Rite Aid Deals Week of 11/14


The Rite Aid Gift of Savings will be returning next week.  You can see more about it HERE.

You can print $5.00/$25.00 or $4.00/$20.00 coupons HERE.

Crest Extra White w/ Scope $2.69
Submit SCR $2.69
use $.75/1 in 11/01 PG
$.75 overage after SCR & Coupon

Prevacid $10.99
use $4.00/1 coupon in Sunday inserts
$4.99 after coupon

Quilted Northern Plush $5.99
Buy (2)
Use $5.00/2 From Rite Aid Video Values
Use (2) $1.00/1 from 11/01 RP
see other scenarios to get these  free HERE

Almay $5.99 BOGO
use (2) $2.00/1 in 11/15 inserts (preview HERE)
Submit rebate for $2.00 on an eye product
2 free after SCR and coupon
* This is a month long rebate, so be sure you have not already done it this month*

Robitussin to Go $6.99
Submit $4.00 SCR
use $2.00/1 printable HERE
OR use $1.00/1 in 09/27 RP
as low as $.99 after SCR and coupon

Prilosec 42 ct. $25.99
Submit $6.00 SCR
use $3.00/1 in 11/01 PG
$16.99 after SCR and coupon

L’Oreal Vive Shampoo 2/$9.00
use $3.00/2 in ad coupon
use (2) $1.00/1 in this weeks inserts (preview HERE)
$2.00 each after both coupons

Renuzit $.99
Submit $1.00 SCR wyb 2
use Buy One, Get One Free Coupon HERE (use zip code 20878)
2 FREE after coupon & SCR

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush $5.99
Submit $2.00 SCR
use $2.00/1 printable HERE
$1.99 after SCR & coupon
**this was already available, so make sure you did not do this offer already**

Kotex $2.99
Submit $2.00 SCR
use $1.00/1 printable HERE
FREE after SCR and coupon

Gain $4.99
use $1.00/1 in 10/18 RP
$3.99 after coupon

Fuji Digital Camera $99.99
Submit $30.00 SCR
$69.99 after SCR

San Disk 2 GB Card $14.99
Submit $5.00 SCR
$9.99 after SCR

7up or Diet 7up 2 Liters  3/$3.99
use $2.00/3 in ad coupon
3 for $1.99 after coupon

Duracell Batteries 40% off
Submit $5.00 rebate wyb $15.00
use $.75/1 in 11/01 PG

Garnier Nutrioniste Nutri Pure Skin Cleansers $4.99
Submit $2.00 SCR
use $1.00/1 in 10/11 RP
$1.99 after SCR and coupon

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Care $12.99
Submit $5.00 SCR
use $1.00/1 in 10/11 RP
$6.99 after SCR & coupon

GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs 2/$4.00
Submit SCR $2.00 wyb 2
use (2) $1.00/1 in 10/4 SS
2 FREE after SCR and coupon

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  • Does anyone know if the Rite Aid 4/20 or 5/25 coupons are still available on coupons.com? I can’t find them for my zip code :(

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  • Dizzy Mommy

    I had the worst experince I’ve ever had at Rite Aid. There is a new cashier… she is very nice and I enjoy her greatly. Well today the manager came over and had to do something. She was watching me check out. She stopped the Cashier and told her I couldn’t use a $5/$25 purchase unless after all coupons the purchase was over $25. I explained nicely that wasn’t true…. she didn’t listen. Fine… then she told the cashier I could only use one coupon one a buy 1 get 1 sale. Again explained to her she was incorrect and then proceeded to pull out my corporate policy. Still didn’t listen. Then she told the girl I couldn’t use my Northern Adperk coupon with my regular Man. coupon because they both said Man. on them. I explained to her that in the paper most of those coupons said man. and you could use those with another coupon. She was very upset that I challenged her. In the end I was very upset and plan to email Rite Aid. Not that they will care. I did everything buy the book to a T. But she told me that as long as the coupon says Man. on it then you couldn’t use them together. I told her thats not what it said in the policy that a Rite Aid coupon is one that states Rite Aid on it and cannot be used anyplace else. I was nice… but she really made me feel like crap and now is teaching the new cashier the wrong information. The girl got into trouble because I was doing something perfectly correct and she kept glaring at me because of it…. I’ve never had this horrible of an experience and honestly just makes me want to cry at this point…. why can’t Rite Aid teach there managers the correct information…. helk… I wish I had a copy a few weeks ago it listed both an ad perk and man. coupon being used at once.

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  • Holly

    If you’re planning on purchasing the Robitussin to Go product, RiteAid has a coupon available to their Wellness club members (if that’s available in your area) for $2 off any OTC cold/cough medication. You can find this by registering your wellness card on riteaid.com and then checking your online messages. Hope this helps!