittles original worked for me. I am in PA.

  • Kristy

    I bought 18 bags, 4 Airheads, 6 Werthers, 2 Cow Tales, 2 Caramel Cremes, 1 Tootsie Pops, 2 Starburst, and 1 Jolly Rancher Pops, and all of the Up rewards printed ($45 worth, 18 $2 and 9 $1), so the limit must not be 6 here in So Cal. I did this in 2 transactions, but same card.

  • Jay

    lol, tried the tresemme deal twice, 1st time worked, second time not so much. is rite aid suddenly getting wise?

  • It’s still working as of 5:45 PST :) We were out of Swedish Fiish though!

  • sandra

    the skittles original worked for me, and the crazy cores worked too, so odd!!!

  • sandra

    If you didn’t use UP+ it would be easy to return it but if you did it would depend – the RAs are very variable on their policy about returns with UP+, they’re normally don’t allow returns, MAYBE exchanges, maybe you could call corporate. So either risk it and get more up+ and be out of pocket or risk it and have less out of pocket but maybe have to deal with return issues if the UP+ don’t print.

  • sandra

    ECBS work on tax too I think, I’ve noticed. I think ECBs work like cash or Gift cards whereas RR and Up+ work like their own category. Maybe it has something to do with that, they way they ring up – they’re not coupons really.

  • sandra

    what didn’t work?

  • sandra

    I have had trouble 2 times with UP+ in that scenario sans milk. They had to force it through. You could explain what happened about it being scanned and then not getting the item. OTherwise you wouldn’t have the up+!! Or else call 1800riteaid right there. (had to do that for the 1st one) As far as the milk thing, I don’t know, read the coupon…it may be a state law like she said.

  • Bree

    I was worried too just because I didn’t want to have to spend $25 on candy – $25 that could really be spent elsewhere since money is tight. Mine was actually a $5 MM. I want to go back for more too. Shannon you think if we try this deal tomorrow the UPRs will print again? Somehow I don’t think they will ….

  • Kim


  • Sal

    Shan, I like how you put my name, “Sal” in quotes…do all your “reg” followers who get a deal out to you get their names in quotes? LOL

    My store was running low on candy but I did snag 2 jolly ranchers (even though I hate these candies…might give away the whole bag to a unsuspecting trick or treater!) and tootsie roll mid. AND the tootsie roll are less than 2.50 a bag if you have the 20% off!!! They are 2.23! Also, can use the $.50 off $5 wellness Q for bagged candy (sorry, I don’t have a link to this Q).
    I was a little sad I couldn’t use my skittle/starburst/sour patch Q…

    You rock!
    And RA rocks!

    • Shannon


      The quotes were specially for you. I knew you would pick up on it :)

      Sweet.. I am giving the candy to my Mom. We get zilcho trick or treaters here.

  • Wendy Pesce

    This is great, as my DD needs to bring Candy for the Halloween Parade, she is a cheerleader. Picked up a bunch of the bags that had wrapped candies! Can’t wait to hit up another Rite Aid tomorrow!

  • Laura S

    Just did this in 2 transactions. SKITTLES original is not spitting out a $2 +UP, but the SKITTLES CRAZY CORES IS PRINTING the $2 +UP!

  • Bree

    Sorry for my numerous posts …
    Just wanted to say I got back $30 UPR, not $26. Also, my shelves were wiped out to say the least otherwise I would’ve gotten more Swedish Fish!

  • Bree

    Wooooohooo! It worked! My cashier was absolutely awesome and I had the other 2 cashiers in awe because the said they never seen so many UPRs print at once. I bought:

    3 – 14 oz Sour Patch
    3 – 14 oz Starburst (one bag is tropical flavor)
    1 – 14 oz Swedish Fish
    2 – 10 oz. Werther’s Original hard candy
    1 – 10.125 oz Tootsie Roll Pop
    1 – 10 oz Mini Cow Tales
    1 – 10 oz Jolly Rancher Pops

    Used $5/$25 coupon, $1/2 Werthers candy, and $2 off 3 bags of Sour Patch Kids/Swedish Fish

    Got back $26 in UPRs

  • Lyndsey

    I was way nervous too!! More so because we ONLY had $20 UPR, so I was scared of wasting it! We are poor folk waiting for our next paycheck lmao.
    But it did work, horray!

    I was wondering if you didn’t get your UPRs could you return the candy for your cash back?

  • Kim

    What are the limits? I did this a couple hours ago (thanks to your post) and I got 6 bags! I wanna go back for more! ;)

  • Grace

    Well, my Rite Aids shelves were cleaned out! :( But they are getting a truck in tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will get more Sweedish Fish in so I can do my deal.

  • Joel

    I bought a couple of Lifesaver bags tonight for $5 with a total of $5 in UP rewards…they are included too…just in case someone didn’t know…

  • Lyndsey

    Well, it worked here in good ol west virginia! I sent my husband, and he was nervous about it not working. But it worked ;) Paid with our only UPR and got all the UPR back. Now I can supply my in-laws with Candy, since we don’t eat any :)

    • Shannon

      SWEET! Good for hubs!

  • Mel

    I bought two werther’s and two skittles and got four $2 Ups but only one $1 Up…..strange

  • Tracy

    Airheads and Mints were also included for me along with the other types already listed.

    Thanks for the head up. My store still had lots left and the shelf wasn’t marked. I tried it and it worked. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Airhead, Mints were also included for me along with the other types already listed.

  • carilyn

    That happened my my store this week as well. I always used coupons with overages, but this week, my cashier changed all the prices down to the exact amount. I was a little bummed, but was still getting products for free.

  • Maggie

    I live in PA and had a problem using a $10 UPR on milk a few weeks ago. The first cashier scanned and a 2nd cashier said I couldn’t use it for milk. I paid cash and kept the UPR. I tried using it a few days later and was told it was already used. The mgr told me to call corporate. I called and spoke to a really nice lady who said they would send me a $10 gift card to replace the UPR. I use ECB’s at CVS for milk all the time also, have never had a problem. I’m going to try this candy deal tomorrow.

  • I had to have a transaction voided & re-rang. Apparently, even though the transaction was voided, once a UPR is scanned it is no longer valid.

  • ShaNae

    Wowee, that was awesome. Thanks for posting this. The cashiers at my Rite Aid were just laughing and laughing as the UPR came pouring out after my transaction. I was so nervous it wouldn’t work, but it did. Hooray!

  • vwbug215

    Thanks so much for the great post! Just got back from rite aid and it worked out fine. There is also $4 off 6 bags of swedish fish/ sour patch kids in the SS 8/8 insert!

  • michele r

    I tried to do the deal in Pa tonight and I only got a $1 UPR

    • Shannon

      @michele r,

      Hmm did you buy the right product Michelle? Because it is working all over the place.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, if they scan the up and it doesn’t got through, it still marks it as used! Happened to me too…but luckily only on a $1 up.

  • Laura

    Just worked for me here in upstate NY! YAY!

  • Becky B

    Thanks for the great deals you post!

  • Miranda

    We aren’t allowed to use our +ups on milk either. My cashier today wouldn’t let me use any of my coupons that involved overages. She refused to change the price on the item. She also refused to let me use a toothpaste coupon because the picture wasn’t of what I bought even though the coupon WAS. Ugh, I wish they all had the same training.

  • Bree

    Lol I’m nervous – I’m afraid it’s not going to work for me!

  • Bree

    Shannon –

    I know this is a YMMV deal, but I’m wondering what to expect when I go to RA tonight – were the shelves wiped clean? Limited stock?

    • Shannon

      Nope, it was stocked to the gills at my store.

  • Karyn

    I live in PA and buy milk all the time at CVS using their extra bucks. I wonder what’s wrong with Rite Aid?

  • Christy

    It’s also working on the 12 oz. bags of Tootsie Roll “Midgees”!

  • Kristin

    Yes, I live and shop in PA. Is that really the law in PA?

  • Tina

    Oh, they look small in the photo – Sorry

    • Shannon

      he he thats why I put the sizes, to not confuse . :)

  • Amanda

    I just bought dum dums and blow pops with the same result. There was a lady in front of me with a whole cart including tootsie rolls and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing was signed at the store I was at but I decided to try it out. Love not having to pay for Halloween candy! Trick or Treaters will be getting lollipops at my house this year!

  • Valarie Margretta

    yeah i grabbed those and it didnt work :(

  • Here in Pennsylvania you aren’t allowed to use coupons on milk. I have no idea why.

  • Brandi

    sweet deal and I just happen to have my BOGO sweedish fish q still!!!

  • Shawna

    Yep, I did this today!

  • denise

    it is also working on the 10 oz tootie roll pops =)

  • Lyndsey

    I have a printable coupon that says:

    Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) Skittles, Starbursts or Lifesaver Fun Size Bags

    Is “fun size”, a bag listed above? Like the starbursts? I don’t know.. thanks..

    Either way, I want to go try this but I’m scared of it not working ;) ;)

    • Shannon


      No they are not included. Sorry.

  • Kim

    I had this happen also with some of my UPR. I called corporate and they told me that once they are scanned (it doesn’t matter if they were used or not) they will show up in the computer system as being used. The person I talked to told me to have the store manager initial the UPR and put the store number on it so that if I went to another store and they wouldn’t take it then they could call that store if they didn’t feel comfortable taking it. I was out my $10 UPR because it came up this way on the register also and the store wouldn’t take it :( I know better now and I won’t be trying to use my expiring UPR on the day they expire a half hour before close :(

  • Michele

    Grace those coupons are from 8/8 SS

  • tami

    What is a mystery UPR?

    • Shannon

      We have no idea why its printing.

    • Shannon


      Its a mystery as to why its printing!

  • Grace

    I just found some coupons for $2 off any 3 bags of Sweedish Fish , Sour Patch kids, 8oz or larger and another coupon for $4 off any 6 bags. I don’t know which instert it was from, but here is what the coupon says:

    $4 off any 6 Trident, or Stride Gum, or Dentyne or Trident gum, or 6 bags of Sweedish Fish , Sour Patch kids, 8oz or larger, or Halls.

    This would make for a MM. I am sure going to try as my hysband LOVES sweedish fish. I hope to get all the UPS. Thanks.

  • You said the limit is 6, as in you can buy a total of 12 bags of candy all together?

    • Shannon


      it appears to be, because I only got 6 of the $1.00/2 but I got more of the $2.00.

  • Ann

    So you could buy 10 bags for $25. Use a $5 off $25 and get back $25 in UPR for a $5 moneymaker right?

    • Shannon



  • lovinmycoupons

    any limit?

  • Kristin

    I went to Rite Aid today to get milk and I tried to use an UPR to pay for it and the cashier told me that I wasn’t allowed to purchase milk with UPR. I said “bull, xx” and told him he could keep the milk. So I then went to my fav rite aid (out of spite) and purchased milk with an upr. The UPR beeped though and said “previously used.” (Probably because it was scanned at the first rite aid but the transaction was voided). The manager at the second rite aid said that they are having some trouble with UPR scanning correctly. So I was wondering if anyone else encountered this? I have a lot of UPRs to use this weekend so I hope there is no problem…

    • Shannon


      Are you in PA? Some states laws forbid coupons etc to be used on Millk.

  • Butterfingers are 2/$1. I got some $1/2 tearpad Qs from weis, so I got those free too ;)
    Also, from the post you did the other day, I got 2 jujubes, and only 1 UPR printed :(

    I’ll have to try out what you did above !!!

  • Tina

    How are 2 small bags of candy $5.00??

    • Shannon


      Umm they are not small!

  • When you say (loose) and (loose wrapped) after the type of candy, what do you mean by that? The individual packaged size that are under the registers sometimes?

    • Shannon


      No .. I mean they are loose (not boxed), and some are loose with a wrap on them.

      These are bigger bags of candy 14ozs!

  • Wendy Pesce

    awesome- thanks!!!

  • Michele

    I heard 14oz werthers is working too.
    If anyone got the RP for this weekend there is a $1/2 in the RP. (I get mine delivered Wednesday).