Rite Aid Deals Week of 1/2/11

Here are your Rite Aid Deals for the week of 1/2/11.

UPDATE- Check here for FREE AIRWICK, FREE SPECIAL K Deals added 1/2/2011.

A couple quick notes:

1- Be sure to check your Wellness account to see if you have a $5.00/$25.00 printable.

2. The Darcy Kraft and Harvard School Supply deals appear to be month long deals – check your store for signage.

3.  Keep your eye out for clearanced Metamucil there is also an SCR available.

4. You can print a $4.00/$20.00 Video Values coupon when you watch the Beauty Video here.

5. Don’t forget, your wellness points have reset for 1.1.2011.

6. The $20 UPR wyb $100 Promotion is valid thru January.

Free & Cheap

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  • Jennifer Young

    FYI on the Loreal deal… The Advanced Revitalift Anti-wrinkle concentrate 1.0 oz. was on on clearance at my store. It was 50% off of 16.99, making it 8.49. I also bought the Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser for 6.99. I wasn’t sure how it all would ring up, but I guess since the one thing was already 50% off, it didn’t give me another 50% off. Worked out perfect because the total was $15.48 and it produced the $5 UPR. I’m kind of sad that the product was clearanced, it’s one of my favorites:(

    Also, not a bad deal on Old Spice deodorant/body wash. Buy the deodorant at 2.50 and get the body wash free. Body wash was 4.79 and the coupon says up to 3.99, so .80 for the BW. Not bad if you need it.

  • Sally

    Help! I went to Rite Aid tonight and tried some of these deals and they did not work out for me. I probably did something totally stupid, I am brand new to this and this was my first attempt. I bought Wet Ones for $1.99, used a $1 coupon, but did not get a $1 UPR. why not? Also, I bought GasX for $4.99 and used a $3 coupon, but how do I get the single check rebate? There is nothing on my receipt about it? I did get a frame for a good price and got a $3 UPR for that, so I feel like it wasn’t a total failure, but I do want to know what I did wrong so I can get better at this!

  • Michele C

    The L’Oreal excellence didn’t print $5 ups. Now I am finding out they meant for it to be spend $15. My 20% took my total just below $15. I emailed corporate.

    • April

      @Michele C,

      It didn’t print for me either. Technically, you did spend $15 because the cost of 2 hair colors was $17. Rite Aid will be reimbursed for the $5 manufacturer’s coupon they had in the ad and any you may have used from the paper. I asked the store manager and she stated she would credit me $5 on my next purchase.

      My $5 Ups also didn’t print for the buy $15 of Special K products. When I pointed this out, the manager said that promotion did not include cereal because they are not included in the picture where the Special K BOGO promo’s were listed. I pointed out that the ad did not specify that only certain Special K items were included, but to no avail. I will have to give up on that Ups reward. I will be emailing corporate as well.

  • Pauline

    Does anybody know what the limit for ups are on the Kellogs cereal deal?

  • Lydia

    Okay, this is probably a dumb question, but I am stumped. What is the P&G coupon booklet (that the Crest coupon comes from) and where do you get it? Thanks!

    • Julie

      @Lydia, Me too. I’d like to know where I can find this booklet. All of the P&G booklets I’ve come across I’ve gotten from completing the P&G rebates and all the crest coupons inside exclude Crest Cavity and Baking Soda varieties.

  • Jessica

    I need to print out some pictures for tomorrow and I saw on riteaid website that they have digital prints for 9 cents with a circular coupon. I looked in my circular and didn’t see a coupon, does anyone know anything about it? Thanks!

    • Molly


      It was in last weeks circular – I’m pretty sure it expired on 12/31.

  • Jessica G

    Bought the huggies – they came up as 19.99 *no note of a discount* so I’m assuming they were “regular price” well, my %20 didn’t come off? Also, I didn’t get “resolution rewards credits” on the bottom of my rcpt when they are clearly one of the items… anyone have any experience with this?!?! I’m gonna try to contact Customer service….

    • Pauline

      @Jessica G, Jessica please let me know what riteaid tells you, I want to do the diaper deal, but $4 dollars with the20% discount makes a big difference, hope they made it right for you.

      • Jessica G


        Good news – Here’s what they said:

        Welcome to Customer Support. This is Curtis_M, how may I help you?

        >>>>hi I went to rite aid on sunday and bought huggies diapers… they rang up as 19.99 (no mention of a discount – so I am assuming they are NOT on sale) BUT I did not get my 20% off discount that I earned…

        Also – on top of that – they are part of the “resolution rewards” but I did not get any update to my total on my receipt… and there seems to be no way to login to check online about my total (like you would for lets say the SCR program)

        >>>>I do apologize about that. What is your card # Jessica?

        >>>I do apologize about the inconvenience, but you didn’t receive the discount or the resolution rewards points due to the system freeze with the reset of the points on the 1st of this month. You will be given credit for the resolution rewards on the 11th as well as your 20% discount.

        Ok we will send you that 4.00 which should arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks. Is there anything else I can do for you today Jessica?

        • Pauline

          @Jessica G, Thank You, I did take a chance anyway because I needed diapers and I quess I was very lucky, got the discount and resolution too, no extra hassle like you had, but they do always come thru, I have never had a problem when I have called riteaid, always accomadating, just the extra hassle. Good deal on diapers HUH?

    • Pauline

      @Jessica G,
      I just came back from Riteaid, got my 20% off Huggies, came down to 15.99, so you need to get that discount, you deserve it. My diapers came down to 5.49 for 76 with all my coupons including $4 0ff $20.My daughter will be delighted. About 12 cents a diaper.

  • Sherry

    I also got the $10.00 UP for buying $30 of airwick items. The UP Reward said complimetns of GE so not sure what all items are included but it definitely works for the airwick.

  • Tina

    I just wanted to let everyone know I did the Airwick deal this morning. I did get the $10.00 up reward when you spend $30.00. I also got three $3.00 up rewards for spending $10.00.

    • Shannon


      sweet going to post a deal thanks Tina!

  • jaime

    Where can I look to see if i have the $5/$25 in my acct?

    • kris

      log into your wellness account on riteaids website and look on the top left side. that’s where I’ve found one in the past. one time use.
      good luck!

  • Tracy

    I tried to buy a 2 more folders last night and did not get the $2 Up for buying 2 like I did earlier in the week. Where is this deal posted since it is a month long deal?

    • carol

      @Tracy, i had trouble , too. I called customer service and they said it was a “glitch in the computer” and they are sending out my $2.00 reward.

  • theresa

    thanks for putting the freebies/cheapies at the top – would you consider noting what qualifies for the 20/100 deal also?

  • Susie

    My Rite Aid won’t honor a coupon that is over the item amount. For instance: The Always Pantiilners are $.99, and I have a coupon for $1.00. They won’t honor it. Is this normal?

    • Shannon


      No. Check the policy and maybe take it with you. They are supposed to adjust the coupon according to the policy. However, everything is always at the store managers discretion.

  • Janice

    The Trident coupon is no longer available.

  • Krissy

    Loreal has a new rewards program now that will give you a coupon for a free box of hair color after you buy and enter five codes from the bottles. This is a good week to stock up for $1.50 a box and maybe get a free box in return!

  • Cristina

    Does anyone know whether Tums dual action are included in the +UP deal? Would be great if so since there is a $3 IP on the Tums site and then the $1 Rite Aid video reward coupon!!

    • Shannon


      probably wont find out til tomorrow , unless someone lives in S. California and gets the ad early.

      • Amanda P

        @Shannon, I get my ad on Saturdays… I just started getting the paper delivered to me and for some odd reason the send me the ads on saturday and the news on Sunday.

      • Cristina

        Thank you Shannon! My local store opens up in a half hour so crossing fingers! Will let you know.

        • Shannon


          sweet. I won’t get there til about 12, so if you find out that would be great :P

  • Kara

    For the Lysol I think you mean 1/2/11 instead of 2/1/11:)