Rite Aid Deals Week of 07/25

If you are new to Rite Aid – check out the Rite Aid How To Here and Rite Aid Coupon Policy Here. You can also print Rite Aid Video Values coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturer coupons.

You can read here about the wellness+ program. Note: Many ad prices now require a wellness card, so I suggest just having the card scanned at the beginning of your transaction.

If you have not printed the $5.00/$25.00 coupon you can print it here. (this has not reset)

NOTE: Don’t forget that there is a LONG ad and SHORT ad for Rite Aid – be sure to check your ad first. You may not have all the deals listed.

You can check out the list of August Video Values here.

** The following are from half page wrap on circular – not all areas get this wrap**

Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 2/$6.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/1 Wheat Thins printable
$1.00 after coupon

Kotex 2/$10.00
Get $3.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/1 Kotex or U-Kotex Pads, Liners or Tampons RA Video Values
$3.00 each after coupon

Poise Pads 2/$10.00
Get $3.00 UPR wyb 2
use $2/1 Poise Product RA printable

M&M $2.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1.00/1 in 07/25 inserts
$.99 after coupon & UPR

Snapple 4/$4.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 4
$3.00 after UPR

Chase & Sanborn $4.99
Get $1.00 UPR
$3.99 after UPR

Advil Allergy, Sinus or Cold & Sinus $6.99 (in store price)
use $2.00 in ad coupon
Get $2.00 UPR
use $1/1 Advil Product, exp. 7-31-10 (RP 05/23/10)
$1.99 after coupon & UPR

Hershey’s Single Serve Candy Bars 10/ $5.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 10
$.40 each after UPR

Monster Energry Drink 2/$3.00
Get $1.00/2 UPR
$1.00 each after UPR

Prevacid $19.99
Get $5.00 UPR
use $6/1 Prevacid 24HR RA printable
or use $10/1 Prevacid 24HR RA printable
or use $4/1 Prevacid 24HR Product, exp. 8-28-10 (SS 07/11/10)
as low as $4.99 after coupon

Claritin $19.99
Get $3.00 UPR
use $3/1 Claritin Product RA printable
use $2/1 Claritin Allergy Product printable

***** end of wrap *****

There is a new oral care rebate – several free items after UPR count towards the rebate.

Reach Tootbrush $3.99
Submit $2.99 SCR
Get $1.00 UPR
$1/1 Select Reach Products, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 05/16/10)
B1G1 Select Reach Toothbrushes, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 05/16/10)
$1/1 Select Listerine or Reach Kids Products, exp. 12-31 (RP 5/16/10)
$0.50/1 Select Listerine or Reach Items, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 04/11/10)
$1/1 Select Listerine or Rinse Items, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 04/11/10)
$1/1 Reach Toothbrush or Value Pack, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 03/07/10)
B1G1 Reach Adult Toothbrush or Wondergrip, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 12/6/09)
Free plus overage

Colgate Total Advanced or Sensitive Toothpaste $3.00
Get $3.00 UPR
use $1/1 Select Colgate Toothpastes, exp. 7-31-10 (SS 07/11/10)
or use $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, exp. 8-14-10 (SS 07/25/10)
or use $1/1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste printable
Free + overage

Listerine Pocket Paks $3.99
get $2.99 SCR
Get $1.00 UPR
use $0.50/1 Select Listerine or Plax Items, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 05/16/10)
Free ) + overage

Nivea for Men Body Wash $1.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Nivea For Men Body Wash, exp. 9-25-10 (RP 07/25/10)
Free after UPR & Coupon

Rembrandt Toothpaste $5.49
Get $2.00 UPR
use $3/1 Select Rembrandt Toothpastes printable
$.49 after coupon

Stayfree or Carefree 2/$6.00
use B1G1 Stayfree Product, exp. 8-31-10 (RP 06/27/10)
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 2
$.50 each after coupon & UPR

Spinbrush PRO Toothbrush $4.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Toothbrush, exp. 8-31-10 (SS 06/06/10)
$2.99 after coupon

Colgate 360 Power Toothbrush $4.99
Get $1.00 UPR
$1/1 Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush, exp. 8-14-10 (SS 07/25/10)
$2.99 after UPR & coupon

Right Guard Deodorant $2.50
use $3/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 printable
or use $2/2 Right Guard Product printable
$1.50 after coupon

Arm & Hammer Deodorant BOGO
use $0.75/1 Select Arm & Hammer Products, exp. 9-30-10 (SS 06/20/10)
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2

Pledge $3.49
Get $1.00 UPR
$2.49 after UPR

Kellogg’s Cereal 2/$4.00
use $1/2 Select Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereals, exp. 9-19-10 (RP 07/25/10)
or use $1/2 Kellogg’s Cereal printable
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
$1.00 each after coupon

Purex 2/$6.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/1 Purex Natural Elements printable
$1/1 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets printable
$2.00 each after UPR and coupon

L’Oreal Cosmetics Buy One, Get One 50% Off
$3.00 UPR wyb $15.00
$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic, exp. 10-17-10 (RP 07/25/10)
$2/1 L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base, exp. 10-17-10 (RP 07/25/10)
$2/1 Select L’Oreal Products, exp. 10-17 (RP 7/25/10)
$2/1 L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation RA printable

Revlon Colorsilk Haircolor 2/$6.00
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 2
$1/2 Revlon Colorsilk Product, exp. 7-25-10 (SS 06/27/10)
$2.50 each after coupon

Brawny Paper towels $6.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $0.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 8-27-10 (RP 06/27/10)
$5.49 after coupon

Pepsi 12 Packs 3/$10.98
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 3
$8.98 after UPR for 3

Aveeno Shampoo, Conditioner, & Stylers $5.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Aveeno Nourish Hair Product, exp. 9-30-10 (SS 06/20/10)
$3.99 after coupon

Aveeno Skin and Bath Care 25% Off
Get $1.00 UPR
use $2/1 Aveeno Sun Care Product printable
or use $1.50/1 Aveeno Active Naturals Sun Care, exp. 8-16-10 (RP 05/16/10)

Nivea Lotion or Cream $5.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $3/1 Nivea Happy Sensation Body Lotion, exp. 9-30-10 (RP 07/25/10)
$1.99 after UPR and coupon

Con Air Dryer, Curling Irons & Hair Cut Kit $9.99
Get $2.00 UPR
$6.99 after UPR

Softlips $2.99
Get $1.00 in ad coupon
$1.99 after coupon

Dulcolax Balance $12.99
use $4.00 in ad coupon
Get $2.00 UPR
$5/1 Dulcolax Balance, exp. 9-30-10 (ALL YOU May ‘10)
$1.99 after coupon

Neilmed Saline Spray, Sinus Rinse or Nedi Pot Kit $9.99
Get $2.00 UPR
use $3/1 NeilMed Neti Pot printable
$4.99 after coupon & UPR

Summer’s Eve 3/$9.99
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 3
use (3) $0.75/1 Summer’s Eve Product printable

Clear Eyes Eye Drop $3.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Clear Eyes Product, exp. 8-2-10 (SS 05/02/10)
$1.99 after coupon & UPR

Breathe Right $3.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1.50/1 Breathe Right Product, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 04/11/10)
$1.49 after coupon & UPR

Opti-Free Multi Purpose Solution $14.99
use $5.00/1 in ad coupon
use $4 off Opti-Free Solution, exp. 10-15-10 (SS 07/25/10)
$5.99 after coupon

Dove or Wonka Bagged Candy $2.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $0.50/1 Dove Chocolate RA printable
$1.49 after coupon

Various Freeze Pops and Bars 2/$5.00
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 2
$1.50 each after UPR

Trident or Stride Gum $1.29 BOGO
$0.50/1 Stride Shift Gum RA printable
$0.50/1 Stride Shift Gum RA printable
3 for $.79 after coupons

Comtrex $1.00

Lysine $1.00

Softsoap $1.00
use $.50/1 Softsoap Coupon
$.50 after coupon

TRESemme Shampoo, Conditioner & Stylers $3.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 TreSemme Product printable
$1.99 after coupon

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  • I did 2 transactions today, two of the same:

    1 Brawny 6.99
    2 Purex 3/1 sheets 6.00
    1 Opti-free twin pack 14.99
    – 5/25 RA coupon
    – 5.00 in-ad Opti-free coupon
    – 4.00 Opti-free mfr
    – 2.00 (2 x 1.00/1 Purex 3/1)
    = 11.98 + tax

    I got the 1.00 UPR on the Purex and the Brawny both times, so that’s rolling at least once. Amazing sales on the Opti-free and Purex. That transaction w/o sales and coupons would cost almost $48!!

  • Ada

    The Dulcolax Rebate that you posted last week is still valid (limit 2 per household).
    The dulcolax 4$/1 coupon that you posted last week is still valid also :)

  • Jennifer

    This month there is another Kellogg’s deal if you buy $15 get a $5 coupon, they are on sale this week and you can use the $1/2 poptarts and $1/2 cereals, making them .88 each..I also have a $5 off any Kelloggs purchase from another SCR from last month, if I use this they will only be .25 each, but not sure if, A. I can use the coupon, it is a MC, so not sure how that works with the other coupons, also doesn’t state an amount, just says “off your next purchase”, B. Wonder if I will still get the $5 SCR, meaning does it roll?

    Will try it and hope it works!

  • Jen T

    LOL.. Thanks Shannon. I do know a really nice cashier (just one at that store.. haha), but I don’t want to hassle her over it. =) I was curious and now that I think about it, I think I asked before like a month or so ago.

  • Amanda

    I can’t find the 6 or 10 dollar coupons for prevacid. I was only able to find a $4 video values coupon for it. Have the other two expired?

  • Jen T

    Will the $4/2 Rolaids cpn work for the $1/each deal that includes the Rolaids? I’m assuming there’s no overage, but will the cpn adjust down to make them free?

    • Shannon

      @Jen T,

      Jen that won’t happen automatically and you’d have to find a really nice cashier.

  • Sarah

    I purchased two Reach toothbrushes using the BOGO coupon and received two $1 UPRs at the bottom of my reciept. Gotta love the moneymakers!!!Thanks for these matchups!!

  • Cindy K

    Do you know if I can keep buying the Colgate toothbrush in different transactions and it will continue to print out the UP rewards? If so, then I should be able to keep rolling the Up reward and pay only at the first transaction. Is that right?

    • Shannon

      @Cindy K,

      Cindy, not sure right now if that one is rolling. Sorry.

  • Lauren

    can’t you combine the spinbrush pro video values coupon with it to make a really great deal?

  • chickaboom

    This is in my local flyer (Boston area), but I didn’t see it online?:
    BOGO Renuzit Pearl Scents
    and there is the $1/1 coupon here: http://www.renuzit.com/coupons/

  • Jessica

    Is the listerine pocket paks and reach toothbrush the same SCR, meaning you can only do one or the other?

    • Shannon


      Looks that way, but sometimes it isnt that way! I will call to find out.

  • Ian

    Thanks Shannon. I usually read your deals via Stacy at Saving in Akron.

    B1G1 Oreo Cakesters, $1.19 (local/unadvertised deal?)
    Use $1/2 Oreo single serve Video Values coupon
    $0.19 for 2

    Proctor Silex 12 cup coffee maker, $9.99 (originally $17, not the one that is $35)
    Submit $2/1 SCR
    Use $1/$10 Household Appliances Wellness+ coupon, if the cashier will let you (I didn’t bother)
    Get $2/1 +UP reward
    $4.99 or better if you use a $5/$25 with the other free stuff this week

    Also, adding on to a few that you posted:

    There is a $1/1 any Listerine Video Values coupon this month which can be used on the PocketPaks to make the deal even better.

    There is a $4/2 printable for Nivea products which can be used with the Nivea for Men body wash to make it a MM. When you buy 2 Nivea for Men, it is confirmed to print 2 +UP rewards, making it a $2 MM (worked twice for me). Q is here: http://bit.ly/c91Dhl

    There is a $2/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro printable here: spinbrush.com
    I bought this with the other free dental items this week and used the $1/$10 Oral Care purchase to make it free, but the $1/$10 is now expired.

    • Shannon

      Thanks Ian :)

  • Camilla

    Last week I had several Huggies diapers in one transaction (3) and all three had up rewards print for them (3 up rewards for $2 each from the Huggies!)! It just depends on the ad, if it says it has a limit, then it’ll only print up to that many. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have several DIFFERENT items that generate uprewards in one transaction, they will all print.

  • Lauren

    Okay so what is up with the Crayola SCR? It just says up to $25 rebate and then says you have to buy 2 crayola products. obviously two crayola products would NOT add up to $25. any clue?

    • Shannon

      Maybe its atleast 2?

  • megan

    there was a BOGO snapple coupon from facebook that expires 7/31 that would make the snapple deal better

  • Amy

    Sobe Lifewater is 10 for $10. That means $0.50 each if you have the BOGO coupons from their head-or-tails web promotion (I have a bunch).

  • Terri

    I can’t find the $3 Claritin coupon in the Rite Aid July VV. Are you referring to the VV coupon from June? I already used that one… was hoping there is a new one? Thx

    • Shannon


      I think it is a June one. Unfortunately, it may expire tomorrow too!

  • anne

    thank you so much for posting this!! i just had a question regarding the up rewards. if i am buying multiple items that generate an up reward can i do that in one transaction or must i split them up so they are all separate? thank you!!

    • Shannon


      as long as they aren’t the same item, yes.

    • Shannon

      Oops meaning yes you can do one transaction.