Rite Aid Deals Week of 1/9

It looks like we will have another decent week at Rite Aid. I, however, will not be able to shop this week. I am so sad!  SO, I am asking you to send me any great Rite Aid shops this week. Just go ahead and email them to me, so I can share with other readers. I won’t even be able to make it to the store even once. Oh, the travesty.. no freebies from Rite Aid for me this week!

A couple quick reminders:

1. Don’t forget to check your email for the 10% shopping pass – this could come in handy this week.

2. See the scenarios here for details on the free pasta and sauce.

3. You can see the ad for the Aveeno UPR and my scenario idea here.

4. As usual, don’t forget to check your ad. Rite Aid has regional variances in their ads, so you ad could be different.

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  • Liz

    I went to RA yesterday to use my coupons for the free Mars candy and could not find ANY mars holiday candy that was only $.50. What should I be looking for?

  • Liz

    I looked high and low in the candy aisle and at the front -and even asked an employee- where the $.50 mars valentine’s candy was. NO LUCK. What specifically should I have been looking for?

  • Nancy S

    I just started utilizing Rite Aid’s UPR’s this week and everyday I go in the shelf is empty for the great deals. Can you ask for rain checks on the items and still get the UPR’s? Look forward to hearing from anyone. Discouraged :(

    • majunee

      @Nancy S,
      i called customer service and they said 2 write it on raincheck

      • Nancy S

        Thanks for the response, I will give it a try.

  • Kristy

    I went to rite aid today and bought 4 packages of stayfree. I used 2 bogo printable coupons (coded 14) and 2 $1 off coupons and it went through no problems. I also picked up a spic and span scrubbing brush I needed ($1, no coupons), and I used $3 ups and paid $.53 oop and got back $4 in ups. Not a bad deal!

  • Stacey

    My RA would only take 1 of the Special K B1G1 coupons, allowing me to only buy 2 boxes in one transaction. They would not take the $6/2 coupon of the motrin, tylenol ect. They said there is a limit of $5 worth of internet printed coupons in 1 transaction, so since the cereal was a value of $4.79 (i think) they could only take 1 coupon. Can anyone clarify if in fact it is only a total of $5 or that the coupon value can not exceed the $5. Not sure I am explaining this correctly – sorry. I was also trying to find their coupon policy to print because in my store, they only had some hand written thing they flashed at me and would not let me see. I have a printed on that says revised August 2010 – is there a more recent one?

  • Jen T

    For the Aveeno/Clean and Clear deal, could I just grab 5 Clean and Clears and the one coupon would work for all 5? Would the cashier scan the coupon 5 times, or would the register make the adjustment? (I actually need facewash.. teehee)

    • Kara

      It says on the coupon only one coupon per customer.

      • Jen T

        @Kara, It does say one coupon per customer, but I believe Walgreens has the same thing on theres’, and you can buy a limit of *insert number here* with the one coupon. That’s why I’m wondering if I buy 5 if the coupon will work for all 5 items automatically through the register. There’s no item limit stated on the coupon.

        • Jenna

          @Jen T, I cut out of the ad as many as I am buying. They won’t scan the coupon again, they need a new coupon for each item. Mine take as many as I give them, but you could be rejected. HTH!

      • Kara

        I guess it is worth a try. It depends on your Rite Aid as well. Let us know if it works. I wanted to buy 2 Lubiderms but wasn’t sure if I could.

  • Sammy

    I went to to Rite Aid and did a great transaction – was able to get everything on the list ( that doesn’t happen often). But, No UpRs printed. Not a single one.. I just read about not printing if over 25 I fear I may be one of those. Why do the do that. I would have easily done 2 transactions! Instead we held up the line and Rite -Aid lost a bunch of customers because they didn’t want to wait… I am not sure if I need to go back and return and do two transactions. I am not sure what calling 1-800 Rite Aid will accomplish – will they mail me my UPRS? Any answers you guys have might help me get a better nights sleep.

    • Jillian

      @Sammy, Call Customer Service. They will mail you the UPR (or at least they SHOULD)

    • @Sammy,
      Thanks, Sammy for your comment. I am glad not everyone hates me for doing a large order. I am going back to return everything I bought and rebuy it in quantities of 12. I really did not clear the shelf. I go to a big store. Take care and good luck with your orders. :) :P :b :)

  • Karen

    I purchased the B1G1 Special K cereal and received $1 UP for each box making it a $1.70 MM on two boxes! I bought 6 boxes and I’m heading out to another store tomorrow to use up the rest of my coupons. What a great week for deals!!!

  • Trish

    I bought close to $700 worth of stuff today at riteaid/cvs/harristeeter
    (9 transactions) for $156.18!!!! This time last year I had never clipped coupons, what a difference a year makes!!!!

  • Michal David

    Is the Stayfree BOGO with the “01″ still available?
    (the one that the $1 off will work with) TIA

    • Nicole

      @Michal David, The printable is coded with a 14 so the $1 Q won’t work with it. The Q coded with an 01 was in the 1/9 newspaper inserts.

  • I bought 30 Hormel items and 20 pasta/sauce items, and used $84 in UPs. I got NO UPs at the end of my transaction. I told my store I just wanted to return them, and get store merchandise credit for the $84 of UPs plus .70 cents I spent oop. She called her district manager, and they said for me to call Rite Aid tomorrow. No UPs printed because i bought over 25 in one transaction. I think I will get the UPs printed in the add ($1 on each Hormel item and $1 on 4 pasta/sauce items) which would be $35, but I fear I will not get the month long UPs. Are the month long food item UPs printed somewhere?? Rite Aid has to know about them. I feel like an idiot wasting $84 in UPs on food items I can live without. I was just trying to roll UPs. I am definitely going to call 1-800-RITE AID tomorrow. How do I explain that I expected to get the month long UPs, too. Can’t really say my fellow Rite Aiders in CA siad it was “working”, now can I ??? Please, any help would be appreciated. Can someone spell out which UP is the month long one (what does it say on the UP) and which is the week one. Thanks. What a nightmare. I have all this food I don’t need, and I lost $84 in UPs. I would rather have stocked up on TP. Boo Hoo!!!

    • Sammy

      @Corlien, I went to another Rite-Aid and did a small transaction with the food – just so that I could say.. Well my last transaction printed extra why not this one? My first transaction also didn’t print my ups. I am going to return and do two transactions. so that I can get my uprs..

    • Trish

      I would have returned the items. I personally hate calling in to Rite Aid for my UPs because when they send them in the mail they are in $2 or $3 increments and on them they state 1 per customer…..so I have had issues with them accepting them all in the same transaction. I think they should extend the service to store management level and let them credit you for the UPs instore.

    • Sarah

      Really, 30 and 20? These are probably the reasons why UPS are being limited. Keep it under control people! Let’s not go so crazy with the deal that it wipes out inventory and makes Rite Aid hate us couponers so much that they discontinue programs.

      • Trish

        I agree BUT I think the stores should place a limit on the number of items you can purchase the first couple days of the sale….like my riteaid was limiting people to 4 on the hormel and $4/5 products. It’s not cool to go in and wipe the shelf b/c not only do you prevent other people from getting the sale you also make it hard on the employees in the store because they get called in on when there is not enough stock.

      • @Sarah, Sorry… I go to a big store, and they have plenty of hormel and pasta left. I was very careful not to clear the shelf, but I do agree I went overboard. And now I have to return them all and rebuy them in smaller transactions. I talked to someone in Wellness Plus, and they said they don’t know about the $1 month long food UP. They did say I can go to the store and return everything for CASH, as UPs are like cash. The store did not realize that, and was saying I could not return items I bought with UPs. Good to know differently. from now on I will definitely do smaller transactions. I just thought it would work. Oops.
        Thanks for all the comments. And for the constructive criticism. I was being greedy and I am sorry. I’ll be more considerate next time (although I really did not wipe them out, as they have a huge stock). :)

        • Norma

          Wow, Corlien! You accepted all the criticism very graciously, and apologized , even though you do not owe any of us an apology!
          I’m so proud of you!!
          Way to go , girl! You are an awesome person, most people would have become very defensive and attacked the people who criticized them.
          I just had to say this, Good Luck to you and may the new year bring lots of happiness to you and yours! :0)

  • Ann

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you do! I had an amazing shop at Rite Aid today. I got THREE LARGE BAGS of goodies in 2 transactions, including 22 packages of Stayfree!! Don’t worry, I left plenty for everyone else! I spent $48 OOP and got back $49 in +UPR. Plus, I can submit the Aveeno deal for the free lotion.

    • Shannon


      WOOOHOOO Ann!

      • Ann

        @Shannon, I did the Aveeno deal twice in seperate transactions but only got 1 $10 UPR. Was this limit 1 or did I hit my limit on UPRs per transaction? I’m sure I had 24….

  • Sarah

    Hit Rite Aid this morning I bought 4 boxes of Special K and 2 packages of Stay Free pads used 2 of the buy one get one free Special K coupons, 1 buy one get one free Stay Free coupon plus the $1 off Stay Free coupon they accepted both even though mine was coded a 14. Paid $2.68 out of pocket Got $6 UPs I used that to buy a LUVS Family Pack of size 3 that is marked down to $16.99 and 2 M&Ms our store did not include those in the two for a dollar deal they were buy one at $1.99 get one 50% off I used all of my UPS plus the $1 off Luvs coupon I had and the $1 off Mars candy coupon and paid $13.52 out of pocket plus got another $2 UPS. I was going to get the Centrum deal but it was only for select ones and my coupon was for Centrum Woman which was not included so I skipped it. Does anyone know if you can use two of the $15 off Nicorette gum coupons on the current buy one get one free deal they have going on? My MIL is quitting and we are trying to help her out just not sure if I can use both coupons or not. Thanks

  • kj

    I just got back from rite aid. NO +ups printed! : (

    I purchased 4 barilla hunts
    1 Hormel Compleats
    4 Special K
    5 Tylenol Precise

    I did not get ANY UPS at all!


    • Shannon

      You probably need to talk to your store manager about this.

  • Crista

    Watch for $4 peelies on the Blink Tears!

    • Alison

      @Crista, I found that! Nice money maker with the SCR :) it looked like there were lots of boxes where the coupon had been already been peeled off by someone else who didn’t buy it, but there were two or three that still had the peelie so I grabbed one of them!

  • Joanna

    When you do the BOGO w/BOGO Special K you do receive (2) $1 UP!!!

    • April


      I believe you will. I bought some of this cereal yesterday w/ BOGOF coupons (before BOGOF in-store promo) and the month long $1 UPRs printed (one for each box bought).

    • Erin

      I bought the Special K Low Fat Granola and I didn’t get the 2 – $1 UPs. I called back and asked the manager after seeing this and he said he wasn’t aware of this.

    • Kathy

      I received 4 $! UP!

      • Erin

        Kathy, what were the codes on the UPs you received are they Food Snacks (expiring 2/5/11 and coded 02708 at the very end of all the text) or Food Items (expiring 1/29/11 and coded 02886)? I am just trying to figure out what I should have gotten. I bought the Barilla/Hunts in the same purchase, so it is a bit confusing since they don’t say specifically what they printed for.


  • Mindi

    For the stayfree coupons- how can you tell if the $1 off is coded 1 or 14?

    • Kathy

      @Mindi, my coupon is printed off the computer, it is the one that says “available at Family Dollar”. The code is on the bottom left corner under the barcode, it is 5-08004-90014-7. That “14″ in the 90014 is what this referrs to. Some coupons will have an “01″ instead of the 14. The 01 means it is coded for one free product so it only attaches to one item. The 14 means it is coded for a B1G1 free product and will attach to 2 items.

      • CANDICE

        mine doesn’t have a 14 or 01 it has 5-08004-90076-5 its the 1 dollar off one that i printed off here…. can that be used w/ the bogo??

      • Wendi S

        @Kathy, THANK YOU! That is such good info to know. I’ve always wondered why some b1g1f coupons cause a 2nd coupon to beep, while others don’t. Now I know!

  • Grace Shields

    Is there a limit on the Tylenol and Motrin UPs?

  • Jillian

    Is anyone else having trouble find the Hormel coupon on coupons.com? I cannot find it. Is there a zip code? Or is it gone?

    • angela

      @Jillian, I’m finding the hormel compleats coupon under zip code 07039 page 6

      hope this helps!

      • Jillian

        @angela, still not showing up for me….so frustrating! ugh! oh well…

        • Melissa C

          I couldn’t find it either. I searched and searched last night.

  • angela

    Are the Aveeno things part of the resolution rewards?

    • Chrys

      @angela, My total didn’t reflect it :(

  • Jen

    Is there a limit to how many Hormel, Hunts or Barilla you can buy and still get the UPR?

    • Yvonne

      i bought 15 pastas yesterday. They all printed. Looks like no limit.

  • Erin

    Just wanted to be sure you knew the Motrin/Tylenol $6/2 coupon can be printed from Smartsource online.

    • Shannon

      You can print it there but Rite Aid may not take it because it’s over $5.

      • Erin

        @Shannon, New quirk I didn’t know about – Thanks for letting me know!

        • suzieq4599


          Hey, I work at Rite-Aid and we are not supposed to take internet coupons over $5 unless they are Rite-Aid coupons. Just a heads up… some associates will because they don’t think about it but they will get in big trouble.

      • jennifer Ostach

        Mine too the $6 IP today but only took $5 off, I didn’t argue:)

  • Ann

    My husband is going to flip out when he sees my shopping list for tomorrow! Heading in to work right now to print more coupons….

    • @Ann,

      Heehee Ann! I too have the beautiful ability to print coupons at work. I’ve been seeing the forecasts all last week for various deals for this week’s RA so I was printing various coupons here and there. I had NO IDEA how big this week would be though! Putting the list together today and have enough to do a good shop, but come later on this week when I am back at work, I’m gonna have a second list to print a list coupons for. I have about 6 computers that I can print from at work (if there’s enough downtime on shift!) so it’s pretty unlimited for IP coupons! I love weeks where its not all about the inserts…I have much harder time laying my hands on those…

      Happy Shopping!