Rite Aid Deals Week of 04/04

Here are this week’s Rite Aid Matchups.  You can print a $5.00/$25.00 coupon  here.

If you are new to Rite Aid – check out the Rite Aid How To Here and Rite Aid Coupon Policy Here. You can also print Rite Aid Video Values coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturer coupons. You can get a $3.00/$15.00 printable here .

There is a short and long ad again this week. Please make sure you check your ad before heading out to Rite Aid. The long ad is approximately 17 pages and the short ad is 8 pages. There are “yellow triple coupons wrap arounds” in some areas.

Check the bottom of the post for this week’s easy scenario!

Prilosec OTC $24.99
Submit $6.00 SCR
use $3.00/1 in 04/04 PG
use $5.00/$25.00 Coupon
$10.99 after both coupons & SCR

Always Maxi Pads or Liners 5.99
use $1.00/1 in 3/7 pg
$4.99 after coupon

Gillette Fusion Power or Manual $8.00
submit $4.00 SCR
use $4.00 coupon in 04/04 PG
FREE after coupon
*if you are in the short ad area the Fusion is $8.99

Crest Toothpaste $2.29
submit $1.00 SCR
use $1.50/1 Pro Health in 3/21 RP
FREE after coupon

Covergirl Lip and Eye Color B1G1 50% off
use $1.00/1 in 3/7 PG

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $9.99
submit $2.00 SCR
use $2.00/1 in 3/14 RP
$5.99 after coupon

Zegrid OTC $9.99
submit $2.00 SCR
use $1.00 in 04/04 PG
$6.99 after coupon

Pepsi Products 3/$9.99
use $1.00 in ad coupon
3 for $8.99 after coupon

Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers $2.49
use $1.00/1 in 3/14 RP
$1.49 after coupon

Profoot Flex-Tastic, Aero-3, Triad or Miracle Insoles or Pump Pouches BOGO
use $2.00/1 printable coupon

Gillette or Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant $7.99
submit $2.00 SCR
FREE Gillette Body Wash wyb Deodorant in 03/07 PG
use $1.00/1 in 03/07 PG
$4.99 after coupon

Crest Twin Pk Toothpaste $3.99
use $1.50/1 pro-health in 3/21 PG
$2.49 after coupon

Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse $3.99
use $1.00/1 in 3/7 PG
$2.99 after coupon

Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush $3.99
use $3.00/1 in 3/7 PG
$.99 after coupon

Scrubbing Bubbles $1.99
use $.75/1 in 3/21 SS
$1.24 each after coupon

Meow Mix Cat Food $4.99
use $.75/1 printable coupon
or use $1.00/1 in 3/14 RP
$3.99 after coupon

PureVia 40 ct. $2.50
use $2.00/1 in 1/3 SS
$.50 after coupon

Emerald Nuts 10-11 oz BOGO
use $1.50/2 in 3/14 RP

Planters Peanuts 10-16 oz BOGO
use $1.00/2 in 3/7 SS

Blue Diamond Almonds 6-8 oz BOGO
use $1.00/2 in 1/17 SS
use $1.00/2 printable coupon

Folgers Coffee 10-11 oz BOGO
use $1.00/2 in 3/28 RP

Maxwell House Coffee 10-11 oz BOGO
use $1.00/1 in 3/21 SS

Kellogg’s Smart Start Cereal $2.50
use $1.00/1 in 03/28 RP
$1.50 after coupon

Clean & Clear
$2.00 in ad coupon
use last week’s scenario here for a moneymaker

Long Ad with Triples Only

Icy Hot Patches & Sleeves $6.99
use $3.00 in ad coupon
$3.99 after both coupon s

First Response Pregnancy 2 Pack $14.99
use $6.00 in ad coupon
use $2.00/1 printable coupon
$6.99 after both coupons

Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner $2.50 with in ad coupon
use $1.00/1 in 02/21 RP
$1.50 after coupon

Scenario – if you need Pampers

Buy (1) Fusion Razor $8.00
Buy (1) Pampers $9.99
Buy (1) Crest Toothpaste $2.29

Total: $20.28
Use $4.00 Fusion
Use $2.00 Pampers
Use $1.50 Crest
Use $5.00/$20 Video Values
Total $7.78
Get Back $4.00 Fusion
Get Back $2.00 Pampers
Get Back $1.50 Crest
$.28 for all of the above after SCR and coupons

**Note there is an allergy rebate this week, but the rebate specifically says that you only earn on the price paid after coupons.

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  • Nancy

    I had problems with one receipt clearing (small Gerber amount to get my rebate to $10). I wrote them and it cleared within 48 hours. HTH

  • Heidi

    I just have to say, thank you for all your posts on these deals. I am new to couponing and though I am inexperienced and thus exhausted to say the least by all this clipping and matching, I know it would be far worse should I not have your deals online to go by. After buying the wrong kind of toothpaste (not on sale) and having to exchange it and substituting a $3.00 off pampers coupon I had received in the mail, I think I am going to come out way ahead on this Rite Aid deal posted at the bottom. THANKS!

    • Shannon

      woohoo Heidi!

  • Rose

    Shannon did you hear anything back from your contact?

  • Rose

    Have you heard anything back from your contact at Rite Aid?

    • Shannon

      He is supposed to get back to me today.

  • Rose

    I too am having a problem with my receipts being verified.

  • Mel

    I had the Cottonelle SCR not going through, but the Always one did on the same receipt. I had to fax them a copy of my receipt since we knew it was entered properly and they released it once they got my receipt.

  • KD

    I am also having problems with my receipts processing. I sumbitted them on 3/28 and the are still sitting there. I can’t send for my March check until they process them. I have never had this problem before. I guess I’m not alone.

  • So glad you all have been having problems — I started noticing the same in the past 2-3 weeks. For example, my Edge $1.50 did not go through from last week.


  • Liz

    I too have 2 receipts for SCR that have not processed yet. I wonder what is going on. I have never had problems processing a rebate before.

  • Stephanie

    I also have a recipt that is holding which had a SCR for $1. I emailed but haven’t heard anyting back yet. Guess I’m in good company :)

  • Kristen

    I experienced the same thing. I had one receipt with two different scr’s. One rebate processed and the other did not!? I don’t know how this is possible, since in the past everything on one receipt has processed all at once. But, I called 1800RITEAID and the representative released it for me. However, she did say that she did this because the rebate that had not processed was only for $1.00. But it still may be worth calling to speak to someone in person.

    • Shannon



      I have my contact at Rite Aid looking into it and will update everyone.

  • sarah

    I also have a problem with a few of my rite aid receipts not going through as well. I am interested in what you find out.

  • Samantha C

    My ad has a $1.50 SCR for the Crest Pro Health instead of the $1. Thank you for all your matchups!

    Also, have you had any receipts that you submitted for SCR that have not processed? I have 3 receipts that I submitted on 3/27 that are just sitting there. I verified that I entered the correct info and sent an email to Rite Aid. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    • Shannon

      @Samantha C,
      Hey Sam,

      I have a question into my contact at Rite Aid about this.


  • Christa

    My ad has a B1G1 offer for Physician’s Formula Bronzer. If you become a friend of Physician’s Formula on facebook you can print out a B1G1 coupon = 2 for FREE!

  • darcey

    There are three new Always/Tampax coupons in today’s P&G insert. They are B1G1 Free, so it makes for a much better buy than what’s listed above. :)

    Happy Easter.

  • Lauren V

    I was able to find a $3.00/1 Q for any size Zegerid OTC on their website. http://www.zegeridotc.com
    Thanks for all your hard work!


  • Jennifer

    FYI – there was a SCR rebate last month that specifically said only given on price paid AFTER coupons, but I spent the $50 BEFORE coupons and still got my $25, so I don’t think they catch that??

    • Shannon


      From what I understand they updated their computer systems this week. This is supposed to fix that issue.

  • Mel

    I’m in short ad area, but the Fusion is $8 in my ad. Just thought I’d pass it along to others to double check their ad.

    • Shannon


      Thanks Mel!

  • Dana

    Your $3 off of 15 link directs to a Q that expired 3/31